Never Seen Snow! 1961 Rambler American Deluxe

Rambler came out with the freshly re-bodied American for the 1961 model year but it was still based on the previous bathtub Rambler American with a 100-inch wheelbase. This fantastic-looking 1961 Rambler American Deluxe sedan can be found posted… more»

Open-Air Summer Fun! 1961 Rambler American

The Rambler American, built by American Motors, was one of the first compact cars marketed by a U.S. automaker. With roots in its Nash heritage, the American debuted in 1958, was quickly joined by the Studebaker Lark in 1959,… more»

5 Speed Manual? 1961 Rambler American

We cover a lot of mainstream station wagons on BF, and even some non-mainstream examples such as Studebakers. But a Rambler American, like this 1961 subject? Few and far between! And that being the case, let’s take a look… more»

Cross Country Project: 1965 Rambler Ambassador

Beginning in the late 1950s, the Ambassador was resurrected as American Motors’ top-of-the-line automobile. At times, it was a mid-size with fancy trim, while at others it strived to compete as a full-size product. This 1965 Ambassador is the… more»

Cross Country Beauty! 1962 Rambler American

The Rambler American was the forerunner in the compact car market which swept through U.S. automakers in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Studebaker would follow with the Lark in 1959, Ford with the Falcon in 1960, and the… more»

AMC Project Wagon: 1960 Rambler Cross Country

Nash-Kelvinator Corp. and Hudson Motor Car Co. merged in 1954 to form American Motors. One of the first outputs from that partnership was the 1956-60 Rambler Six and Rambler Eight, cars with the same bodies but different engines. The… more»

Texas Project: 1959 Rambler Six Cross Country

Being just one inch longer than a new Toyota Camry, this 1959 Rambler Six Cross Country Custom sure seems like it would be bigger, doesn’t it? This car needs a lot of work but a few bidders think that… more»

Single Year Model: 1965 Rambler Marlin

It is widely acknowledged that Ford created the Personal Luxury Car segment with its Thunderbird, and by the 1960s, other manufacturers realized that it could be a tidy little money earner. AMC joined the party in 1965 with its… more»

Unrestored Original! 1960 Rambler Six Super

The 1958 through 1960 Ramblers were updated from the 1956 and 1957 models, with more sharp-edged styling and all-important tailfins. They would be the last of the 1950s-era styling as the sleek new Rambler Classic would come along in… more»

Not Currently Roaming: 1954 Nash Rambler Cross Country Wagon

By 1954, Nash had carved out the economy compact car niche, where Rambler sales were providing a significant boost to overall Nash production. But a price war had broken out between Ford and Chevy, crushing profitability for most of… more»

Twin-Stick! 1963 Rambler American 440 Hardtop

Available in a dizzying array of body styles, including two-door sedans, four-door sedans, two-door convertibles, two-door station wagons, and four-door station wagons, the second-generation Rambler American was a nice upgrade from the previous cars. The seller has this 1963… more»

Super Project: 1960 Rambler American Super

Made for only three out of the dozen years of Rambler American production, the first-generation cars were unique, to say the least. The unmistakable bathtub body style would go away after 1960. Speaking of 1960, the seller has this… more»

Stored Over 4 Decades: 1951 Nash Rambler Convertible

The Nash Rambler is often remembered in 50s automotive history for being recognized as the first U.S. car that achieved success in the compact market.  When it was introduced in 1950, Nash Ramblers were first produced by the Nash-Kelvinator… more»

Rebuilt 327: 1965 Rambler Marlin

Ford broke new ground in the 1950s with its Thunderbird. Many consider this to be the first “personal luxury car.” By the 1960s, other manufacturers jumped on the bandwagon, with AMC developing the Rambler Marlin as its halo offering…. more»

Rambling On My Mind: 1963 Rambler Cross Country

A lost profile stuck in my mind but it was instantly recognizable the second that I spied this 1963 Rambler Classic station wagon. Nowhere near as commonplace as say, a ’63 Ford Country Squire or Chevrolet Impala, the concave… more»

Tidy Driver: 1960 Rambler American Station Wagon

Rambler introduced the First Generation American model in 1958 as its new offering within the compact market sector. The company offered the vehicle in several body types by 1960, including a Two-Door Station Wagon. Our feature American is one… more»