Plain Pony: Low-Optioned 1970 Mustang

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

Most Mustangs have been done up with a nice, powerful V8 engine, aftermarket wheels, and a flashy paint job. We all know the drill. For many younger enthusiasts, and perhaps older enthusiasts as well, it can be hard to fathom that there was a time when not every old Mustang on the street had a big engine or came in nice prime colors from the factory. Every once in a while, a nice, basic Mustang like this green 1970 comes up for sale. It has wheel covers, an unusual and possibly undesirable paint job, and a small engine. This is what many, many Mustangs started life as. Find it here on eBay with a Buy It Now price of $9,200. 

Although this Mustang may not be hopped up with a built 302 and a 4-speed transmission, it is certainly a nice car that has been maintained. The interior is a nice saddle brown color, and even the driver’s seat is in great shape! The dash is free of cracks, and a tasteful aftermarket steering wheel has been added. Though an original Ford wheel would look more at home, there are certainly less tasteful selections available. A good interior detail would go a long way on this car. The seller notes that the only rust on the entire car is the driver’s floor pan; a common issue. A replacement pan is included with the sale.

Although a Mach 1 style hood scoop has been bolted on, it is a simple case of false advertising as under the hood is the 200 cubic inch Ford “Thriftpower” inline-6. The fact that it is named “Thriftpower” should tell you volumes about this engine. The Ford 200 is an engine that makes a small, light car like a Mustang extremely fuel efficient for its time and still somewhat fuel efficient even by today’s standards. These engines are a breeze to work on in the Mustang engine bay, as there is ample room to work. This engine produces 120 horsepower, and the fact that someone chose this over the $40 extra 250 6-cylinder (with 155 horsepower) just goes to show that whoever this car was destined for bought it with cost in mind. The car has the original engine and transmission, both of which have been rebuilt.

This beautiful green Mustang needs a loving owner, and would probably draw a crowd at a car show when lined up with six 302-equipped Mustangs painted in “Grabber Blue.” Though this isn’t the Mustang for everyone, it never was. It is certainly still the Mustang for someone. Though available with power, the Mustang was always intended as basic transportation. With an original steering wheel, and the hood scoop removed, this car could be an excellent piece of history to hold onto to remind generations to come that not every muscle-car body came equipped with muscle.

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  1. Kevin

    good classic that’s good on gas.

  2. Chuck

    I hand that exact car sans the wheel covers. 1976 or so. Fist sized rot holes in the top of the fenders right behind the headlights,Swiss cheese floors and door rot Inside the car. Bought it for $150 drove it 40000 miles and sold it for $300. Great car


    It looks like the dash pad is cracked by the center speaker grille to me. It also looks like the car has been repainted as you can see the green paint on the door jamb light switches. A closer inspection for rust is in order here.

    • jw454

      Yes, definitely a repaint as the over spray under the hood at the cowl area would indicate.
      I may opt for a new carpet set and a correct steering wheel but, leave everything else as it is.

  4. John T

    Damn, Another 6-cylinder automatic just like the Al Bundy Duster and it’s GREEN! Where have all the simple 3-speed stick shifts gone?

  5. Don Tennison

    does this 6cyl have 4 bolt wheels?

    • Chuck

      Yes, 4 lug

  6. Milt

    Always expecting to see a V8 in a Mustang. Weird to see this. Kinda like it was trapped in Cuba and they installed some soviet diesel engine.

  7. Chebby

    The 250 six had some pretty decent pep, my buddy had a 1970 Torino with one.

  8. Howard A Member

    “Who can turn the world on with her smile”? Mary Tyler Moore drove a car like this on her show.
    Truth be known, many Mustangs of this era , especially equipped like this, were targeted at single women secretary types. Remember the ad, “Six and the single girl?”( promoting the 6 cylinder ’66 “Secretary Special” Mustang ) We never saw that ad in the midwest, too much like “Sex and the single girl”. I bet Ford sold this type of Mustang 10 to 1 over the fire breathing Mustangs. Nice to see one like this.

    • Dan

      Yeah a Girl who drove a 70 Mustang could turn a nothing day, and make it seem worth while. It’s you girl and you know with each glance and every movement. Thats my first thought every time I see theses mustangs.

  9. 68 custom

    interesting that it is equipped with disc brakes as one of few options.

  10. grant

    This is a neat car and I’d love to have it, but by who’s measure is any 1970 Mustang a “small, light car?”

  11. Stephen

    MTM approves.

  12. Greg Standing Bear

    Aftermarket steering wheel and cruise control are nice additions. The hood scoop…meh.

    It still is what it was: a relatively economical car (for 1970) with style and flair. I’d love to own it.

  13. W9BAG

    Not totally convinced that is the original steering column. To me, it appears that there is writing on the end of the stalk, looking like instructions for wiper/washer operation. Very nice car, nonetheless.

    My Dad’s first brand new car was a ’65, with the 200 six and a 3 speed. The car had 2 options: AM push button radio, and white wall tires. 1 speed wipers. He was really proud of that car; fire engine red with black interior.


      That is an aftermarket cruise control stalk you are seeing.

  14. David Miraglia

    Mustangs forever


    This is what Mustang was originally intended for. A secretary’s car.

  16. Dave W

    Nice car that I would most certainly drive,
    But if they was going to change color why this one.
    The tittle says gold one the listing.
    They actually did a nice job painting most things.
    But even the interior light switches on the door jam are green plainly showing a repaint.
    Gold makes sense with the interior color.
    I’m not saying it is not nice.
    I just am saying they are only original once and I prefer original.


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