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Prime Project: 1963 Porsche 356 B

If you’ve ever seriously considered a Porsche Project, and if you’re as drawn to the wonderful, iconic, bulbous yet sexy 356 B style offered from 1958 until 1963, then you’ll definitely be pulled towards the 356 found here on eBay for sure. It’s got the bones, the body, and after a conversation with the seller, it’s got all the bits needed for a complete restoration.

Underneath the rattle can paint job, you can plainly see the Oslo Blue #6203 peeking through. And according to the seller it’s a white interior, which makes it a bit rarer (with tan, black, and red interiors being preferred for obvious reasons). I personally love this shade of blue, which along with Smyrna Green #6210 was Porsche’s slight way of conceding to some of the wilder, less traditional colors their competitors where beginning to offer in order to attract the attention of the sixties buyers (think Yukon Yellow and Appenino Brown for example).

With one 1600 Super 90 rebuild under my belt, and a handful of late fifties air-cooled projects over the years, I love the simplicity of these engines – and the gusto they pack in such light sport cars. They truly were a disruptive design in an era of big, heavy, muscle machines. If you don’t already have it, you’re sure to get the Porsche bug after a quick view of Robert Dalrymple’s 2017 mini-documentary “Porsche: Decades of Disruption” on Netflix. You can’t help but appreciate the depth of an agent of change the 356 was as you watch the black and white racing footage from the first years of this model’s introduction.

Perhaps your goal is to simply restore this piece of history to its showroom condition, create an Outlaw version to let go that inner Bad Boy you wrestle with, or to recreate an ode to the brands early wins in race’s like the infamous Carrera Panamericana. In all scenarios, you’ve got an amazing canvas with this find. Sure, it’s a long haul from trailer to track, but I guarantee you’ll walk away from the experience with even more respect, love and admiration for these little cars that changed history.





  1. Billy 007

    Forgive me, but I will never understand this. What we have here is a souped up Beetle, yet commands crazy value? I am not saying that it isn’t cute or fun, but what is nostalgia worth in dollars? Time to get the investment side out of the car hobby and the purists back in the game, then I am all for this little beauty.

  2. Pa Tina

    $2,000,000 is my final offer-take it or leave it!

    • Cj

      I’ll take it, Pa! Just give me a couple of weeks to buy the car and get it to you. Oh – and that’s a T-6 body style, so the price is now 2,500,000!

      • Pa Tina

        A T-6? Dang! I don’t want another T-6. Deal’s off.

  3. Madmatt

    Wow…a Porsche that’s not a rusty hulk..!,
    but is quite a tidy sum though!
    Looks like a very solid body and floor pan.
    This one is so much better than some of the
    recent ones on here,Iam starting to think
    theres some hope for the Porsche enthusiast
    out there…!Nice Find…!

  4. Had Two

    Nice find. The seller does not say whether it is a Karmann or a Reutter body, so it’s likely a Karmann. It looks like it may have had a new front clip welded on
    at some time in its life, or early on in the restoration that shifted to the sidelines
    in this garage. Shame about the black paint covering it. But, if the parts are all there, it will bring the money. These cars are a blast to drive.

  5. Dolphin Member

    Well I’m not going to outbid Pa Tina, or anyone else for that matter, but the car does look better than a lot of rustbuckets that have been offered up lately. But if I were bidding I would want to check how solid the floors are, and that the body / engine are numbers matching.

    And with the rattle can paint that tells me that somebody had a shot at “restoring” the car in the past but didn’t get very far. And anytime there’s a rattle can involved you have to think there might have been more body or mechanical that wasn’t done exactly right.

    If there are a couple of $10s of thousands of “new and rebuilt or restored part” in those packages that’s a big plus, but my approach would be to “trust, but verify”.

  6. David Winstead

    Note that 356 B’s were only manufactured in 60,61, 62 and 63. All before were A’s. All after we’re C’s.

  7. scottymac

    Sexy? I’ve always thought Porsche made some of the ugliest street cars in the world. The 904, 906, 908, 917 race cars I get, but this and most 911s and their derivatives are HIDEOUS! Give me a ’65-’69 Corvair, any day.

    • D. King

      I take it you’re not a Porschephile, eh, Scotty? It’s okay. Actually, I think the 356 has aged quite well, as has the 911.

  8. D. King

    I have a 356 now. I’d like the Messerschmitt next to it!

  9. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    The current bid of $20K seems like a bargain, considering all of the rusted out 356 junk that normally is available.

  10. dyno dan

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