Quarter Miler: 1967 Camaro


Well this car sure looks like fun. There’s only two photographs in this ad on Craigslist for this interesting looking 1967 Camaro ex-drag racer for sale in Bethel, Connecticut (in Fairfield County about 60 miles from LaGuardia in case you want to fly in to buy it). The seller is asking $14,000, which actually does not seem out of line anymore.


There is a comprehensive list of features, but no mention of any engine, so it is possible there is no power plant as part of the deal. Sometime in the past this car ran in the super pro class and weighed 2950 pounds with a big block installed, and it is said to have run an 8.80 ET at 156mph with a 950hp motor, which is pretty fast. It has a Dana 456 rear, Strange coil over shocks, a fiberglass front nose clip, hood, doors, and trunk lid and plexiglas windows. The car is equipped with Wilwood disk brakes, including a front brake conversion to disk and an aluminum radiator. The roll cage is certified to 8.50 second runs, it’s tubbed with 14″ tires and wheelie bars. Anyone interested in this car will need to know what they’re doing, I am sure, but I am guessing it will make a good buy for someone. Is this car attractive to Barn Finds readers? Is this car too hard to restore to street drivability, or will it remain a racer? Nostalgia drags? Let us know what you think!


  1. Jim

    Think it’s a roller (ei: no engine and/or trans).

  2. JW

    I’m no expert on full blown race cars but if it’s race ready I would think this is a deal, converting back to street legal could cost some coin but who would want to.

  3. Rick

    Its a racer, leave it that way, if it were mine I’d put plates on it (after installing the 572 or whatever) and get out on the street and kick some butt!

  4. Scot Carr

    ~ No vent window! ’68 Camaro.

    • Sean

      I was just getting ready to say that

    • JOHN Member

      It has Plexiglas or Lexan side windows, and the doors are fiberglass. You wouldn’t reinstall vent windows on a car you are putting on a race diet.

  5. DREW V.

    Shouldn’t be too expensive to put back on the street, replace the spool with a sure-grip, A painless wiring harness for lights etc, replace the rims and tires and swap out the glass doors for their steel counterparts ( for safety and comfort) by the time you sell off the race only stuff, you would have enough to pay for the street equipment, and have one neat Street machine

    • Jim

      Drew, I run a spool on the street in this handful with no problems. When dealing with that kind of HP, you want to make sure the car goes straight when applying weight to your right foot.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Even if You were tromping one of Carroll’s prized rides, I doubt you would be surfing Barn Finds….flaunting it. Reverse Engineer it into the Performance Ford Club of America and let’s see if it washes out? Shelby American Registry? CSBI ? Put up a VIN, Chassis number, I’d be very interested in registration documentation, if there is any. Your response to the thread seems generic when applied to the vehicle pictured…..

  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Yet another hacked up Crapmero. Who in their right mind would spend good money to take this car back to street righteousness ? This is just another sad example of American Muscle being butchered, used up and then being tossed out to the masses as if it were a jewel….pfft. Seller: Do Us a favor and part it out for what any parts could be worth and cut your losses.

    • Franke

      Your bringing some real negative energy here, do you need a hug?

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Please…..You were at Woodstock?….Reality,Reality.

      • Cassidy

        his choice of hydration might be the problem

    • DrinkinGasoline

      The following Crosley would be more fun than this used up crap.

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Wow Cassidy…..one he** of an assumption. But You know what they say about Assuming. Makes an A** out of you and…well, You know the rest, I would hope.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Yeah because building an 8 second car is butchering it.

      Give us a break and focus your comments on the knitting and flower arranging sites you frequent. ;)

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Building an 8 second car and then parting it out for scrap at prime pricing after it’s seen it’s day is butchery…..I got Your flowers and knitting….right here, key board tramp. Maybe you should post under your own name instead of your poor Uncle Bob’s. You deserve no break…..suck it up.

    • Denison bowman

      Mixed emotion, obsevation, and expectation on my part. Classic muscle car dragsters from their respectable hey-day are becoming more frequent barn, shop, field finds. They are the “Gassers” of a more recent time. Would I love to have a Wiily’s or a ’56 Belair with a straight axle in my 3rd garage? Duh. How about a 57 Corvette that lived a life 1/4 mile at a time. Is a date code correct drive train doing it justice to bring it back to factory spec? I say keep the wrenches and wheels turning.

  7. Terry J

    Hmmm… My ’67 had wind wings, my ’68 didn’t. Just a thought. :-) Terry J

    • DorsoDoug

      Most relevant comment so far. Best visual queue in discerning the difference between a 1967 & 1968

    • Denison bowman

      If it has plex windows the ’67 vent windows are lost. The fiber front has the round turn signal indicators of a ’67 but they don’t appear to be scale, at least in the photo.

  8. Terry J

    So the window hardware,tracks, regulators are gone. That implies that every aspect of the original car has probably been gutted to get to 150+ MPH (no small feat). This isn’t a streetable car anymore unless you just wanted to shake around town in a straight line dragster. :-) Terry J

    • moosie Craig

      What could be more fun for an ex-drag racer ?

  9. DrinkinGasoline

    Bow Ties went out of style in the 50’s…. Ford proved that by out selling them by more than 2 to 1. ’57 was a prime example year. Google the sales numbers. Cut the losses and move on. Enough said….speaks for itself. I had the unfortunate experience of working for Government Motors for a number of years….let’s talk GM ?

  10. DrinkinGasoline

    As a Service Parts Operations Fleet Manager for General Motors in Fleet Operations from the years of 1995 to the year 2010,….let’s talk.

    • MountainMan

      Your obviously a sad little man and as mentioned above your negative comments are really unnecessary and show that you are truly miserable and generally disliked individual. This site has a very good group of readers and followers who share knowledge and experience without the hateful middle school type smart a** attitude you seem to have.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Well, we’ve successfully dealt with our last problem, perhaps we can pull the plug on this tool as well.

  11. AMCFAN

    No one butchered this car. I am not into Camaros and tire at seeing them like most everyone. With a tube chassis you could build a duplicate of this car with reproduction body parts. No one (even in the 80’s) would take a NICE car and gut it. If they did who cares? There is a million others to take its place.

    This car is a nice example if you wanted to go racing. It would make little sense to me, buy it and do a 180 to put it back on the street. But someone with talent could.

    There is a group of guys local here that build street/race cars all the time. First gen Camaros and a few tri-fives thrown in. In many cases all they start with of the actual Camaro is the roof section. They build their own chassis and big blocks. They have built cars like the above in two weeks and when done could be a show or race car. They get $30-$40K out of them and never seems like a slowing of demand.

    At the price for this and knowing those guys I would say this is a good deal.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      At today’s prices, it would take more than simply talent to bring it back….seriously?? A fat wallet would be in order. Watching Cable TV and tuning into Counting Cars is all well and good but when it comes to grass roots….let’s face it….that is not reality ! Can the average person shell out 7k at minimum for any start-up ?? I think not unless they are shuckin’ meth or heroin on the street.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Are You cruising one of their $30k rides to your specs?

  12. Terry J

    GM vs Ford ? Gee that’s a new dispute. Fact is that a nice original early Camaro is worth far more in the marketplace than a similar Mustang. This car however has lost it’s collectible value since little remains of the actual car. Even the body shell has surely been totally modified. :-) Terry J

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Ignorance must be bliss. You seem pretty happy.

      • MountainMan

        I believe the drinkin part….

    • DrinkinGasoline

      It is far from a dispute but a recorded fact. I dare You to put up any….any… ’68 Chevy, in any GM SPO configuration (if you know what that means) against a ’68 Mustang Shelby Optioned 428 Super Cobra Jet. You know damn well that the Mustang triumphs. In sales numbers as well as race times. No Bowtie purist will admit it but, Henry Ford rules !

  13. RoughDiamond

    An individual can do whatever the heck he or she wants to do to their own vehicle during their time of ownership and then sell and ask whatever they want to whether we like it or not.

    • DrinkinGasoline

      agreed !

  14. DrinkinGasoline

    Bow Tie Guys are a dime a dozen, Ford Guys do what’s right when nobody is looking….Ya’ll will remember that whether you want to or not….Have a good night…

  15. Terry J

    428 SCJ? Cool cars. Heard of them but never saw any back in the mid 60’s. Heard of big block Camaros too but only saw one – an SS 396. Scads of Mustangs. lots of Camaros. Sure there was a rare occasion when somebody bought a GT with a 390 in it, but only knew one in person. Fact is, Ford sold damn few Mustangs that could beat a Camaro. Except for a very rare K Code, all the Mustangs were 289 2 barrel engines. I mean 98% of them that were around at the time, but there were lots of 327 & then 350 4 barrel Camaros around. Don’t know why, but that’s how it was. No contest on the street or the 1/4mi 2 lane outside of town. Today in C/L in the Oregon area I live in there are several early Mustangs under $10k, and a few pretty good looking ones under $5k. Camaros bring much more. Another odd thing: There are lots of 6 banger Mustangs that come up for sale, but I only ever saw one 6cyl Camaro and I bought it. Sharp dark blue convertible. Imagine my joy when I got it home and discovered the VIN number indicated it was a V8 car. Had that 250 out in a week. :-) Terry J

  16. Sukey

    The scj’s were out there.
    My first car in high school ( 1985 ) was a 1969 black jade 428 scj automatic with
    4.30 – 1 gears in the rear. It had the oil cooler up front on the drivers side behind the headlights. The motor was dead so we installed a 390 gt remanufactured engine in it from Vulcan engines out of Vancouver Bc
    Even with the 390 and the 730 Holley of the 428 scj it was more than fast enough to scare me and my friends……………….

    Victoria Bc

  17. Terry J

    My friend Virgil was working in a lumber mill, on a ladder hanging a safety sign. Fell off, caught his ring on the screw head and lost a finger. True story. Bought a new ’67 Mustang GTA ( 390 / automatic) with the insurance money. Nice fast car, but rare compared to the hoards of Mustangs around at the time. :-) Terry J

  18. Sukey

    For a small town like Victoria Bc we sure had our share of rare cars. My cousin owned a gorgeous red formula 400 auto with the ram air hood scoops
    A kid in the metal shop class next to my high school auto shop ( 1986 ) owned a used orange Pontiac trans am with 455 super duty in 1986
    Only last week I discovered that a co worker owned a super bird in the late 70’s
    He sold it for some reason and regrets it to this day
    Lots of money in this town so we have our share of Shelby mustangs from the 60’s
    Quite a few nice dodge chargers as well

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