Road And Track Pinup: 1957 Byers SR100

UPDATE – We featured this rare Byers SR100 back in October of 2017 when it first emerged from the barn. At that point, it wasn’t for sale, but things have changed and Dean has decided to list it for… more»

Preppers Paradise: 1972 IH 1710 Rolling Lab

I have to admit – it’s always been a dream. Not to have a “…mobile command center with a controlled environmental room…”, like the 1972 International Harvester found here on Craigslist thanks to reader AMXBrian has, but to retro-mod… more»

Two Back-Seat Drivers: 1981 Dodge Omni Funny Car

To answer the question “Why would you weld 2 1981 Dodge Omni front-ends together?”, I think you have to answer it in the thickest New Jersey accent you can muster with “For ‘da kids”. You gotta admit, parade bound… more»

Kurtis Kraft Kopy: 1947 Kurtis Midget Racer

If posed the question “If you could travel back in time, where would you go?”, chances are you might not answer with “1923, Los Angeles, California – the Don Lee Coach and Body Works shop.” But if you could… more»

The Reds, Radio’s and Rationing: 1951 Crosley Sport

What do the Cincinnati Reds, America’s favorite radio, and gas rationing have to do with each other? They are all part of the unique history of Industrialist Powel Crosley Jr and the quirky cars that his car company, Crosley… more»

Real Deal Barn Find: 1934 Harley VLD

There is a stretch of valley as you pass the Oregon border on I5 where you know you are in California. Only a handful of miles before it had been green and luscious, and now there is a twinge… more»

More “UV” than “SUV”: 1969 International Harvester Travelall

For me, this is perhaps the ultimate “UV” – a no-frills, massive, simple Utility Vehicle built for cargo capacity and not creature comforts. Sure it’s got seats, windows, a couple of necessary things like a speedometer and a steering… more»

California Dream’n: 1962 VW Bus Survivor

Its’ so classic, quintessential, California – it’s almost cliché. It’s 1962 – Surfin’ Safari was released by the Beach Boys and you’re so inspired by the draw of surfing, camp-fires on the beaches of Malibu, and the possibility of… more»

Ready for Adventure: 1969 Rover Series IIA Beauty

I have a soft spot for British classics. Barbour’s Beaufort waxed cotton jacket. A Hardy LRH Dry Fly Split 9-foot fly rod. Sarson’s malt vinegar applied liberally to freshly fried fish and chips. Perhaps no other UK created classic… more»

Low Flying Messerschmitt: 1957 KR200 Rag Top

If you don’t recognize it by name as the Messerschmitt Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter) KR200, you certainly have seen examples of these wonderful little three-wheeled oddities pop up from time to time – like the 1957 Cabriolet found here on… more»

After Almost 80 Years: 1942 Dodge Carryall is Carrying On

It’s hard not to well up just a little bit when you see an American war hero like the 1942 Dodge WC-53 Carryall found here on Craigslist thanks to reader Peter Rettig. They were front-line workhorses that helped us… more»

Beautiful Rusty Barracuda Bucket: 1971 Plymouth

Close your eyes for a moment – it’s the blue of the evening sky reflecting on a clear pond at twilight. Crome from the bumper, grill, side vents and surrounding windows gleam brightly. Its haunches sit on raised letter… more»

Berlinetta Barn Find: 1979 Camaro with 6k miles

It’s a bit hard to glean much detail from the pictures of the 1979 Chevy Camaro Berlinetta found here on eBay, but the odometer confirms this Barn Find has just under 6,300 miles! Last tagged in 1981 only 3… more»

Two Made This Way: 1971 Mustang Convertible

Let’s look at how we get to the rarity of this 1971 Ford Mustang. We’ll start with 149,682 – that’s the total number of Mustangs made that year. 6,121 of those were Convertibles. 23 of those convertibles were finished… more»

T-Bird Treasure: 1955 Ford Convertible

With a wave of American GI’s back from the war with fond memories of European cars like the MG TC Roadster and the Jaguar XK120 – American car manufacturers responded with sporty alternatives. The Chevy Corvette, introduced at the… more»

#1609 Of 3508: 1975 Cosworth Vega

Even if you’re not a huge fan of the Chevrolet Vega, you have to appreciate the special edition that Cosworth Engineering of England helped create 3508 units of between 1975 and 1976. Number 1609 is found here on craigslist thanks… more»