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Rambler 440 Convertible Sighting

Rambler 440 Sighting

Reader Kent C spotted a Rambler Convertible recently while on the highway in Miami. He is really curious to know more about it and its history, so he snapped a few photos. Well, he decided to turn to us to see if any of you happen to recognize this particular car and know what its fate is! From Kent: On October 2, 2015 as I was leaving my friend’s house in Miami, FL I saw a rollback creeping down the street with this old classic Rambler convertible…

Rambler 440

I’m an English sports car guy myself but appreciated that this classic was taking its first ride in a long time. Now, I do not think there are any barns in residential Miami along the ICW but thought that BF readers would enjoy this anyway, so I had the taxi taking me to the airport tail the truck and I got these pictures, taken from the backseat of a taxi.

Rambler 440 Convertible

Maybe someone out there in the BF readership knows this car and its destiny. I want to believe it was headed for a makeover with a new owner somewhere and not headed to a junkyard. And I thought just old people ended up in South Florida!

Rambler Sighting

It sure would be incredible to hear from someone that knows more about this AMC! Just looking at the truck it is on, I’m going to guess it ended up in a junkyard or the crusher. I hope I’m wrong though and that it has found its way into a shop for some repairs and restoration work. What do you think happened to this one?


  1. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Calling the phone number on the side of the truck and asking a few questions can sometimes be productive.

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    • Avatar photo grant

      So then, what did you find out?

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      • Avatar photo Marty Member

        Grant, I didn’t call on this one. But I’ve done it several times in the past and the truck drivers or vehicle owners are generally willing to talk.

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      • Avatar photo ydnar

        I imagine Marty’s comment was directed towards the “interested” party.
        Folks need to use what little common sense they have left, which after
        watching a lot of folks, does not appear to be much.

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  2. Avatar photo Rob

    Lettering on passenger side of flatbed says “We buy junk cars”. Too bad, but the car looks pretty rusty anyway which is not surprising. ICW = Inter Coastal Wateray.

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    • Avatar photo Paul

      Intra- Coastal waterway. It runs primarily between the coast and behind the barrier islands, hence intra not inter as in between coasts. Very common mistake.

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      • Avatar photo Rob

        You learn something new every day. Thanks for setting me straight Paul.

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  3. Avatar photo DENIS

    They were so homely, they were cute. Drove a brand-new yeller/yeller/black conv to my junior prom..all other info confidential….lol

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  4. Avatar photo RON

    Rob is probably correct. Whether Florida or Palm Beach that was the fate of so many unibody cars. that not being a complete body scenario anyone having this one or similar hardtop that runs there is an extremely solid Hudson Jet sitting in mt drive with a lot of new mechanicals done looking for a swap or sale shoot me an email quick Now was that Mercedes running hu-m-m

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  5. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    All th way from Washington state. I know that the parts on that car are wanted especially the convertible bits. Hopefully the yard will try to sell it and the parts.

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  6. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Anyone happen to get the trucks phone number?

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  7. Avatar photo Gary K

    I had one like this but the hardtop version back about 1974, clean as could be for a ’63, it was a 440 model also. Two tone tan and cream color, fun little grocery getter. Give it the gas and it would snort off the line…. drove it a year or so and sold to a friend of my brother’s, he promptly drove it into a bridge railing and totaled it….good times

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  8. Avatar photo snerd

    My 2 dr sedan 1963 330 flat 6cyl 3spd was a fun little car, good mileage ….but it did like to blow head gaskets (btw 1&2 cyl) kinda boxy (70’s Volvo like)

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  9. Avatar photo walt puchalski

    I had a 63 440h it was a 3speed with overdrive ,(twin stick) bucket seats with consel had a 232 cu.in motor with stock 4:11 posi rearend had aton of tourque i use to snap the rear shocks off until traction master built me some traction bars. In a streerace my friend beat me by less than a fender he had and still has a Falcon sprint 260 v8 4speed ,but i next raced another friend who had a55 chevy with a 265 power pack 3speed vette power and i beat him by over a car .fun little car.traded it for a 427 67 fairlane.

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  10. Avatar photo Clay Bryant

    Get it running, leave it the way it is then apply for the plate……..PURELUX

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  11. Avatar photo Ranco Racing

    A similar one, same color but in much better shape, was recently featured on one of the other sites for quite a bit of money.

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  12. Avatar photo Robert

    Why not consider another fate for this AMC? Considering the fact that it wears Washington state plates, I think the car may be saved instead of crushed. As a resident of South Florida, and an operations manager for a major moving company, I can tell you that there are many locations that a larger tractor trailer can not fit. I send out small trucks on a daily basis to deliver shipments to our customers homes. It is quite possible that this could be a similar situation. Can you tell I am a glass half full kind of guy?

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      In this day of information and interest in old cars…………there is no way someone would take a several thousand dollar asset and sell it for 30.00 a ton. Even if they did…..the crusher guys would save it to sell for a profit. People are just not that dumb. If it was a torn up parted out hulk maby……but not this one.

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  13. Avatar photo Dovi65

    Hopefully, someone will either bring this little gem back to life, or use it to bring another one back. When I was a kid in the early 70s, my dad had several old Ramblers, a lite blue ’62, a white ’64, and a green ’64

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