Pre-Wednesday Wagon: 1959 Impala Wagon

1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood

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It might not be Wednesday yet, but this 1959 Chevy Impala Kingswood Wagon is running out of time. It has everything we love in a ’50s wagon. It has fins, a V8, massive windows, lots of chrome, and great patina. It was pulled from a barn in Kansas 10 years ago and has been in storage ever since. The current owner has cleaned it up and started prepping it for restoration, but has decided to part ways with it. It will need work, but has been listed here on eBay without a reserve.

Chevy Impala Wagon

This wagon will obviously need lots of work, as there is rust in the floors and some old body work that could use redoing. Personally, we like it with the patina and age showing through. It tells a story that a brand new shiny paint job can’t. The seller believes it was restored once back in the ’80s and in the process it was resprayed. Time has thinned the newer paint revealing spots of original paint as well as bare metal. The seller applied POR-40 to the roof and sprayed a few areas to protect them from rusting further. Some careful work and a little patience the next owner could have the exterior paint looking good, at least in the areas with enough paint left to polish up.

Chevrolet 283 V8

While it might look great from a distance, there are a few serious negatives that need mentioning. When this Impala was discovered it had a 283 cui V8 in it. Not only was it not running, but it wasn’t the correct motor. The seller believes it is from a 1964 Chevelle SS. They don’t offer any clues to what motor this might have originally had, but it would accept anything from a 235 cui inline six all the way up to a 348 cui V8. The 283 that was in it is still with the car and if it can be saved, we would have it rebuilt and stick with it.

Chevy Impala Wagon interior

We also have our concerns about the previous work done to the car and what might be hiding underneath. If the car turns out to be as solid as the seller claims, than it won’t be an issue for the time being. The problem with rust is that it never sleeps and once it has started it can be difficult to stop. We hope this one isn’t past the point of being able to save some of the originality, although it’s hard to say what is still original and what may have been restored in the ’80s. Rust is always a concern for us, as it is expensive to fix and usually involves repainting the car so let’s hope it’s not too bad.

Chevy Impala Kingswood

Looks can be deceiving, especially in photos. This wagon looks great at the right angle, but we see lots of things that worry us. That isn’t to say this might not be a great buy, but without looking at it closer in person it’s hard to tell. At the very least it has a lot of great parts that could help get another Kingswood back on the road. If you think you have the courage to fix this one and get it back on the road, we featured a 1960 Kingswood a few weeks back that might provide some inspiration of what this one could look like. So is this one too rusty for your taste or would you save it from further decay?

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  1. Charles

    Way Cool!

    I once owned a 1960 Brookwood with a 348 and three on the tree stick shift. It was the same color as this one. Mine was a beach car and there was nothing left that was not rusted.

    I would love to get a close look at this one to see if the rust is superficial or structural?

    If it is solid, rework the engine, repair the mechanicals, and it would make a good cruiser for the local car shows and cruises jus tlike it is.

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  2. Jim-Bob

    I don’t see a whole lot of rot on it, not for something that is 55 years old. Yeah, it needs floors, but that’s not exactly a difficult job requiring impeccable craftsmanship. If it were mine, my first step would be to take out the interior and then sit in it during a big rain storm. There’s no sense in repairing the floors if you don’t first repair what caused the problems in the first place. After that, I would sell on the 283 to a Chevelle restorer and put in a mild crate 350, complete with period parts to make it look like it belongs there. Paint it right and most people will be none the wiser unless they run the block numbers and see it doesn’t match. I’d also nix the Powerglide and install either a proper manual transmission (with a period shifter) or a TH 200-4R. Personally, I would go with the manual as there is just something cool about a bench seat wagon with a shifter poking through the floor. Cosmetically, I would mostly leave it be except for new window rubber and weatherstripping to keep the water out. It’s just cooler as-is than it would be as another antiseptically restored show queen. Of course, I would attend to any corrosion issues too as it is not cool to neglect a car to death just to achieve a certain look.

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  3. C Bryant

    My boy just came out from Aurora,Colorado last Saturday to pick up a 59 Impala convertible from me to restore.Hard to put your finger on them but they’re bringing well over 100K when done right.If you spend 35-40K in parts and restore yourself,it’s the best return on the planet today.I’m knockin’ on 70 now and the wind is out of my sail.(I’ll pretend I’m him)(lol) I’ll just sit in the shade from here on out.

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  4. Horse Radish

    The ’59 Chevy Impala is one of my favorite American Cars.
    unusual angles in photography are not necessarily nice or contibute to a sale of a car.
    As proven here by the seller, he has found the worst and unbecoming angles to shoot the nice lines/curves on this car.
    And $6500 + ???

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  5. jim s

    if you are going to go with a land yacht a full size 9 pass. SW is the way to go. i would put a six with a 3 on the tree, make it safe and just drive. but with 15 bids and at $6500 i think someone has other plans for this car. it is not reserve listing so the cars going to have a new owner real soon. nice find

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  6. ted

    What a beauty this was in its day wouldn’t mind owning one myself be a good thing to cruise around in on a weekend

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  7. Graham Lloyd

    I wish people would stick to print face that isn’t jumbled like this guy’s ad is. Makes it very hard to read. Usually I just skip the ad at that point. Not to mention he’s a dealer.

    With a buy it now statement of 10,900, you can be sure it will be pulled from the internet before the bidding ends if it doesn’t hit that figure.

    I love these wagons. Hopefully someone restores it even thought the original motor is missing. It would be sad to see it become yet another cookie cutter street machine.

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  8. ConservativesDefeated

    As a little kid we had a neighbor who had one in that pea green was new at the time or nearly so…..they had a son named Punky….funny the things you remember when looking at the same model car so many years later

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  9. Mr Cam

    HEY TIMEOUT!, That so called rusty 59 Kingswood wagon was a 89% solid as stated. I am not a Dealer either… Hello, This one was Never restored or bonded or repainted. The car went for $10,000 US funds and the new owner overseas (Australia) is happier than ever! Sorry to disappoint you all, but you couch critics don’t sometimes have a clue. The picture I uploaded is of a 1957 Chevrolet Convertible I found in a Denver barn, it went for $34,500 and yes to Australia too… One final Note: I just found 2 neat Original untouched (as of today 2/10/2015) cars, if you can stop being so critical and believe this one, a RED 1959 Chevrolet Impala Convertible ORIGINAL 283 Fuel Injected Factory Optioned car, also with every power option you can get from the original Luby Chevrolet Dealership that was in Denver Colorado. It was sitting since 1965 in a ranchers barn then moved to the ranch prairie grass where it was not seen for 45 years, yes its the real deal… wonder what its worth? Cars are fun and originals are the top of the list for me, but… I am not sure why when someone finds a original “barn car” or a “untouched classic” people become unglued to disprove you and say crazy things, like the many comments on the 59 Kingswood above? Another final note< I just found last month a 1947 Plymouth Coupe in a garage 3 miles from where I live and it has 32 000 original miles and has sat since 1974. it is now running great today and is untouched original from day one, with just one repaint in 1954. on ebay it goes I hope they stay in the USA but overseas guys are stepping up. Happy Looking!

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    • cruzin

      Hi, this car is in Sweden now and its soon in traffic.

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  10. cruzin

    New engine and trans, new doorpanels, and frontseat covers, new brakes, very nice 9 pass wagon.

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    • Joe

      What is the bid on it now

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      • cruzin

        Sorry, Its not for sale now, i put a new windshield in it yesterday.

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  11. cam

    I have another 60 Kingswood and a 59 Parkwood, posting soon for sale

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  12. Chris in WNC

    great wagon, but Bel Air trim, not Impala.

    makes it even better in my world……………

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  13. Mr CAM

    Here is the twin just sold it and have another just like it coming up…’59 Parkwoods

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    • cruzin

      Mr Cam, do you have any 59 wagons and Elcos for sale now?

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      • MR CAM

        yes I have found some more 60 and 59’s

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      • cruzin

        Send pics to

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  14. Mr CAM

    Great car 283V8 with a three speed on the tree, all matching numbers!

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  15. MR CAM

    No not at this time sorry. only a 1957 Chevy 210 Townsman Wagon and a 1958 Chevy Impala Coupe

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  16. cruzin

    Heres a pic of the rusty floor on the Kingswood

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  17. cruzin

    Heres a pic of i now.

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  18. Charles

    Very nice! I owned a 60 Brookwood in the same color with a 348/3 speed. Rusted in the same spot.

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    • cruzin

      Ok, 60 wagon is also nice, the turqoise is a little different on the 60, i also have a 60 Parkwood.

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  19. Charles

    Mine looked more like a blue color, maybe it was not turquoise? It had been painted and was pretty faded when I got it. Nice collection!

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  20. cruzin

    My doughter had this blue one, original car bought from the original owner but its now sold.

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