Railroad Job! 1954 Ford F-500

Currently primed for a starring role in your nightmares, this 1954 Ford F-500 might become somebody’s dream car hauler or mobile hunting camp. This former railroad crew vehicle caught the attention of at least one bidder here on eBay, someone willing to part with $1000 in exchange for an interesting project. However, until bidding reaches the reserve, this burly Ford remain in Monroe, Georgia.

The seller claims this F500 is mostly a modified F100 with the extra cab and heavier parts. The seller shows a number of pictures of rusted-through metal. I can’t envision much demand for perfectly-restored railroad vehicles, but picture this thing on, say, a 21st-century chassis… blending modern performance and creature comforts with the sweet styling of post-war America, and keep those vintage wheels!

Apparently the truck wore the dark red paint originally, and perhaps baby blue later in life. The blue and white Dymo-mite labels and under-dash sound system suggest this vehicle ran at least into the 1970s. The petrified door seal evidently stopped “sealing” sometime before the Reagan years.

More evidence of a deep red paint job here, and look! Some almost rust-free metal! No extra charge for the mud-dauber nests. Ford 7.3 PSD anyone?

This no-nonsense interior has nowhere to go but up. Though some will say those floor holes simply need some galvanized steel, a few hundred pop-rivets, and a slathering of trowel-grade roofing cement, I hope the new owner enjoys the sound of frying bacon made by a good welder. What’s your high bid on this heavy-duty beauty?


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  1. gbvette62

    Though the crew cab body is interesting, what I’m really fascinated by is the back half of the truck. That’s the back half of an F-100 sedan delivery!

    That truck probably started life with a pick up box on it. At some point someone decided they needed enclosed storage for it, so they cut up sedan delivery, and dropped the body on that truck’s frame. It’s hard to tell for sure from the pictures, but it appears that the front of the sedan delivery body was left open. That sort of defeats the purpose of having an enclosed body, doesn’t it?

    I guess they couldn’t find a cap, that fit the stock bed.

    • Steve R

      The seller says he was the one responsible for installing the panel truck section, replacing the bed. I give him credit for stating that, I think many sellers would try to pump up interest by omitting that information or by claiming it was a period modification. It’s rough, but unique, someone will resurrect it, in one form or another.

      Steve R


    Absolutely worth a good restomod. Modern suspension (modest lift kit)…drivetrain…biggest Cummins that’ll fit…Hammerhead bumper with winches and LEDs…LED light row across the top in front & back…sunroof for the drivers cab…obviously updated electronics and climate control…maybe figure a way to snake hvac & electric to the cargo area if you might use it to camp…seal off the cargo area(obviously)…but give it access to the passenger cab..roof rack system.I might be willing to part with 2k max as-is.

    • Poppapork

      I would just hunt down a modern diesel truck that was rolled over on an auction and use it as a donor forframe, drivetrain, suspension, brakes, ac, ps everything pretty much modern for a lot less than trying to update this thing! Hecka lot safer to.drive too with ABS, stability etc….

  3. Rube Goldberg Member

    Man, that’s the rustiest, most complete truck I’ve seen in a long time. Research shows, these cabs were made by the Stoughton Cab and Body Company. Stoughton Trailer maybe? They also made extended sleeper cabs for trucks too. Most show the back door on the right side, so I guess one could order it the way they want. Lot of work, but perfect for a late model dually. I hope the builder sticks with Ford,,,

  4. Randy

    This would be a good project for the Diesel Brothers!

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  5. CJ


    • Rube Goldberg Member

      I disagree. While I’d ditch the rear portion, in a sea of “Super Duty” and “Silverado” and “Ram” dually pickups, wouldn’t it be cool to wheel in with this on a modern chassis? If individual is your style, you’d have the only one, for sure.

  6. Jack Quantrill

    This would be more interesting if it had the hydraulically lowered rail track wheels. Nowadays they call them “ highliners”. Fun to ride on abandoned tracks.

    • Jerry

      You mean “Highrailer”

    • gaspumpchas

      Jack I was wondering if it every was a hyrail truck. Make sure you have permission before running one on somebodys track!!

  7. Rudy

    after working in the railroad industry for over 30 years it never ceases to amaze me at what an FRN (f*#king rail nut) will search for, buy and restore. If you can prove it has been used on a railroad or in the industry I’m sure you’ll find an FRN willing to pay you whatever you think it’s worth. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, it’s just another type of collector I never knew existed until working in the industry.

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  8. JW

    I like it but it’s already at what I would pay for it.

  9. fish56

    Pull the seats out, tires off, then dip the whole mess into a vat of POR 15!

  10. Michael thomas

    everyone better just back off, this is coming to my house. I see great potential here

  11. Jeff

    that is the sweetest piece for history i’ve ever seen, all it needs is a 4×4 chassis, with a lift if coarse, cummings turbo diesel, and fab. out that body,roof rack, offroad light package, (oohhh I think I just wet myself just thinking about it) every outdoorsmans dream come true on wheels

  12. chad

    yeah, Y not mate the back to the frnt, new body mounts to a modern frame/4W/sm diesel. Keep the wheels. Big for a ‘personal vehicle’ (esp w/4W, actually 6) but I can see where to use, purpose…
    “Schemes” can B fun~

  13. Darren Millam

    Any idea which railroad this was used on?

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      I really don’t see any proof it was used on any railroad. I think that may be speculation, as many railroads did use these. It certainly was a pickup,( and dually means heavy stuff in the back) but any company that had a crew of workers could have used this.

  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this! Right down to the panel back end. Rube will probably spit his coffee across the room to hear me say this but: Restomod for sure!!! I don’t think I’d go as far as putting the body(s) on a modern chassis (although an F-550 or a big Dodge would be nice) but I wouldn’t hesitate to try to mount a 5.9, or even an 8.3 Cummins in it. A modern 5 or 6 spd. transmission would handle the gear changes. Properly radius out the rear fender wells and fix it right up. A lot of potential for an RV puller there. You certainly wouldn’t find another one like it….

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      There’s hope for us all, my friend. Now, it’s off to Walmart for a new laptop,,,

  15. William Sanders

    That’s a crapload of metal work.

  16. Daniel Looney

    I’d buy it just to chase down road trippin’ teenagers on lonely roads. Jeepers.

  17. Ron

    While we are dreaming, I’m good with the late model chassis, bagged of course. I would blend the panel truck body with the cab and have a walk through. I would also get a set of pickup fenders from similar year and add to the panel truck body to cover the dually wheels. Unique ride for sure.

  18. michael h streuly

    Another rusted out piece of S$$T that someone thinks is worth money.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      C’mon, michael, you’re killing us here. :(

  19. SAM61

    If you have the big bucks buy it and send it to Legacy Classic Trucks. This would a great showcase truck at SEMA.

  20. Wayne

    I like it. I think it is cool! Resto mod for sure. GM/Ford/Dodge 1ton chassis what ever your preference “dually style” with wide single rears and the added fenders as noted above. Mine would be a Duramax and Allison with the rear and cab attached to make one body.
    Too much rust however for me.

  21. UK Paul

    There are loads of people who collect railway stuff. Local railway station sign from near my home from the 50’s sold for £6k / $8.4k a few weeks ago at auction.
    Its certainly different.

  22. Michael

    I know this is an old thread, but I came across it while searching for info on mid-50’s crew cabs. I signed up just to let you guys know, (if any of you are still here) that I am the current owner of this truck. I bought it in basically the same condition as the pictures posted by the original poster. I have owned the truck for a couple of months now, and it is coming right along. I will post some current pictures when I have time if anyone is interested. So far, I have bought the truck, I bought 2 parts vehicles for the build: a 1997 school bus that I have removed a 6bt cummins/ Allison combo to use as the drivetrain, and I bought a 1971 ford 4wd dually to rob the dana 60 axles and the divorced transfer case (np205) out of. The whole front body has been disassembled, and the cab was reinforced and removed from the frame. The cab has been sanded down to bare metal to prepare for a LOT of metalwork. The frame is being sandblasted this week, then it will be reinforced, boxed, new crossmembers fabricated, motor mounts fabricated, and then the real work begins. I am ordering axle trusses to weld on, then a completely new, hand built 4-link air ride system will be built, front and rear, additional body mounts will be added (only 4 from the factory), then we will test fit/ modify the cab for motor/trans clearance. All of this will probably take the better part of a month to complete, then we will move on to other systems such as brakes, steering, and driveline. Once all of that is done, it will all get blown back apart for the “pretty stuff”…..I also found another forum discussing this exact truck, I will cross-post there also.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hi Michael – Thanks for the update and best of luck with this project! Please give us some updates and pictures as you move forward on this custom build.

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  23. Wayne

    Hi Michael,
    Welcome! Wow you are as ambitious as me, but I wish I was as profictive as you!
    Yes, please keep us updated with pictures as well.

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  24. Michael P Johnson

    Front end disassembled.

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  25. Michael P Johnson

    Frame with body and axles removed and ready for media blasting.

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  26. Michael P Johnson

    Dana 60 and Dana 44 axles ready for pressure wash, then media blasting.

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  27. Michael P Johnson

    Tubing for the 4 link, rectangle tubing for new crossmembers, 8 in flat stock for boxing the frame, and sheetmetal for doing the body repair.

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  28. Michael P Johnson

    Cab being sanded, then later some media blasting in areas where blasting is needed

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  29. Michael P Johnson

    More cab pics.

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  30. Michael P Johnson

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  31. Michael P Johnson


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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks for the updates, Michael! Keep us posted as your project continues!

  32. UK Paul 🇬🇧

    Great to see, thank you!

  33. Wayne

    Thanks Michael,
    I know that I am jealous that your project is moving along so rapidly.
    Thanks for the updates and pictures!
    Please keep them coming.

  34. Darren Allen

    It”s moving along daily. Definitely a large scale project, blending old as dirt with newer and more reliable technology. Needles to say, it takes ambition and a vision to create this monster. However it all relates back to childhood for most of us. Who knew that all those hours spent in a sand box with random trucks would lead a grown man down the road, into building something like this as an adult. Awesome!

  35. Michael P Johnson

    Just so you all know Darren that commented above it the person currently doing the work on the truck. I don’t want to short him by calling him a bodyman, painter, or fabricator,…..artist would be a better word. Everyone has to make a living, and of course he will make money on the project, but I can tell you, his real motivation on this project is seeing a vision realized. I can’t say enough about the work I have seen of his, his passion for “cool stuff”, his ideas, and his positive attitude. I sent him a link to the site hoping he would join us in this discussion, and share his perspective of the journey. His work will speak for itself, as you guys will eventually see… ..stay tuned.

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  36. Michael P Johnson

    Frame blasted

  37. Michael P Johnson

    Axles blasted

  38. Wayne

    Keep going Michael!

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