1 Of 2,520: 1964 Rambler Typhoon

With only 2,520 made, this 1964 Rambler Typhoon is a rare car. This unique project can be found here on eBay in Bellevue, Washington with one bid… more»

Summer Cruiser: 1964 Rambler American 440 Convertible

With summer almost here (even though we got yet more snow last night) for most of the country, this 1964 Rambler American 440 convertible would be a… more»

327 V8 and AC: 1959 Rambler Ambassador

This big Rambler was made even bigger with a factory Continental Kit. I could personally do without that option but this is one interesting project car. It’s… more»

20 Years In A Barn: 1955 Nash Rambler Classic

It’s hard to imagine that opening up the front wheel wells would be such a big design move, but that was the case with this 1955 Nash… more»

Twin-Stick Faux Ragtop: 1963 Rambler American

As the last year of the second-generation cars, this 1963 Rambler American is a drivable project car. It’s listed on eBay in Chula Vista, California with a… more»

Custom Wagon: 1960 Rambler American

Found on more top-ten-ugliest-cars lists than not, this 1960 Rambler American Custom Wagon looks like a nice survivor. I personally like this awkward, ungainly look, maybe because… more»

Fun And Exciting? 1966 Rambler Classic 770 Wagon

Just look at this beauty Pat L. found for us! It is a real survivor. It’s listed on craigslist in Orange County, California with lots of good… more»

Original V8 Marlin: 1965 Rambler Marlin

If the 6-cylinder restomod Marlin from the other day wasn’t quite your cup of tea, maybe this nice, original 1965 Rambler Marlin is. This mostly-original version is… more»

33,187 Mile One-Owner 1960 Rambler Six Super!

This color isn’t actually called pink, it’s Festival Rose. Hmm.. I don’t know if that’s any better for those of you who shy away from pink cars…. more»

Stick Shift Banana Boat: 1965 Rambler Cross Country

You will be sure to stand out in this very bright and long banana yellow Rambler station wagon. Packing virtually no deluxe features, this wagon is a… more»

SoCal Preserved: 1963 Rambler American 440

As an incurable AMC/Rambler/Nash/Hudson fan, a car like this 1963 Rambler American 440 Convertible is pretty appealing to me. Hopefully there are a few others who like… more»

Santa, Please? 1965 AMC Rambler American 440-H

By 1964, AMC had redesigned their Rambler American line and it was quite a stylish and much-needed update. This 1965 AMC Rambler American 440-H is quite a… more»

Cheap Wagon: 65 Rambler Classic Cross Country

Stored away for 15 years or longer, this Rambler Classic Cross Country wagon is close to being a driver. Solid, with a touched up original appearance, this… more»