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Recently we’ve come across several 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air and we just found another one. This one was put in storage in 1979 and was just recently pulled from its barn. The owner has already gotten it running and driving, but has decided to sell it. It can be found here on eBay with a BIN of $20,000.

This two door Sport Coupe is very original and still even wears its original Canyon Coral and India Ivory paint. It has plenty of dents, dings and a couple rust spots, but is solid overall. The original trim is looking great, but could use a good polishing. Hopefully the rust can be fixed or treated without damaging the original paint.

The interior is also original, but needs attention. The seats and carpet need replacing, as do the door panels. The seller is including a replacement kit, which contains new seat covers, material to recover the doors, and a new headliner. They claim the original headliner is still in great shape, so we would hold back on replacing it.

Unlike the other Bel Airs we’ve found, this one isn’t powered by a V8, but by GM’s 235 cui Blue Flame inline six. This is the same engine that was in the early Corvettes, but produced less power. This engine was rated at 136 hp, which is considerably less than the 283 V8. We are surprised that someone hasn’t already pulled the original engine out and swapped it with a V8.

While it would be great to have a V8, we hope the next owner will keep this car original. We would focus on fixing any major issues and just enjoy this car as is. The seller’s asking price seems high to us, but Bel Airs in this condition are getting hard to come by. Would you leave this car as is or would you drop a V8 in it?

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  1. paul

    Their are plenty of these cars with 8’s in them, leave it as it was born.

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    • paul

      but I do think 20 is high.

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    I like the car but would have alot of trouble owning it w/out a V8. To each his own though as someone loved it this way for so long. I had the same trouble when my dad purchased a beautiful one owner 66 Chevy Nova Spt Coupe (2 door ht) Looked like an SS to the novice. You guessed it. 194 Thrift for power. Such a beautiful car the Nova. Bad for a 17 year old in the cruising crowd with a little humming 6/PG trans. who could have easily got outran by a Vega. What a let down. Considering the asking price for the 57. Owner may be fishing who knows? I accept the condition but would expect the V on the hood. I am not into changing the birth record although too easy. I would pass and spend the money to get what I want if I had to have a 57 icon. There seems to still be millions and are for sale and they are making them everyday.

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    • Cecil Stafford

      That 66 Nova even with a six cylinder could have been an SS, back then ss was a package you could order on just about any Chevy auto all though rare there were SS wagons and 4 door sedans ordered with that option in 1961 when the package was introduced it cost $108,00

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      • Scott Walls

        My Dad had a secretary in the early 60’s with a Nova SS. It had a 6-cyl, console auto and bucket seats. I’m not sure what the SS package consisted of but that was probably it. Might have had a tach, also. I was 8 or 9 at the time and not real observant yet but I do remember what I stated.

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  3. Cecil Stafford

    Clean 1957 in good original shape, If your going to just take it to shows or go get ice cream id leave it original it would keep its value BUT if you plan on running it drop a v8 in it it wouldnt be numbers matching but hey its your car and your cash, either way id add A/C to the beauty

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  4. Chris in WNC

    the seller of this car is WRONG WRONG WRONG in promoting it as a good car to restore.
    this baby should be preserved and driven as is or maybe with minimal rust repair and replacement of worn-out interior parts (not the entire interior). restored 57s are a dime a dozen, survivors like this are unusual. if you want more performance, put some early Corvette-type mods on the engine. hope the right person buys it, although the price might be a little ambitious for a 6-powerglide car…….

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  5. Jim Rosenthal

    Not a Blue Flame, just a Chevy six. Nothing wrong with that. And don’t restore/ruin it.

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  6. Gnrdude

    Hmnnn This Looks like a Cuban Taxi Cab Can’t you just Hear some Bad Rendition of a Latin American Ricky Ricardo impersonator coming out of the Speakers???

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  7. Andrew Minney

    I’d leave original. There are so many examples of cars having there motors replaced like this, but how many original sixes do you find?

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  8. erikj

    nice 57, keep it as orig. as possible. I go to a lot of shows and anything orig. as the 57 really gets my attn. A little on the nova talk, back in 1983 i bought a 67 nova from the orig. owner. It was completly orignal. buckets and console 2 door red out and black in and it had the 6cyl, you would have thought it was a v-8!!! It was a ss. fun car

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  9. Tim Waters

    I think it’s cool because it’s a six cylinder powerslide. How many of these do you think you’re gonna run into. Not all hardtops came with a fuelie or a powerpack like most of them you see nowadays. Fix the interior, do a little detailing and let her stay the way she is!

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  10. David G

    Krikey, gimme a break, 20000 BIN for a six! And worst-of-all it’s yet-another 57 Chevy you find parts for at the 7-11 or Walmart or K-mart. Nope, not for me Charlie…

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    • Joseph Storer

      I bought my first car in 1969 and it was identical except mine was a V8 and a Four Door. This will make you cry it was in mint condition low mileage. I bought for $750.00 at at 16 had to get a loan from my credit union to buy it.
      My buddy took on as his senior year body shop project. We painted it dark Metallic blue on the body, the roof was Metallic Silver, in the fins he painted what looked like Silver Fish Scales.
      Put on Chrome wheels with baby moons and really did look sweet. Then like an idiot I sold as a freshman in college to buy a VW Beatle for its gas mileage. I sold it to a collector for $800 buck and could not figure out why he was laughing as he walked away.
      Looks great but $20k sounds high to me but what the heck do I know.

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  11. Sam

    This is quite a find, and very valuable if all-original. I agree with keeping as is. Who cares about V8 power? This thing isn’t going to win any races anyways. It’s about keeping it all intact. The grimy patina and wear brilliantly and somewhat hilariously contrasts with the cotton candy pink paint. I’m surprised these continue to be found like this.

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  12. Chani

    I would leave the original 6 in her. My biggest problem would be the color, but I would probably leave it because it is a survivor. I would have to get some nice rims and tires. I would still keep the original ones. The easiest way to change it up without having to do a lot. I would love to have that car. The ’57 is one of my all time favorite cars. I would take that over a brand new car.

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  13. Ray

    Save the original parts. Split exhaust, three monojet carbs, ignition and a cam in the 6, buff and clear coat the paint and redo the interior. This car would be a definite head turner and crowd gatherer for a couple of seasons at cruise night.

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