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Porsche 944 Hoard Hiding in South Carolina!

Incredible finds have a way of showing up when you least expect them! And that was the case for Reader Scott H and his recent find. While house hunting in South Carolina, he drove past a warehouse with a fenced-in side lot. After several passes, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was inside the warehouse, he noticed that were a few cars behind the fenced-in area. He couldn’t resist taking a quick peek through the gap in the fence and was amazed at what he saw. There are at least 20 Porsche 944s sitting here, plus a variety of Volkswagens!

He was quick to notice that one or two of the cars appears to have some racing livery installed. So, he can’t help but wonder if the owner did or does some racing. At this point, it’s hard to say if that is the case, but I’m fairly confident that the owner is a fan of the Volkswagen Group of brands. I see several VWs in here, plus what looks to be a bright red Audi (S4?) under a car cover. Obviously, the 944s are the star of this show, but that VW Corrado could be fun to have.

The 944 and its front-engine siblings have long been the “ugly ducklings” for Porsche Purists. Thankfully, over the past few years, that attitude has started to change and more people are discovering that these were great cars to drive and an absolute bargain compared to their air-cooled relatives. Prices are going up for these, but they can still be had for reasonable money. Apparently this owner decided to hoard them before prices skyrocket.

Scott is planning a return trip so that he can hopefully meet the owner of this stash. It really will be interesting to find out what the story is here. Are they hoarding these for parts? Do they have plans of restoring them one day? And most importantly, are they interested in selling them? Hopefully, these are all questions Scott is able to get answers too! So, would you enjoy owning one of these finds?


  1. flmikey

    I think you are right…hoarding them until the prices skyrocket…I’m doing the same thing, except with Mustang II’s….

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  2. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    I miss my 944’s. Absolutely stonking cars.
    Such fun and great driving position.

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  3. John Torgersen

    Those are mine. If anyone is interested, I am usually at the shop most afternoons. or Contact me at johntorg@gmail.com

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  4. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    In most places that I am aware of, what “Scott H” has done is produce evidence of trespassing. Fences are erected for many reasons, sometimes required by zoning. Privacy-style fences are put in place to block view of what is behind them. Taking photographs above/around/through them could be a civil, perhaps even a criminal infringement.

    And Josh, the term is “livery”, not “lively”.

    Dang, I am grumpy today, must be the Covid quarantine….

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    • John Torgersen

      Those are mine. If anyone is interested, I am usually at the shop most afternoons. or Contact me at johntorg@gmail.com The fence was put up because the county was unhappy with my stash and wanted it hidden. I really don’t have a problem with the pictures being taken.

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    • Kevin Bell

      I was thinking the same exact thing!

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Thanks for catching that!

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    • Skippy

      This is a commercial building in plain view from a major highway. I included in my initial email to BF that two of the cars were visible from the street and that I am always looking for good cars to restore and good mechanics to help restore them. Anybody who has a bunch of german cars like this might be a great mechanic. I stopped and knocked several times. The fence, BTW, is below my eye level, does not wrap around to the back and is completely open on the non-street side…as you can clearly see from the images. Turning this into a comment on tresspassing is just a mean-sprited thing to do and completely counter to the positive Barn Finds culture. John, thank you for your positive comments. I will absolutely stop by when I move down there in late May and once the CV nonsense has subsided. Thanks.

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    • GPAK

      my first thoughts when I read the story, especially when this is how the article was written…
      “after several passes”
      “he noticed that were a few cars behind the fenced-in area. He couldn’t resist taking a quick peek through the gap in the fence”
      those comments accompanied by close up photos give that perspective.
      Perhaps the article could’ve given a more accurate description of what really transpired. Then there would be no misinterpretation.

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  5. elsa torgersen

    This is my grandfather’s collection. 😅

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    • UK Paul

      Hi Elsa,
      Is your grandfather upset the photos were taken and does he wish he had shot the person taking the photos? Just curious given the comments :)
      I wish they were in the UK. I would love another.
      Btw the sills are a Weak spot on these if anyone is looking to buy one.
      Nice collection, wish they were mine.

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      • Mr Beer

        Hes already said he doesn’t mind !

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  6. Bmac777

    While not bad cars, I always looked at 944’s as ” I wanted to get a Porsche but couldn’t afford it so I got this Volkswagen SS instead”

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    • Cal

      In the 1980s, you could have gotten just as good, if not better car in a Dodge Daytona at half the price.

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      • UK Paul 🇬🇧

        The build quality alone is in a different league all together.
        944, especially 86 onwards are beautifully made.

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      • Jaker76

        Uh, I sold dodge Daytonas back then and they were a far cry away from anything like a Porsche 944. To each his own, but the front drive daytonas were and still are jumk!!! Obviously never drove a 944!!

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    • Skippy

      The thing about 944s is that they actually were really well made and well designed cars. At the time, Porsche was talking about phasing out the 911 and this was the replacement. Unfortunately, the Porsche community had different feelings about the subject, which they showed with tehir checkbooks, and the 911 was redesigned while the 944 was phased out. I’m told that 944 turbos are actually faster than 911 turbos of the same year for most years. Like the 996 body 911s, these 944s will eventually fetch top dollar once more people realize what gems they are.

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      • PRA4SNW

        Nothing against the 944, but it was the 928 that was supposed to replace the 911

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  7. Mr Beer

    His dogs must have been in for dinner when you arrived ;)

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    This is what I want. Someone to invade my personal space and take pictures of my property. Then have the balls to post pics and describe my private collection for the world to see only for the amusement for those to speculate and judge. All without my permission.

    Hopefully as a Porsche collector he is well connected. By that I mean with an attorney. What gives someone the right to peer in someones fenced in area and take pictures? I would be pissed. Besides what person would be driving around looking at property when there are currently orders to stay home? It is a sad world we live in.

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    • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

      AMC – I agree with you 100%. Who in the world would think that it is okay to take pictures of someone’s personal property and post it online? Just a fair warning to anyone who may think it would be a good idea to sneak on my property and take pictures, don’t be surprised if you meet Mr, Smith, Mr. Wesson, Mr. Remington, Mr. Kalashnikov or Mr. Sauer face to face while you’re there.

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      • Cal

        That’s a joke, right? You really would off someone for sneaking on your lot to snap some pictures? I’m guessing your local law enforcement might think poorly of that. Not that I am endorsing anyone trespassing or posting your privacy online, I just think bravado in our society leads to bad things.

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      • Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

        @Cal – Where in my post did it say that I was going to “off” somebody?? I believe that you are jumping conclusions there Cal!! What I did say was that if I catch somebody illegally trespassing on my property, especially at night, you will most likely see my weapon pointed at you, holding you at bay, while the police arrive. Responsible gun owners don’t go walking around just “offing” people… Please use common sense when posting! Unbelievable!

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  9. NASAJim

    I know that guy! Races with NASA all the time, awesome collection of cars.

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  10. Dale

    Will we see them again in ten years? Same place, only deeper in the ground with bits of tattered covers over the rotting carcasses.

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  11. djjerme

    My thought was someone running SPEC944.. Plenty of back ups for when you get punted by a Spec Pinata.

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    • John Torgersen
      • John

        It would be helpful if you would get a mic under your helmet so that we could hear the full context of your comments after being shunted into the tullies. I beleive I was able to heqr “oh darn…..”

        But it looked like a whole lot of fun anyway, right up to the punt point.

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      • John Torgersen

        John: I don’t think I said Oh Darn. At the end I did say “Great” but if you turn up the volume you can hear what I really said. this site won’t allow me to repeat it LOL

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      • Nate

        That video is awesome! Thanks for posting.

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      • Skippy

        Wow! Stay away from the Mazda dude. He’s just nuts. Hopefully, he got called out for up-ending you.

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      • Doug

        Miata driver looks to be a real horse’s rear.

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  12. Jimbosidecar

    I used to own and race a 944 back in 1984-85. Great cars. Could beat most 911s of that period on a track.

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  13. TimM

    I just wish the covers could have been removed so we could actually see the cars there and not a bunch of covers!!! Shots of the cars motors, interior and quality of the paint for a 35 year old car!! Just a suggestion!!

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  14. Chris

    I have known John for more than a decade. First class sweet guy. He even watched our kids (3 & 4 at the time) so my wife could join me on the track at RRR. Top shelf racer too. He has a championship i believe. Bought lots of goodies from him over that time. Those cars are all gonna be on the track unless you buy one. Seriously. No sad abandoned vehicles with john.


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  15. John Torgersen

    Thanks Chris. 4 of us Southeast Racers are going to Roebling Road on May 30-31 for practice unless the Corona virus cancels that event also. I think I have 5 regional championships an one National Championship all in 944s, but who’s counting. Not too shabby for a 77 year old LOL.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Stay on the track, John!

      My Hero:
      Dan Carmichael won the 1995 Formula Atlantic championship to become the oldest driver to win a National Championship, 1 day shy of his 77th birthday. Mr. Carmichael passed away in 2014. He left little on the table.

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  16. John Torgersen

    I plan on racing and building cars for the forseable future.

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