Rare Mustang: 1967 Ford Mustang GTA Convertible

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UPDATE 7/24/12 – This car has been relisted on eBay. Since featuring this car the seller has gotten a Marti report, which shows it is in fact a real GTA convertible.

GTA isn’t a designation given to many vehicles, especially today. But what does GTA mean? The youngsters out there probably think of Grand Theft Auto, but at one time it was used for a small number of Grand Touring cars that came with an automatic transmission. Of course this was during a time when automatic transmissions weren’t standard equipment. If you wanted an automatic in your first generation Mustang you had to get the straight six or an A code V8. That was until Ford introduced the Mustang GTA in 1967. This rare 1967 Mustang GTA Convertible can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $5,800.

This car has been parked in the seller’s barn for the past 20 years, where it’s been waiting for to be restored. The seller has finally decided to let the car go and give it a chance to be restored to its former glory. At a quick glance everything appears to be original, but you’ll notice right away that the hood doesn’t match the car. The seller states, “The hood was painted which was solely done to prevent it from rusting”. We aren’t sure if that is really the case or if the hood was replaced at some point. Not that it affects the value, it just makes us question what it is going on with this car.

The interior looks fantastic, especially for a convertible. The interiors of most the convertibles we see have been exposed to the weather and are in rough shape. Perhaps this car was well protected from the elements or the interior has already been restored. Either way, we would be sure to inspect the floors for any holes or serious rust.

This car was ordered with the 289 cui V8 with the four barrel carburetor, which produced 225 hp and 305 lbs. of torque. We personally aren’t fans of automatic transmissions, especially in our sports car, but Grand Touring cars are supposed to be sporty yet luxurious. While a manual would be more enjoyable for spirited driving, an automatic would be convenient for long trips.

The value of real GTA convertibles has sky rocketed in the past few years, given that there were less than 5,000 built. With that being said, we would do our research on this car to verify that it is in fact a real GTA. It’s obvious that the car has been resprayed and we question the look of the VIN plates and the GTA badges. We hope that this car is the real deal and not a fake, but we would be sure to examine this car very closely before we bid on it. Is this a real GTA convertible or is someone trying to pull a fast one?

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  1. Dan

    Slant six?

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    • Mike

      Sure. The leaning tower of power…LOL

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  2. Barn FindsAuthor

    Thanks for catching that Dan. We meant to type straight six, but typed slant six instead.

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  3. alfakat

    yep, Dan, no “slant six”es in FoMoCo engine line-ups, that would be Mopar…

    stripes are lookin real cheesy, they never went behind the rear wheel. I thought the Gt/GTA were with 390s, not 289s; could be wrong.

    as for GTA, Ford used in the manner you mentioned, beginning in 67, I believe. Alfa Romeo used it to mean GTAllegerito, as in GT *lightened* as the GTA was a Sprint GT/GTV body made of aluminum alloy with lightened interior, tiny alloy exterior handles, etc. so Ford was not he only or even the first to use the GTA moniker….

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  4. Stumack

    “If you wanted an automatic in your first generation Mustang you had to get the straight six instead of a V8”. Huh? It also neither a “sports car” or a “Grand Touring” car, it’s a friggin’ Mustang.

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  5. John

    I think what Stumack meant to say was that autos were available in V8 Mustangs from the start. That, and it’s a friggin’ Mustang.

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  6. karo

    Perhaps the author meant that initially one could not get a “K” code 289 with an automatic, but in ’66-’67 one could. The only requirement for the ’65-66 GT package was that one ordered a 225 horsepower (“A” code) or 271 horsepower (“K” code) engine. Other options like air conditioning and power steering/power brakes weren’t available with the “K” engine.

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  7. Barn FindsAuthor

    Thank you Karo for clarifying. You could get the GT with an automatic, but only with A code V8s. We have updated the post to correct this error. Sorry for the confusion.

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  8. paul

    1967 was the first year for the use of the GTA designation. Previously the 65 and 66 models were just called GT models. Those years you could in fact get an automatic in
    the. GT but only with the A code engine. As far as I can see it appears to be an authentic GTA, but I would order a Marti Report to verify this. Either way it is a desireable Engine code and will make a wonderful car when restored. Springtime Yellow with a black interior is awsome , but for my tastes I would upgrade to the deluxe interior with the brushed aluminum inserts.

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    • Clark A Luster

      I had a 1967 GTA convertible and I noticed a couple discrepancies. All GTs and GTAs had the special GT wheels, and not hubcaps. That’s not to say someone didn’t swap the original wheels from it. One thing is for sure I regret selling my Highland Green one in far better condition in 1982.

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  9. karo

    Oh, and to answer the question, I am not sure if this is a real GTA or not. According to one site, “The premier performance Mustang was still the GT. The GT Equipment Group consisted of the grille-mounted foglamps, power front disc brakes, dual exhausts with chrome quad outlets (excluded on the 200 hp 289), F70x14 tires, GT gas cap, the handling package, rocker panel stripes, and GT or GTA (for automatic transmission equipped GTs) emblems. A total of 24,079 Mustangs were equipped with the GT option.” Since this is a 225-hp “A” code car, it presumably would have dual exhaust with chrome tips showing on the rear valance, but I don’t see those. So who knows. But I still kind of want it.

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  10. Confused

    Maybe I am doing serious drugs but I remember many automatic 289 Mustangs in 65-66 model years as well that were not GTA models.

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  11. karo

    Well, this gets more interesting. Since this is a Metuchen-built car, it has a buck tag, which lists the equipment beyond what is on the data plate. It clearly has “PIO” on the tag, which translates to “Performance Image Option (GT).” So, yes, this is a real GTA. If it had been built at Dearborn it would read “GT,” if it was a San Jose car there would be no buck tag. Other things on this tag include “TOP-2,” which means “power black convertible top, glass window,” and “TC,” which stands for Tilt-Away Steering Column. This comes from “The Mustang and Cougar Tagbook” by Kevin Marti, which is a wonderful resource.

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  12. Kraig

    Restorated? Does the featured car have front disc brakes? A real GTA would.

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  13. J. Pickett

    Don’t feel bad, most of the time on Ebay or Craiglist all engines with 6 cylinder are referred to as v6’s. I love people who try to sell cars but can’t spell their names or get the models right. The difference between Mustang and GT is one thing but how about DesotoDodge?

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  14. Fixit

    The hood is from a 68 mustang

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  15. DJS

    At 5,800 + it would still be a steal after some fix up about 10,000 you would have a nice restored 1967, for under 20,000 . Just make sure you put it on a lift and check it out do not buy before you try.

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  16. Jeff

    My first car in HS was a 67′ Mustang Fastback GTA 390, when ya popped the hood it was all engine, the gap between the wheel wells and heads/valve covers was inches. I remember payin $500 in 75′ and it wasnt in bad shape, a few primer spots and had to replace the C6 a few months later but it was a blast, only car that came close to it in HS was a 70 1/2 Camaro LT1 on the street.

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  17. alycia

    I’m the owner of this car. It is a real GTA everything is original and we have the marti report if you would like to see it.

    Thank you.

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  18. alycia

    To add to my last post, idk who left the comment about that not being the original hood, but it is. The picture with the hood open? The underside is the same original color as the car. My father restores cars for a living he quick went over the hood with extra paint he had so it wouldn’t rust.

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  19. danny

    I agree with confused. I had a 1966, 289 v8, automatic, factory air, vinyl top, pony interior mustang. I sold it, but i should have kept it. Dummy me!

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  20. MikeW

    WARNING! When buying a Mustang on eBay you need to inspect the car yourself or have a trusted person do it. There are just to many trouble rust areas on the these to buy site unseen. So don’t let your heart do the bidding. My group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

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  21. cobrakel

    its not a real GTA mustang………..it has no console,no brushed alum.deluxe interior, the hood was probably replaced with a deluxe hood..it has no styled steel wheels, it does have the fog lights , but that could be added.doesnt look like it has the chrome trim package either…. most GTA s have the 390 motor as well… or a 4bbl 289..check to see if it has the cutouts on the rear valance for chrome tips..dual exhaust..

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  22. cobrakel

    looks like the GTA stripe was added .. poor job too.. stripe doesnt go to back quarters.. on real GTA ..

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  23. cobrakel

    deluxe int

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