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Pickled Goat: 1966 Pontiac GTO

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Front Corner

UPDATE 2/7/12 – The listing ended without selling.

For many enthusiasts, the muscle car era provided some of the best automobiles to ever come out of America. The Mustang, Camaro, and GTO are some of the standouts in the crowd. There isn’t anything like driving an American muscle car with a high torque V8 sitting up front. Sadly many of these beasts were abused at the stoplight and then left to rot in a field somewhere. We have come across a few pony cars that were babied and cared for their whole lives, but rarely do we come across a an all original GTO. This immaculate Goat is currently in Scottsdale Arizona and can be found here on eBay with a BIN of $55,000 or the option to make an offer.

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Front

We are always skeptical of sellers claiming that their car is a survivor. Many think that a restored car qualifies as long as the original engine is still in place. After reading the seller’s description and doing some research, we think this could be the real deal though. The seller has documented history all the way back to the original owner and is even willing to connect interested parties with previous owners to verify everything. This car has been shown at many GTOAA car shows and even won the GTOAA Survivor Gold Award last July, scoring an impressive 373 out of 400.

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Side View

When Pontiac introduced the GTO in 1964, it was just an option for the Tempest because GM had banned all of its divisions from direct involvement in motor sports. By all rights the GTO shouldn’t have ever been built, but since it was an options package instead of a new model it was able to slip past management. The GTO ended up being so successful that GM green lighted it to become an actual model in 1966. To differentiate the car from the Tempest, the GTO received its own grille and tail lights.

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Interior

The interior of this Goat is just as nice as the exterior. This car has been driven, but has always been well cared for and maintained properly. There is one imperfection inside, but it really is a really small one. There is a hole in the driver’s seat that the seller states appears to have been caused by a pen. Other than that, this interior is impeccable and looks as good as the day it rolled off the show room floor.

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Engine

The major difference between the GTO and the Tempest it was based on, was this big 389 V8 engine. GM had issued a policy that the largest engine which could be installed in an A-body car was 330 cui. Thankfully the GTO’s creators Russell Gee, Bill Collins, and John DeLorean discovered a loop hole and were able to shoe horn the 389 under the hood. This engine was rated at 335 hp and 431 lbs. of torque, which is more than enough power to burn the tires off.

1966 Pontiac Gto Survivor Rear Corner

This GTO is in absolutely amazing condition. It is rare to find a 46 year old car still wearing its original paint, let alone one that looks brand new. Fifty-five grand is a lot of money for a GTO, but we feel that the price is right on for this particular example. Most of us would be better off with something a little less pristine so we could drive it, but this one definitely needs to go into the hands of a collector who can properly preserve it for future generations.


  1. eldo72000

    this is amazing an I hope this beauty finds a good home

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  2. Jeff V.

    Nice car but for 55K I personally would want the six-pack set-up or the rare 421c.i. (experimental in the 66’/never factory).

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    • Chris

      A “Six Pack” is a Dodge/Mopar term. The correct term for a 3 carb setup for a Pontiac is “Tripower”. It sure is a beautiful car either way.


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  3. dan farrell

    66 and 67 were my favorite year for the GTO.

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  4. mike

    @ jeff v. it’s called a tri-power. six pack is chevy or mopar. and i’ve never heard of the 421 c.i. in a GTO. maybe in a catalina or grand prix.

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  5. Brian Krenzke

    Very cool Goat. I have a 67 not even close to as nice as this one but still finagled Jim Wangers to sign the passenger side sun visor. :)

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  6. Jeff V.


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  7. mike

    well jeff , i stand corrected.just goes to show just cause i’ve never heard of it doesn’t mean it never was.

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  8. Jeff V.

    @Mike Its a good one to win a bet with some motorhead guys along with the 303 engine 69′ trans am, especially the youngsters ;)

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  9. ds

    What a joke that price is !!Ever drive one ?I guess some people just like garage queen cars.”Hey Ralph, it sure do look purdy don’t it…..a hey !! watch it…don’t put yer beer on dat hood now “

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  10. Mike

    This car really is a beauty of time gone by, I had a 66 GTO at the age of 16 young and dumb , burnt the tires off her, sold her some 4 years latter. wish i still had that car , lots of good memories, that goat was one fast ride !!

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  11. erikj

    that a nice goat. I in 1985 i bought a 64 goat with only 36,000 miles. It had been run at the track only on week ends for the most part-so gos the miliage.That guy got it in 1967 from the orig. owner and gave me his name.He also said that the goat was #3 built. I was able to find the orig. owner and he confermed that it was the 3rd one built and still had papers and pics to prove it. In 1963 he went to the dealer with a road and track magazine that feathered a upcoming 64 gto. He wanted one of the first ones so ordered it in feb. He ordered it with 389 tri-power with 421 heads,4spd and posi and the other gto stuff. Well sold it 6 mounths later to a guy in tacoma washington. Didnt know what i had.

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  12. Chris

    In June 1967 one of my EK co-workers returned from Vietnam. He told his father that if he made it back, he expected a red GTO 4spd tri power posi white interior with all the goodies to be at the Rochester airport with a full tank of gas and the keys in the ignition. I hope he still has it as he deserved it. Stunning car, one of Bill Mitchell’s best efforts.

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  13. rob

    Hi Guys, been outta the loop fer awhile. Got a 1970 GTO Ram Air IV. Documented. I am the original owner. Has had new hood and drivers side fender. All else is great. Picture is on my facebook page under Roberet Sylvia’Looking to get an idea of value? Please reply. Car is not for sale. Will go to my deserving son. Thanks guys, Rob

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  14. mincht

    This is really what a true GTO is by definition. It even has the Tempest hub caps. For me this is the GTO to have. It is unmolested and worth every penny if there ever was a GTO worth anything more than a pimped up midsize.

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  15. Johnny Fontane

    This GTO sold for $25,500 at the Mecum Auction (St. Charles, IL Auction, September 15-18, 2011), which was a steal. http://dupontregistry.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/mecum-st-charles-auction-exceeds-12-million/

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