Rare Barn Find! 1954 Mercury M100 Pickup

Mercury of Canada produced its own version of Ford trucks from 1946 until as late as 1968. Rural Canadian towns usually had either a Mercury or Ford dealer and this arrangement put trucks in the showrooms of both. This 1954 Mercury M100 in Sweet Grass, Montana is not in running condition but shows all signs of being solid and mostly complete. It seeks a new owner here on eBay where at least 20 bids have set the market value above $3,800.

Differing principally in cosmetic trim, the Mercury trucks accept nearly all parts from their contemporary Fords. My late Father-in-law talked about restoring a pickup of this vintage, and it’s hard not to admire their honest good looks. There really aren’t too many of these Canadian only trucks left. From ’54 to ’56, Mercury didn’t build and sell that many of these, making them rather hard to come by, in any condition. The seller shows respect for the vehicle with excellent photographs and a detailed description.

This view shows the truck’s original color. In these days it would have been common to follow an exterior wash by running the hose inside the cab as well, simply avoiding the electronic components and letting the dirty water run out the doors. That’s what my Grandfather did! It’s going to need some work inside, but it looks like a great starting point for a simple restoration.

Assuming it’s original, this truck’s “Flathead” V8 displaces 239 cubic inches (3.9L) and made 106 HP with a distinctive sound that suggests power and bare-knuckle toughness. If there’s structural rust on this rig, it’s well-hidden. Bid to own, because this truck will sell in the No Reserve auction. What’s your high bid for this Mercury pickup? And will you be preserving that patina or is this one destined for a shiny new paint job?


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  1. NotSure

    Hah! I worked with a Cajun that at the time was driving a 2004 Ford Super Duty F250. He didn’t like that dirty interior doe he put a pressure washer in and scrubbed it out good! Amazing to me that eventually the truck started up and ran again. He never mentioned the health of any electrical components but I think that the radio checked out permanently after that.

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    • Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

      No radiator and incomplete flat head engine, I see this nice truck probably getting the usual 350/350 treatment. But you never know perhaps the new owner will go with all Ford/Mercury running gear. That would be nice. Like to hear a follow up on this one.

    • Jerry Brentnell

      one other thing up here in canada we had lincoln – mercury dealers and ford – meteor dealers the mercury dealers sold the full line of mercury trucks 1/2 tons right up to tandem dump trucks and highway tractors chrysler did the same thing dodge dealers sold dodge trucks, plymouth dealers sold fargo trucks!

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  2. Howard A Member

    Hmm, Sweetgrass again,,what a surprise, apparently, vintage truck mecca of N. America,,or so it seems. Speaking of rattle cans, I wonder how many it took to get that shiny rusty patina look? That’s ok, great find here, and it sure wouldn’t take much, and to new owner, for heavens sake, PUT A DECENT PAINT JOB ON IT, for crying out loud. What, have all the painters high tailed it to Cuba?

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    • Fred W

      He may have oiled it down Howard rather than clearcoating. 10W -40 on a rag.

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      • Tiffany

        What’d it sell for? I’m restoring a 54 m100.. curious.

    • Gene

      Sweetgrass is the main border crossing between Alberta and Montana, there is nothing there but customs brokers, a gas station, a few storage spots, a USDA inspection site and the famous Glocca Morra Bar. If it’s listed in Sweetgrass, it’s probably somewhere in Western Canada and that’s where they’ll export it.

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      • Marko

        Ahhh, the old Glocca Morra Bar….many memories of my youth spent there. The owner back in the eighties, used to bring his Harley in out of the winter snow, and park it in the bar, with ropes around it, as a public display. I also remember there were boxes on the back bar next to the liquor bottles, that said “Road Kill Helper”

        Truck looks like a solid base for a restoration, or nice restomod. The highways or municipal road depts never used to use salt on the roads, in our area, so a lot of these old classic trucks never rusted away. Combine that with the semi arid desert climate of “Chinook Country” and the Tin Worms don’t cause a lot of havoc.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Do you also remember the UZI hanging up behind the bar? There are a number of collectors of full-auto’s in that border town. And outside of town as well…

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      • Marko

        Yes I do. And the Jack-a-Lopes mounted on the wall of the Paper Dollar bar.

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        The Paper Dollar, aka the Plywood Palace. Just a small tavern now. The big arena is a warehouse. The Canadians sure liked that place when it was up and running. Myself, I preferred Curly Bob’s, or down to Sunburst, to the Mint. The clamp-down on the DUI’s and then the Canadian establishments staying open on Sundays put an end to the watering holes along the border. But in their day–.

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      • rod444

        Looks like a few of us have spent some time at the Glocca Morra, being the fine establishment that it is. I had to spend a night waiting for my export paperwork to arrive so I wasted a few hours in the Glocca Morra with two regulars who obviously had barstools that had worn to the shape of their butts.

        Then I wandered over to the Paper Dollar and managed to catch Pizza Night which is pretty much the highlight of the entire “town” when it happens.

        The one unique aspect of Sweetgrass is the impressive military equipment collection just up the road past the post office. I think it’s owner from the Glocca Morra’s personal collection and he’s got some really cool toys including his own tank.

        I’d be jealous of Danny but then again, he does have to live in Sweetgrass :)

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Sweetgrass has had a colorful past. Up until the mid-80s five bars prospered. Weekends were crazy and Canadian long weekends were downright insane. The Paper Dollar actually hired buses a few times. The locals either stayed home or went somewhere else when things got crazy. The ‘Cocka-Roacha’ has been in Danny’s family for at least four generations so that is probably what keeps Danny around. And you’ve got to agree, his military equipment collection does attract attention. Need directions to the post office? Head north on Main. Turn left at the ambulance; continue west past the heavy tractor unit and the post office is on your right…

    • robert semrad

      Howard, even a decent paint job on this truck would easily run $5-7,000….and then, painting in would perhaps jeopardize selling it because it’s not what some buyers would want. It may be the best thing, in some circumstances, to leave the paint as is, and keep the price lowered…better for both parties.

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    Beautiful Merc, would love to have, freshen up the flatmotor, put some speed goodies on er and a single stage paint job. Good luck to the new owner


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    • Angrymike

      I agree, the only American engine I haven’t gotten my grubby fingers on is a flathead ! Still want to dig into one before the big dirt nap !

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I totally agree. Patina is so Lazy Bodyman. Prep it and spray on a good coat, and enjoy it. You can get decent paint mixed at your local Ace store or equivilant for less than half the price fo the fancy stuff. With reasonable care it lasts quite well. If that’s the original engine it should be the Mercury 255. That’s one thing that the Mercury dealers used to lord over the Ford dealers: they could get the larger engine.in a pickup…

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  4. Lyman

    Clear coat the whole thing, and lay down some wicked pin striping on the hood and sides, and flip it for 3 times what you paid at the first car show

    • Tim Troyer

      Umm, I’m going to say that already happened

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    • Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

      It would seem that’s already been done here.

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      • TimM

        I’m with you Howard A ever since someone coined the term patina everything Rusty gets a clear coat!! That truck would look so sweet with a dark red or black with white letters or a dark green!!

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  5. geomechs geomechs Member

    My wife and I clear out our living room every Christmas and we set up a Christmas village that takes over the entire room. The cars (and trucks) we use are mostly Hallmark Keepsakes, mostly because they’re the right size and they’re well detailed. Each year there is a new classic truck and this year it was a red 1954 Mercury. Fit in just fine with our collection.

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  6. Tort Member

    Great looking truck and doesn’t look like it would take much to get on the road. Go through the flathead, maybe add some speed goodies. The awful looking patina would be gone next but normally the original color would be my choice but being that shade of blue something like a dark blue would be better.

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  7. rod444

    I must join with my fellow brethren and hope the ‘shiny patina’ look dies an quick death. Good lawd, paint it or leave it rusty but not this!

    Still want the truck though :)

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  8. Bob

    This is probably a 1953 as 1954 would have an OHV engine. Great find though !!

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  9. David

    Incorrect – flatheads were being produced outside of the US well into 54.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I took a restoration course at the Reynolds Museum a few years ago. One of the topics that came up during lunch break was about the Canadian Fords and the flathead engine. Somebody said that Ford of Canada started using the OHV V8 near the end of the production run: May or June of ‘54. The Canadian Ford and Meteor cars also switched from kingpins to ball-joints at the same time. Being born and raised on the border, I grew up with a mixture of both American and Canadian vehicles but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a CDN Ford product from ‘54 that had anything but a flathead, except for a Mercury car or a larger truck.

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  10. sourpwr Member

    …not that there is anything wrong with that. :)

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  11. rod444

    6200 bucks with 6 hrs to go. She’s getting a lot of attention.

    • rod444

      Sold for 7100. Impressive.
      Guess somebody doesn’t mind shiny patina :)

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