Pretty In Pink: 1969 Cadillac DeVille

It might not be Mary Kay, and it might not be pretty in pink, but it is a Cadillac. That is about the only thing going for this 1969 Cadillac DeVille coupe convertible. Having been parked since 1982, the car has 23,000 original miles. The person listing it is asking $3,200 for it and is located near small town of Shawneetown, Illinois. Thank you Adam Clarke for the tip. You can view more in the Craigslist listing.

No pictures of the engine are in the listing. One of the notes listed though is that the 472 cubic inch V8 will start off a fuel bottle. That must have been a good time to reach that conclusion. An automatic transmission moves the car. Based on the photos, it looks like new tires will be needed as well. It doesn’t look like it will roll very easily. Trying to get this 4,600 pound car to move might be quite the challenge.

As far as inside, there isn’t much of an inside. The white rag top has long since ripped away. A tarp tries hard to keep the interior dry, although, the listing says the car will need new floors. All that time out in the elements the interior I am sure smells terrible. The front seat does still exist. Critters have been living in the back seat.  Although, as large as this car is, you can probably drive with them and not notice.

The listing states that the body is straight. The body panels seem to be decent as well. It is far from the original illustrious Wisteria paint, beautiful dark Mauve interior, and accentuating white top that it used to be. Currently, it seems like something worthy of an episode of Roadkill. Full of all the crazy work, disastrous jerry rigging, and pungent smells. But, even by that standard, it’s still not too far gone.

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  1. Tim S. Member

    Yes, of course. Guaranteed only 23,000 on this round of the odometer.

  2. Andre

    Too bad its in that condition.. That colour with a white top would have been gorgeous in its day.

  3. Miguel Member

    That is not pink, that is mauve.

    Pink is not an elegant color while mauve is.

    You know when it is a pink Cadillac.

    • ACZ

      How long has it been sitting in rust belt mud with a plastic tarp over it?
      What’s holding it together?
      Another waste of a perfectly good Cadillac by someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  4. Jimmy

    Leave all the windows down and cover with a tarp, Genius !!!

  5. jdjonesdr

    Just imagine what that looks like underneath. Better, let’s not.

  6. Dovi65

    What a shame. She must have been a real looker in [what I believe to be] Wisteria, with White convertible top.

  7. Nick

    I’ll never understand people leaving cars outside to literally rot away, especially convertibles. Sell it, and let someone else enjoy it.

    • canaryYella

      Saying “sell it” while reading the classified ad is redundant..
      Obviously hes trying to sell it or it wouldn’t be listed… Right?

  8. Alexander

    Been one in the same shade on the Nashville CL for months now. No sale. Very pretty color combo and in better shape and decent price.

  9. John

    Yes, Wisteria with Dark Mauve ostrich skin leather. Yes, only 35 produced in that combination. It makes for stunningly unique Cadillac when right. I have one with less than 25K miles and still its original top.

    • cyclemikey

      That’s a beautiful car, John; you should be proud of it. I hope someone saves the feature car as well. That will depend on how far gone the underpinnings are; if it’s just the floors and such, there’s no reason it couldn’t be done. There’s also no reason that it couldn’t have 23K original miles, and the fact that the seller seems emphatic about it leads one to believe that he may have some kind of supporting evidence of that. Hope so; it would increase the chances of the car’s being saved, if only marginally.

      • dweezilaz

        The seats have been recovered and are also worn out. That doesn’t happen in 23,000 miles.

        Plain leather with zero design wasn’t even close to a Cadillac pattern.

        This is what the ostrich upholstery looked like, and just one of many colors and styles

  10. John

    Top down pic…

  11. chrlsful

    now that’s! a ‘Parade Car’.
    (for 8?).

  12. Little Cars

    Priced at $3500 in Nashville CL. Same car. Still listed.

  13. Mike

    Typical CL seller. Pull the farkin’ tarp off! Yeah, I know, putting a tarp back on by yourself is awkward and lifting the tires back on to hold down the tarp is such a PITA.

  14. DiamondJim

    If you zoom in, the seats look like the ones pictured below. Just have dirt and age on them. Same pattern though.

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