Pretty In Pink? 70 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 4-Speed

The folks at Dodge decided they wanted to go Trans-Am road racing with a muscle car. The idea of taking a muscle car and adding heavy duty suspension and fat tires must have seemed like a good idea at the time. In order to run the Challenger, Dodge had to build a production version, the T/A. Trans-Am racing didn’t go well for Dodge so it was a one year only model. They only built about 2,400 of these so they are rare cars, especially in pink. There are several distinctive touches unique to the T/A including the exhaust outlets ahead of the rear wheels and the spoiler. They were quick in a straight line but did not handle very well. To keep them light there were few creature comforts like power steering or AC. They don’t seem like an appealing car to drive. The first thing you might notice when you see this listing on eBay is, well, pink. Panther pink is one of the high impact paint colors introduced in 1970. Followers of the pink even have a website and Facebook group. Then once you get past the pink, there’s that giant elephant, the price of  NINETY-NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS! There is no “make offer” option, so the seller is not fishing for the best price, at least on eBay. Negotiations will no doubt be done in person, or at least on the phone. Completely restored examples are listed for less than $70,000. Could the pink paint really be worth over $30,000? This Challenger is neither restored nor an amazing survivor. It is not completely original and is far from perfect but it is a nice car. It’s got an older repaint that is not perfect and there is a dent in the driver’s door. However, it’s had lots of mechanical restoration and the engine was rebuilt at one point. 

The interior looks really nice, but it’s not perfect. The Hurst pistol grip shifter is unique to the T/A.

Here it is, the Dodge 340 with a six-pack rated at 290 horsepower. The T/A was power front disk brakes but no AC, power steering or other civilized touches.

This T/A really looks nice, even in pink. The matt black fiberglass hood and scoop are unique to the T/A. The value of this car comes down to what someone is willing to pay and it will likely be a lot less than $99,000. The seller seems to be claiming the rarity of the pink paint makes it worth so much. The buyer will be someone specifically looking for a pink T/A which limits the market. It seems the most likely buyer would be a collector. Unfortunately, a collector will want a better car than this and will want to restore it. There aren’t many pink examples so if someone is looking for a T/A, this might be the only choice.


WANTED 1958 – 1959 Chevrolet Impala Top dollar paid! Contact

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  1. Old car nut

    Add shows a white challenger for 89k

    • ken TILLY Member

      If you go to the ad that shows the white Challenger, just click on the word “listing” at the top left and it will take you to the original ad.

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  2. Tom Justice

    It says the original add was taken down and it sends you to that one as an alternative

  3. ken TILLY Member

    I think it was taken down because the seller realised he was dreaming about getting $99k for a PINK car. Maybe it will be re advertised with a more realistic price.

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    • Tom Justice

      I checked Hagerty and they say good is 68K and fair is 48K with prices, believe it or not, falling. So yes, 99K is way out of bounds for that car with concours at 119K.

  4. Classic Steel

    It’s nice but I would just build a clone for half price 🤔

    Original means better than this and never driving it like you stole it kowaldki in vanishing point 😬

    I am more of a shelby guy anyhow …

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  5. Grey O’Brien

    Air condition was not available on either the T/a or AAR

  6. Lroy

    I get the interest in these cars based on style. I remember mopar in the day. They were junk compared to ford and Chevy. The motors expired the brakes faded and they didn’t corner very well at all. Just the sound of them cranking, like its laughing at you. “You really think Im going to start this time” The market doesn’t care the price these tin boxs demand is remarkable.

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      You are NOT speaking for all of us with your biased opinions.

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    • Dick Johnson

      Thaz right Lroy, my HEMI IS laughing at you when it starts. At least is doesn’t sound like Fran Dresher laughing as your dorf does. This is seventh grade debating material, which is why I AM NOT going to our 50th high skool reunion. Some kids are still living in junior high times.

      Our ranch uses all types of branded vehicles, and a few not well known and obsolete machines as well. I no longer have a brand loyalty, however, my dad was a Chrysler engineer in the 1950s which made me prejudiced against other brands…. for a while. Loved our Buick Riv.

      If you REALLY want to start an arguement, ask a WW-II pilot which was a better aircraft, the B 17, or the B 24. Then stand back. I’ve never flown the ’17, but flying the ’24 was always a lot of fun when we would put a ’17 pilot in the left seat. Those guys aren’t called the greatest generation for nothing. Look at the data plate on the aircraft engines… ‘might show a DODGE built powerplant.

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      • CHRIS MALONE Member

        My dad was a gunner in both 17’s and 24’s. For what it’s worth, from where he sat, the 24 rode like an old tractor compared to the 17, but they both got him there and back so he loved them both!

        Always liked the look and aura of the Challengers but never owned one. For some reason I’ve always wound up with GM muscle. If this were reasonably priced with no real price exposure, I’d love to take a chance on it. Just has an imposing, no apology needed presentation!

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    • Gaspumpchas

      Interesting Billy 007–thanks for that info!!!

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    • Billy 007

      Of course, not saying here that all people of this type are poor workers, far from it, some of my best friends are of this type, but I was told that enough had adverse working attitudes that it effect quality Bad behavior can happen in any group of people given the proper set of circumstances My Dad was a Plymouth guy, hard core, but his cars rattled like a tin can on the back of a honeymoon car from day one, such sloppy workmanship. My friends Chevys never were like that. I have a hard time believing the company would put up with that unless their hands were somehow tied..

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  7. LAB3

    Can’t say I’m a fan of Pink but that particular shade isn’t too in-your-face with it. Overall a nice looking car but at $99k I could get a few other more desirable cars for the garage.

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  8. Nick

    Yeah, No. Overall you are sadly misinformed. The Hurst pistol grip shifter (in that shape) is unique to any 4-speed equipped E body, not just the T/A. For a muscle car they handled much better than many of their ilk, they even had a larger rear anti-roll bar that was T/A (and AAR) specific. AC was not available though many other typical E body options were such as power steering and brakes, power windows, etc. That matte black fiberglass hood was supposed to be T/A specific but was actually used on some Challenger R/T models. Certification issues forced its use, on the assembly line, when a Shaker hood had been ordered.

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  9. Eric G

    I was under the impression that the TA’s had a much smaller rear window? Or was that the SE?

    • P T Cheshire

      SE had the Formal rear glass.

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  10. Karguy James

    The Hurst Pistol Grip shifter was not exclusive to the T/A. The smaller back “SE” window was an option, but I do not know if you could get it on the T/A.

    It takes a real man to drive a panther pink muscle car. While rare, and with its own sub-set of followers, the Panther Pink cars still repel a lot of buyers while attracting a few loyal to the color. All in all it seems to wash out in the market place where they bring about the same money as other colors. The Panther Pink is also not the rarest color offered on the T/A by far.

    I’ve had three T/A’s and four AAR Cudas, Plymouth’s version of this SCCA model. They are capable cars but not screaming fast. The six pack carbs always impress at car shows when you open the hood. This was the ONLY american production car sold with staggered wheels. The rear tires being larger than the front. Not because it was cool or gave the car a little rake, but because they need a touch more clearance for the side exhaust.

    Oh, and his price is way beyond reality.

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  11. Troy s

    No power accessories or AC, side exit exhaust, and a real hood scoop like that, 340 six pack with a 4 speed, dang…I’d of been beyond myself drooling all over the showroom floor back then, but not pink, no way…not purple either, come on man make mine silver, burgandy, maroon, dark blue…I’ll even settle for white! Just not pink..sorry, I’m starting to get carried away here.😎

  12. Gaspumpchas

    Lroy, respect your opinion, but these weren’t junk IMHO. They did live fast lives. 70 was the only year the 340 had 10 1/2 compression. If you had one that didn’t start, you fixed it. There were things you could do to get them to handle better, but radial tires hadn’t come in strong in ’70. My veins run Ford Blue, but I’d be the first to tell you that unibody fords were junk- terrible suspension and rusting as they came off the assembly line. That said I got my wifes’ 65 Falcon to handle like a sports car with some simple suspension tweaks and Radials!

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  13. Steve A

    WAY too much money! I owned one of these in the sublime green (Or whatever it was called) and you were absolutely correct when you stated, great in a straight line but not very good in the corners. I, as a previous owner of one, would actually go so far as to say, they SUCKED in the handling department. It wasn’t just the one either. Over the years I had two 70’s and one 71. Loved the way they looked, but……
    With the way prices of these have shot up, I know I’ll never own another one. Lot of other classic cars out there for a lot less and are a LOT more fun to drive.

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  14. RicK

    Next door neighbor came home in ’70 from his Infantry Tour in ‘Nam after getting wounded, couldn’t drive a stick any more, went to local Dodge dealer not long after and returned with a brand new almost identical Panther Pink T/A, his was Torqueflite equipped and no vinyl top (which I think looks better) I recall that the window sticker was in the back window (can’t think of any other car that did that) and it stickered at $4500 and change, which was awful close to new Corvette money. Anyhow the side pipes rusted off in the first year and got replaced by tailpipes all the way to the back bumper. His mom ended up with it a couple years after that, and she drove it back and forth to work until the mid 80s, I always told her to call me if she ever wanted to sell it, fast fwd to 1989 and I see it in traffic one day (still remember the lic # ORX290) and its looking all beat and with some stoner type driving it. There weren’t any other T/As around the east side of the Seattle area where I lived back then that I saw, although one of my buddies bought an yellow AAR around 79-80, he had the yellow paint redone but did not have any of the AAR graphics put back on, too bad, because nobody knew what these cars would ultimately be worth nearly 50 years later. Every once in awhile when I see a similar Mopar I always wonder what happened to those 2 cars.

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  15. nrg8

    Ha. Barret Jackson called me. You want that money take it there.

  16. Jeff

    Thanks but no thanks I’ll put money on a new hellcat for less and better all the way around with warranty

  17. Tom S.

    Is a Challenger heavier than a comparably equipped Barracuda? I’ve always thought that they look heavier, or perhaps just bulkier.

    • Brad

      Tom, the Challenger has a 2″ longer wheelbase then the Barracuda. While that may not seem like much I always thought the Cuda looked better and yes, less bulkier.

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  18. Darren

    Is that not plum crazy???

  19. RoughDiamond

    I was reading about the “White” one eBay substituted in its place and in particular this comment “its believed to be 1 out of 33 made”. I would hope that for that amount of money, the comment is based on the actual statistic not being available from Dodge.

  20. Wrong Way

    Really nice, but not that much money nice!

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  21. Lroy

    Ok I stirred the pot. Full disclosure my dad had Fromula S Barracudas, 1965 and a 1968 383 4 speed. Mom had Plymouth wagons. I am only speaking from my experience, Ford 9″ rear axles, Kelsey Hays brakes. 454 Chevelle with munci rock crushers. We spent alot less time working on our cars than the Mopar guys. Mopars are good cars just don’t understand the prices they fetch these days.
    I retract and regrett using the word junk. Sorry

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  22. Timmy

    99k? It’s not for sale

  23. Timmy

    99k? It’s not for sale.

  24. r s

    The kid across the street from me got a T/A 340 six pack brand new in Plum Crazy. $4500. At the time that was about the price of a nice Ford LTD. Compare their prices now though…

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