Please Keep It Clean!

Some people feel like they can say things on the internet that they would never say in a face to face setting. We have worked hard to make Barn Finds different than other sites though. This is a place for car guys to discuss cars, not to let out our aggressions. There’s news sites and facebook for that kind of thing. That means that personal attacks against sellers or other readers are not welcome here. Let’s also keep profanity and political statements to a minimum. Sorry to sound like the comment police here, but we don’t want to lose the good vibe we have going here. Keep those opinions coming, just be sure to keep them clean and constructive. Thanks guys!


  1. bobhess Bob Hess Member

    Solid support for that from here! Bob

  2. Duffy Member

    That’s a must do. Some of you guys are getting into 7th gear.

  3. Blindmarc

    Hope I didn’t affend anyone, just reliving a terrible childhood….

  4. Bob Hadley

    Got to say you Duffy, and Other Bob, are correct, the place for all that offensive language is coming from under the hood, or maybe under the car…. lets chill and talk our passion. “CARS!”

  5. Mark

    Thanks for reminding everyone to be civil and focus on the cars

  6. Andrew P.

    I feel like I missed something very important.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Nope, we are just trying to not head down the same road a few other sites have gone. Thanks.

      • Woodie Man

        Jesse…..I’m glad to read that. I thought I missed something too. There’s a different more laid back vibe about Barn Finds and that’s great. Lets not lose it. My own personal interest is finding those interesting cars that need work and aren’t overpriced trailer queens and reading about them. Those of us who have been at this since the first stone wheel was carved out of a boulder by Barney Rubble appreciate the “over the back fence” feel of your site. Thanks for all your constant and hard work on it! Happy New Year!

  7. Gil salazar sr

    I am often asked mainly because a travel world wide on biz what languages I speak my standard response is ” I am fluent in English Spanish and automotive ” and I get along anywhere in the world with that little bit of knowledge car people are some of the finest people you can meet. I have recently started my grandsons in the car culture they were surprised at how friendly car people are. They are always willing to talk about cars and ask many questions most of the guys are happy to see the younger generation getting involved, it’s ironic the dislike riders one just bought a 5.0 Mustang as he says american muscle lol ya gotta love em thanks for keeping it real and clean

  8. RonEBee

    Hey! “F” You! (just kidding, Happy New Year!)

  9. Mark Jacobson

    When I was a teacher I used to say to the kids, “Be nice to each other.” Once a year 8 girl said, “Yeah, as if that’s gunna happen!” Lots of luck with that.

  10. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Thanks Jesse, I really like this site because the political comments are either edited out or the guys out there have the good sense to save the politics for the voting machine.

    That said, it is easy to pile on the ludicrous P-car sellers, but that might be deserved, as long as it doesn’t involve profanity. I’m on a Buick site and asked a question about ignition timing. One guy ran me up the pole because I didn’t “….understand the basics of ignition timing, and wasn’t willing to learn…” Something like that. OK, so it’s not 5 degrees BTDC? Whatever dude.

    Profanity? Automatic ejection.

    Thanks again guys for a great site.

  11. Roberto

    Love reading all what u guys have to say about any type of vehicles make it all the fun for reading rather be on here than watching TV Lol …You guy r better than the Soaps on Tv 👍🍷And Happy news Years to all the car buffs out there for 2016🙃

  12. dave

    10/4 good buddy!!

  13. Bill

    Here, here, keep up the good work.

  14. fred

    You guys must be doing a great job of quickly editing out the offensive stuff because I’m on here WAY too much and haven’t seen any of it. Happy New Year to all!

  15. Glen

    Next to an e-payment, BarnFinds is my favorite email ! keep up the great work. So much knowledge to be found here.

  16. randy

    Thanks for all of the great work, and I hope I have not been edited, or offended others too much!
    You guys, and I hope gals are my family here.

    Have you ever thought of creating a forum?

  17. Dolphin Member

    Some online editions of newspapers have disabled comments completely because of the offensive and threatening language people sometimes use on them.

    I doubt that anyone who reads Barn Finds would ever want to see that happen here because comments by readers are a big part of the site.

    I think we all support the Barn Finds crew in keeping things clean and respectful. Good going, Jesse and everyone else behind Barn Finds.

  18. Captain Will Calhoun

    Must agree with those who state “must have missed that” but I concur that politics and derogatory/offensive comments are better left “within one’s own mind”. Don’t always have the same passion for particulars as the hosts but if all in the world were alike there could be a mighty long line at the carnival for an opportunity to hug the bearded lady. Here’s to individualism with respect for others.

  19. tirefriar

    Yeah, what did I miss? What brought this on all of a sudden?

    Happy New Year!

  20. roger

    I agree,keep it clean.
    People who insult others while hiding behind computer screen should stay out.

  21. JohnM

    Agreed…….BUT…….sorry to say I think you all might need to code in an e.g. “flag as unconstructive” button. Like for the guy pissing all over the Miata post because a Miata isn’t as manly as his Harley or ’70 Camaro or whatever.

  22. Gary Fogg

    $&#@%!%*#@&!!!!! :)

  23. rob jones

    It’s a shame this has to be posted. I’m not sure what happened to respect for others, including those of who have opinions with whom you may not agree, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It’s not a personal attack on your opinion, it’s just a different opinion.
    I applaud your stand. If someone can’t keep it civil, give them the boot!

  24. Johhny Lightning

    Agree. Fantastic site, please don’t spoil it.

  25. jimbosidecar

    Geesh, I also feel left out. Another guy who spends WAY too much time here and I haven’t seen anything offensive to date. Unless you heard my wife talking behind me, “what is that all you do all day is look at car porn on the computer?”

  26. Stan BIANCO

    OK no problem for me

  27. Howard A Member

    I had a feeling this was coming. This is nothing new to me, as being a (ex) trucker for 35 years, the CB radio was king, and we dealt with the same thing ( “CB Rambo’s”, we called them) In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen the site grow dramatically, and it shows, a lot of people have a lot to offer, experience-wise, but with that, certain types are bound to appear ( computer Rambo’s) Mostly good folks here, though. Sites like this, I’ve noticed, seem to draw the same folks most of the time, so it’s kind of like we all know each other, and generally have respect for each other. I do. ( I apologize to warren for being the big “LCF” know-it-all) One other note I never ( or rarely) comment on is someone’s price for something. It’s really none of my business, and this is America, and they can charge what ever they want. ( whether they get that, is a different story). Like I’ve said before, I like BF’s because of the PLAUSIBLE projects, and not restored trailer queens, which for most of us, are out of budget anyway. Thanks to BF’s for a great site ( can’t wait for Robert’s next submission) and to all, a safe and Happy New Year.

    • Robert Member

      Thanks Howard, I can’t wait either, (little joke). This next one only has 2 wheels…

    • Scotty G

      Howard, you are the model of polite, tactful, knowledgeable folks that comment here every day and make this site what it is. Thanks for that.

  28. car guy

    As my dad used to say, you put a 100 people in a room and expect 10 percent to be a little off, and out of that 10 percent expect one or two to be really off. I have found in my life that has been true. I appreciate how you guys are dealing with the small percentage of trolls out there. And as we can all be emotional about our passion, we need to keep in mind always to respect others. Hey I am not a big fan if Harleys, but I can respect and appreciate the engineering and beauty of what they are. Even thought I am not a bike guy, ( been in one too many bike accidents I guess) I can appreciate the passion. There is enough trash talk out there ( just watch the political news) let’s keep this forum clean, respectful and politics free.

  29. Bruce E

    This is a great site and has a lot of knowledgeable people on it. I have been in the car business all my life and still learn things every day. I don’t pretend to be a “know it all” because I’m not. If there are members that cross the line, you as the admins of the page should give the a warning, and if they do it again, give them the boot.

    • Bob Hadley

      I agree Bruce, in my travels, I’ve found that “Motor junkies” are some of the most passionate people in the world, Asia, Europe, and especially the good ol’e U S A. Fought under her banner for 22 years, Vietnam to Iraq, yes, we have rights, as guaranteed by the Constitution, and The Bill of Rights, but, With Rights, Come Responsibility’s. Be responsible, keep it clean, like our fresh washed barn find’s…

  30. PaulG

    Steering the ship, or keeping it going in the right direction is appreciated. I know that everyone has an opinion, but slanderous comments and just being a “Negative Nancy” does get on the nerves.
    That said, I want to wish the staff, and fellow car nuts a safe and healthy 2016!

  31. Jim

    Car Guy is right on the money, so Car Guy is 90 that make me 91….HEY!

  32. Jose

    I just like cars, so I’m with you all the way.

  33. junkman Member

    Amen Jesse

  34. mo

    President Trump approves of this message.

  35. ron

    I noticed a couple comments here last week that really surprised me that they were posted. Thanks trying to keep it about cars.

  36. Scotty G

    Well stated, sir. Some other sites have had to take off their public comment section because of the hurtful and disrespectful comments from the growing legion of keyboard-courage folks. I’m glad that things are on track here; hopefully it’ll stay that way, it really is a great website.

  37. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    This place is no where near a site like the Jalopy Journal, which has feature articles about cars, and then lets readers comment on the feature article in the Hokey Ass Message Board (HAMB Forum), and definitely not family friendly, especially to rookies. I must have missed some posts, other than the same regular guys who know nothing about certain cars, other than it’s too much money for a rusty POS. I sincerely apologize for mentioning that some people have no clue about cars. No wait, freedom of speech, never mind. ;)

  38. Richard V

    I think you’ve nipped it in the bud, Jesse – thank you! I was beginning to get a bit concerned over the past few weeks.

    • randy

      I agree, and me too! I also noticed the “report” button.
      That means I have to be good.

  39. Jack

    Good to hear this, great site. Thanks

    • Mark 'cuda man

      Would love to see the rest of your stang…….

    • randy

      FE Mustang with a shaker? Very collectable.

  40. Dano

    Oh dear! Children behaving badly again?

  41. Gerald

    Some people need to learn to not be so overly sensitive and be offended by everything. Other people also need to learn to think before they speak, write or type. It sure would be nice if we could all just learn to get along with each other, wouldn’t it?

  42. Mark 'cuda man

    I have a few things I look forward to every day after a hard days work: seeing my wife (had to say that because she’s sitting right next t me); eating dinner; seeing what is on Barn Finds. I’m serious! I love this site because it is what I’m about. I can’t afford restored cars so I am constantly looking for the crusty/rusty ones. I spend a lot of time searching an love the quest. This site is the best one on the net and we all need to keep it that way……….

    • randy

      ;>) I can haul off that rusty old car for ya! ;>)

    • Jack

      Nice mark

  43. Reg Bruce

    I agree. The problem is that some people have a “loose” vibe.
    Maybe they need to “lose” it.

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Ha, Ha! Exactly what I was thinking. Spell checkers don’t always work in your favor, LOL

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Thanks for making us feel like “loosers” guys!

  44. HeadMaster1

    Bravo………..Perhaps having us all list a profile pic, and a legit phone # might keep the trolls away. I jumped on the barn finds bandwagon after becoming more and more disgusted at previous sites….Keep up the good work, and I’ll try to police myself as best as I can :-)

    • randy

      My number is BR-549. ;>) Don’t worry about policing yourself, we’ve now got an “easy” button. ;>)

  45. Pete

    I have only been viewing this web site for a short time and hope to continue for a lot longer. Some very good reading from everyone, and great stories. Keep up the great job. Thanks so much.

  46. Axel Caravias

    ++++ Jesse.

  47. Steve K.

    I agree! You’ll never hear a peep out of me…just car stuff!

  48. geomechs geomechs Member

    I absolutely agree. Nothing turns me off more than when someone starts openly bashing someone. A little playful teasing is OK. I do that and don’t mind someone throwing it right back. We’re all playing in the same sandbox here; let’s ALL enjoy the ride…

  49. Alan (Michigan)

    Reference my musings on the 300 mile Miata page….

    I suppose I could copy/past here…. Nah. Y’all know how I feel about chillin’ before the mud gets slung.

    Happy New Year, wherever you are, and whatever you drive! (We need no disparagement about whatever someone wishes they could drive, or which vehicles float his or her automotive boat…. heh)

    • Mike

      same here

    • Bob Hadley

      HAPPY NEW YEAR One and All
      Jesse, thanks for keepin this thing going, I truly appreciate it

  50. Mike

    Sounds very pleasing to hear that from a site with all the web sites today. I enjoy looking at your site, remembering the old cars in my life time, and the stories are great.

  51. Glenn from Wisconsin

    Too bad you even had to post that message but good for you in doing so. It’s nice to be in a place where it’s only about cars!

  52. DENIS

    Jeez, I don’t know…if I don’t get blocked or unfriended by someone every week, I think I’m not doin’ my job….well, ok, no politics, no cussin’, no religion, but if you think I’m not gonna bash imports…… :-)

    • Bob Hadley

      Now, Denis;
      last year my lady bought a new Honda Accord, yep, another rice rod, surprisingly, it’s a good runner! No, it’ll never be another 67 T-Bird, or 49 Plymouth Suburban, but, wasn’t meant to be. For what they are, reliable econo-boxes,,, they are OK, drives well, good mileage, and, as any vehicle, with regular maintenance, last a long time. But, Denis, it’ll never, ever, be my T-Bird, or Plymouth Suburban, never look as cool, sound as cool, to me, or you. But is to some one.
      Enough, you get it, you, like most on this site, Jess included, are passionate, that’s what makes our Barn Finds so great, our passion.

      • DENIS

        Biting my lip…..bleeding, Bob Hadley…..aarrgghh………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  53. Mark S

    It must be a huge task to keep this site running thanks for the work put in by all involved. I to think that we should do our best to be respectful. It is easy for peaple to take things personally, and If have said anything to offend anyone on this site I apologize. I have learned a lot from you guys and have a greater appreciation for cars that I never really liked. I wish all of you a happy new and success in 2016.

  54. ClassicCarfan

    Thanks for issuing a reminder like this. I enjoy reading this site to hear varying opionions, even when sometimes I might strongly disagree with them – but there is no need for personal abuse or profanity. not too much to ask really, is it.

  55. Bobby Barnes

    Working on these old cars makes you cuss enough love this site

    • Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

      And Bobby lays down the Right Bower!

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