Custom Wagon: 1960 Rambler American

Found on more top-ten-ugliest-cars lists than not, this 1960 Rambler American Custom Wagon looks like a nice survivor. I personally like this awkward, ungainly look, maybe because it reminds me of myself. This wagon can be… more»

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Fun And Exciting? 1966 Rambler Classic 770 Wagon

Just look at this beauty Pat L. found for us! It is a real survivor. It’s listed on craigslist in Orange County, California with lots of good pictures but not much of a description. The 770… more»

Original V8 Marlin: 1965 Rambler Marlin

If the 6-cylinder restomod Marlin from the other day wasn’t quite your cup of tea, maybe this nice, original 1965 Rambler Marlin is. This mostly-original version is posted on Craigslist with a $7,000 asking price. It’s… more»

33,187 Mile One-Owner 1960 Rambler Six Super!

This color isn’t actually called pink, it’s Festival Rose. Hmm.. I don’t know if that’s any better for those of you who shy away from pink cars. In any case, this car is worth a look…. more»

Stick Shift Banana Boat: 1965 Rambler Cross Country

You will be sure to stand out in this very bright and long banana yellow Rambler station wagon. Packing virtually no deluxe features, this wagon is a base model classic that is quite solid with a… more»

SoCal Preserved: 1963 Rambler American 440

As an incurable AMC/Rambler/Nash/Hudson fan, a car like this 1963 Rambler American 440 Convertible is pretty appealing to me. Hopefully there are a few others who like this generation of the Rambler American out there. This… more»

Santa, Please? 1965 AMC Rambler American 440-H

By 1964, AMC had redesigned their Rambler American line and it was quite a stylish and much-needed update. This 1965 AMC Rambler American 440-H is quite a car, complete with a twin-stick manual transmission. This jewel… more»

Cheap Wagon: 65 Rambler Classic Cross Country

Stored away for 15 years or longer, this Rambler Classic Cross Country wagon is close to being a driver. Solid, with a touched up original appearance, this wagon has a great look, and packs a factory… more»

Cheap Low Mile American: 1959 Rambler

With great styling, low miles and a cheap price, this ’59 American seems like a great opportunity. Having covered just “34,700” miles, this Rambler is virtually “new” and relatively solid after many years of rest. Needing… more»

Rebel With A Cause: 1959 Rambler Rebel

Rambler offered many cars in their time, and by today’s standards, and nearly 58 years later, many cars of this era no longer have a cause as rust and neglect have taken them to the point… more»

Ramblin’ Wagon: 1965 Rambler Ambassador 880

I’m a huge fan of the stacked-headlight fifth-generation Ramblers and this 1965 Rambler Ambassador 880 Wagon looks like a winner. It even has a manual transmission! I know, a manual in a wagon may not be… more»

Twin Stick Hardtop: 1963 Rambler American 440

I know the feeling, sometimes something happens with, or to, a vehicle and an owner just plain loses interest in it. It sounds like that’s what happened with this 1963 Rambler American 440 hardtop – the driver’s… more»

Dusty Gold: 1963 AMC Rambler Classic 550

Dust is such a damaging substance, especially for vehicle finishes. Yet, when a dusty, dirty vehicle shows up for sale it can command more money seemingly because of showing that dust still on it. This may… more»