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Rare Roadster: 1947 Allard K1

We have had the pleasure of featuring several of Allard’s K series roadsters, but as of yet we have never come across the first generation of K cars, the K1. That’s probably because Allard only built 151 K1s in a three year span and Allard records show that only 3 were shipped to the States. This one is rough condition and needs a complete restoration, but it is being auctioned off with no reserve. These cars don’t change hands often, so this is a rare opportunity to own a rare Allard.

Sydney Allard loved to race and build his own cars for that task. He discovered the formula for a great sports car in 1932, when he took a Model B Ford similar to the one we recently featured and strapped an upgraded Flathead V8 in it. From that day forward all of Allard’s car would be built using his formula of a lightweight chassis paired with a big American V8. Allard typically used Ford components in the k1, so we are guessing that at some point in the past 65 years someone swapped out the Ford V8 for this Cadillac version. However, Allard was known to fit Cadillac V8s too so it is possible that this is the original engine. We would contact the knowledgeable guys over at the Allard Registry, as they may know more about this car’s history.

As you can see the interior is rough and needs to be restored as well, but thankfully it looks like all the major components are still with the car. Obviously someone started restoring this Allard, but lost interest. The seller has a truck load of parts, which are included, and claims that the only pieces missing are the windshield, radiator, and front grill. Let’s hope this is the case and nothing else is lost, as parts could be hard to come by.

The Allard K1 can be best described by the text on the front of this car’s original owner’s manual, “the car for the discriminating motorist”. These cars were built to be driven and are said to be some of the best handling cars of the era. We imagine the combination of low weight and big V8 produces an exhilarating ride. Hopefully we will get the chance to drive one of these fantastic British roadsters one of these days.

We would love to own any of the Allards, but we would especially enjoy having this rare K1. Restoring it will be a difficult challenge, but in the end the car will be more then worth it. Number one cars can go for six figures at the auctions. Drivers are worth significantly less so the next owner will just need to watch the budget. Either way this car needs to be put back on the road where Sydney would want it.

Source: eBay


  1. Merlin Hanson

    I was at the estate auction where this surfaced this week. It was at the Timonium Fairgrounds in Maryland. I have a couple more photos of it at http://www.hansonmechanical.wordpress.com

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  2. Jeff

    Great project, wish I had the resources.

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  3. 2VT

    My Dad had one like the one in the brochure. 4 passenger with a flathead Merc back in about 1962. I believe the model designation was Allard L Type. He sold it to a neighbor here in Southern California (Stewart Greathouse, I believe was his name) and he kept it for many years. Lost track of it long ago.

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  4. Barn Finds

    Thanks for sharing the link Merlin. Boy would I have liked to have been at that auction. Any idea what the Allard went for then?

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  6. Duck Canuck

    @BarnFinds – in the link it indicates that the Allard sold for about $18,000.

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  7. Mark

    Is that a 1950s Thunderbird hood scoop ?

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  8. TVC15

    @ Merlin ,many thanks for the link , but two questions , were your parents Hippes or in the R.A.F ?

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  9. Horse Radish

    Not for the faint of heart and especially for flippers as the seller here, just trying to make a buck without improving the cars.

    I see the ninnies are starting to come out again, complaining about a spec of rust and how much dust this restoration will cause.
    Puhhleeze, go to the ‘my new camry site dot com’, but leave us here alone.

    You either LIKE old cars and THAT is what’s required or you don’t !

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