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Porsche Powered FiberFab Avenger GT

The kit car has been around for a long time, but really gained in popularity in the ’60s. One of the most infamous kit manufactures of the era had to be FiberFab, with their Valkyrie and Avenger kits. The idea of a kit car was that the buyer could get an exotic car for a fraction of the cost and build it themselves. There were a few FiberFab cars that rolled out of the factory as complete cars. This Avenger GT is supposedly one of those cars and is based on a 1962 Porsche 356 donor car. It was recently discovered in barn in Idaho and is now being offered on eBay.

When the car was discovered, the seller initially planned to salvage the Porsche parts from the car, but then learned that this car was a factory built Avenger. The seller believes that this car was used by FiberFab to display the Avenger GT body. Whether this is true or not, we don’t know, but we do know that this car has some valuable parts in it. This car is powered by a 1962 Porsche 356 1600 Super engine and transmission and they are supposedly in working condition and have been serviced.

This car features one of the best looking interiors we have ever seen in a FiberFab, which helps with the story of it being a factory built car. Like the engine bay, the interior makes extensive use of Porsche 356 parts. It looks sportier then a 356, but it’s also a lot tight. We doubt a taller individual could comfortably sit in this car.

This could be a fun car, but we think the sellers starting bid of $18,000 is way too high. If they can prove the provenance of the car then it might be worth that, but as it stands its only worth the salvage value of the Porsche parts. We do love the styling of the Avenger GT and we are sure it’s a blast to drive, but we don’t see someone paying this much for a kit car. Is this car worth $18,000? Do the Porsche parts alone justify this price or is the seller dreaming?


  1. Avatar photo George Keckler

    I lost 7 thousand dollars when FiberFab went bankrupt, they had my car and my money and I never saw a part or a dime!

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    • Avatar photo Cameron Bater UK

      If it makes you feel better, though I doubt it. about a decade ago my father had our driveway done with tose concrete and rubber mat systems, dispite the fact that the drrive was open at 2 corners they insisted then needed to cut an expansion track right sown the middle but first they decided to lay the concrete without first checking they had the mats so the rushed off to retreive them from a previous job and this was on a very hot day so by the time they got back the drive was almost dry, the outcome was/is awfull and he refused to pay.
      Unsurprisingly they went bancrupt and administrators were bought in to try and get some money back, saw he hadn’t paid and turned up at our front door demanding money at which point he said that he’d give them the money if they dug it up and re-layed it properly. Unsurprisingly there response was to the effect of “You won’t be hearing from nus again Sir”

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  2. Avatar photo J. Pickett

    Throw away the Fiberfab stuff and find a roller 912, or 356, or at least a kit “Porsche” kit.

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  3. Avatar photo Ron Southan

    Neither of the last two links worked.

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  4. Avatar photo Tom

    Why bother?

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  5. Avatar photo Matt

    WTF!!?, why ruin a 356

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  6. Avatar photo Wim

    Why bother? Because it’s something refreshingly different. If it’s not your cup of tea, there’s enough other stuff around to satisfy your needs. The asking price does seem to be a bit optimistic though.
    I think it would be a shame to break this up for the Porsche parts. There are more 356s than FiberFab Avengers around…

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  7. Avatar photo Chris H.

    Rear visibility is for squares…

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  8. Avatar photo karl

    Anybody who would break up a 356 to power this heap really ought to be shot. Briggs and Stratton would have been a more appropriate power source.

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  9. Avatar photo Blue

    A few weeks back, my friend and I drove from Los Angeles to Eastern Oregon to look at this car in person, and possibly buy it.
    The owner, Dave, was a very cool guy who had taken pride in all the recent work he had done to the car to get it road worthy.

    We went for a ride down a few back farm roads near his place to see what it could do.

    I distinctly remember a curvy section of road with a posted 35 mph sign. We passed that sign and the rest of the curves at 70+. The car stuck to the road as his grin broadened. We switched positions and I test drove it for a few miles, and he is not kidding when you can NOT be over 5’11’ to drive it, it wont happen. You are practically sitting on the floor with your knees around the steering column. It also has the unmistakable, mechanically symphonic, 356 powered soundtrack.

    It was as radical to drive as it is to look at, however be hyper-aware of cars around ( or over ) you since it sits very low. If you want a car, which in any situation, will get attention- this is your car.
    However I came ( 2000+ miles ) prepared to buy the car but the price was not negotiable. Ironically the starting price now on Ebay is less than I brought to buy it.

    You could pick this car up in person and drive it home anywhere, just bring some extra oil, it had a slight oil leak which Dave may have addressed by now. Very cool car with nearly every component pre- @1967. I believe this may have been the original demonstrator car on display at LAX airport in the 1960s.

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  10. Avatar photo Jim

    I need help with door handles on avenger gt 12 . what are the choices? and is there any information on how to install them?

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  11. Avatar photo Don Sicura

    Sooo, that’s the one that finally got finished…………..lol

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  12. Avatar photo stiffler4444

    All gone now.

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  13. Avatar photo biobug Member

    My Jamaican used Karmen Gia side windows, window roller mechanism and door handles. They might work on a Avenger Gt.

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  14. Avatar photo Jm Martin

    This car Is in my barn vw drive tran Complete

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  15. Avatar photo Jim Martin

    awesome car. Going to raise it 3 ” for head room

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  16. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    old thread and topic, but had to read it when i saw it as its about Fiberfab. I used to own a Fiberfab Jamaican, and currently own a Fiberfab Banshee or Caribee (They changed the names when GM purchased the Banshee name). Mines going on a Datsun 260Z donor car with V8 power train and 5 speed manual trans.
    Amazing how some people just exude hate towards Kit cars, but after decades of restoration work i really enjoy them as totally different set of rules. Nice to see other cool cars out there and still running

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