Quick Flip: 1965 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside

This fleetside short wheel base 1965 Chevrolet C-10 has only been owned for a couple of months by the seller and he has it listed for sale here on eBay. The truck is located in Marshal, Missouri and is already bid to $8,023 with 2 days left in the auction. The C-10 is painted in turquoise green with a gold interior which was a common color in 1965.

The eBay listing states that the truck has minimal rust but this picture looks like its structural. Please correct me if I am wrong. The truck is equipped with the base 230 cubic inch straight six engine and three speed manual transmission. Optional engines in 1965 were the 292 cubic inch straight six engine and the 283 cubic inch V8 engine. In 1966, the base 230 cubic inch inline six engine was replaced with the 250 cubic inch straight six engine.

This truck was originally sold in Henderson, Tennessee and features black hub cabs which are not original. I believe they should be white but the black hub caps look good. The prior owner installed new brakes, tires and shocks. Despite the rust, the truck is said to run and drive nicely.

It seems like most of the 1963-1966 Chevrolet trucks we look at have a gold interior. My friend in high school had a black 1965 C-10 with a gold interior. His truck had the 292 cubic inch inline six engine and I was always impressed with how well it ran and the torque that motor generated.

So, we previously reviewed a nice 1966 C-10 stepside truck on Barn Finds. If you like fleetside better, this might be the truck for you. Who likes the patina or would you repaint it?

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  1. Jack Hammer

    I wouldn’t touch a thing. Except having the engine, transmission, and rear end rebuilt by an expert. I’ll do the electric myself.

  2. Howard A Member

    Another great find. With the influx of these appearing, I can only think, dear old dad, who bought these trucks new, finally passed away. These trucks were their pride and joy. Again, someone in 1965, walked into a Chevy dealer and said to the salesperson( probably a man then),,”I want the least expensive fleetside pickup you have,,,no options, well, okay, ma, give her the outside trim package, but that’s it, (jab from ma), okay, a heater too “which was also an option. The inside is pretty spartan and this is what they drove away in. Usually to the chagrin of the salesman, as options is where they made their money. I wouldn’t say it’s minimal rust, but certainly repairable. While you can have the squarebody’s, these, to me, are much more like it. It’s old, not an antique AD, but still kind of modern and drivable today.

  3. Chris in Pineville

    the flipper who listed this describes the rust as an “easy fix” – if it’s so easy why don’t they fix it and bump the price (hehehe).

    the rust pictured is not a deal-breaker nor does it look structurally compromising, but calling it an easy fix is nonsense for most of us who lack great metalworking skills.

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Well they could flip it right over to my place where I could fix the rust and drive/enjoy it for many years to come. I have to contradict the statement, ‘rust is an easy fix.’ The only rust that is easy to fix is to hire someone ELSE to fix it. Well, there’s surface rust, which can be a major undertaking. Structural rust is nasty, requiring that the entire piece be taken out, a new one fabricated and welded back in. To do the best job requires complete disassembly. I’ve always been partial to these old pickups and sure wouldn’t turn one down…

  5. Houseofhotrods

    The 1434 crayon markings denote a short wide box model code, though I’ve not seen those markings. With the current ‘craze’ of bed shortening (and frame etc) it will be interesting to see how factory shorties hold up against converted ones in the years ahead. My advice, to anyone, is find the most rust free example and step up for it, as where rust has shown itself, rust will continue to do so over time.
    I can’t speak for 1964 or 66 but it appears that Fawn Beige Metallic was the only interior color available in ‘65 on C10, C20, C30 with some differences in the seat trimming – variations of black and Fawn Beige being most prevalent – for trim packages, And some added chrome bits for Custom, and assorted other trim packages, this one doesn’t appear to have had an interior rear view mirror factory installed either, has base heat, and overall is just basic. GM must have bought rail car loads of Fawn Beige Metallic paint. Looks like this one had an ‘Easy Rider Rifle Rack’ at some point, as did most……..

  6. bone

    That Fawn Beige was in a lot of early 60s GM cars as well . I had a 62 Biscayne and a few Chevy ll s that had that same color interior

  7. karl

    Those hubcaps are off an S10 pickup


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