Rare U-Code 440: 1972 Dodge Charger SE

This 1972 Dodge Charger SE has clearly been laid up for awhile, but it comes with some desirable options that make may it worthy of restoration. As a “Special Edition” (otherwise known as an “SE” trim car) optioned with the U-Code package, some message board experts have placed total production under 1,000 cars, despite the fact that over 20,000 SEs were made. Check the SE out here on eBay and let us know your thoughts as to whether the U-Code option puts this Charger in rarefied company. 

First of all, the 440 under the hood is no longer a numbers-matching unit. Still, at least we’re talking about a 440 under the hood of a car that came with a 440 originally. The SE trim added a unique roof treatment and hideaway headlights, and this car is also optioned with the automatic transmission. Plenty of leaves and dirt sit on the tray above the firewall, so it’s obvious the Charger has been parked for a while. Still, the seller notes the 440 will run off a gas can.

The seller simply says that the Charger is in need of a full restoration without providing any specifics on which areas need attention first. The body does have obvious rust in it, so the next owner will have bodywork ahead of them. It’s obvious that the passenger rear fender and lower sill are in need of help, with a similar but maybe not-as-advanced situation developing on the driver’s side. Located on Long Island, I wouldn’t be shocked to see soft floors, too.

The interior is in a poor state for a northern vehicle, as usually the interiors are the better part of the story on a car that’s been exposed to winter. Not here: the dash pad sports all the hallmark signs of rampant sun exposure, and the driver’s side of the bench seat is quite tatty as well. The aftermarket tachometer suggests some hard driving in the Charger’s past, but the behavior of past owners means little when a car needs a complete restoration. Is this Charger SE U-Code worth it?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    Because of the rarity of this U Code car; original engine or not, it will demand a premium. I call it “Mopar Magic”. As a GM first fan, I can appreciate all cars, but prefer to own GM. However, if this was a non-numbers matching ’72 Chevelle SS (the first year GM used codes for the engine in the VIN), it wouldn’t have the mystique of this car. Blame it on the clones, tribute and pure fake SS’s out there.

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    • Superdessucke

      I don’t know about that. ’72s equipped with the 440 are definitely rare but the 1971-74 Chargers are significantly less desirable than the 1968-70 models. Plus, while rare, it isn’t a Rallye, or a 4-speed.

      The fact that he’s got zero bids three days into the auction tells you this is probably worth less than his 6k starting bid. I’d say way less judging by the work you’d need to put into it to get it back on the road, much less into pristine condition.

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  2. Poncho

    Big, heavy, slow, ugly, bench seat, non original motor, no thanks…nuff said.

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    • steve

      While not particularly ugly, how can you have a hood that cool mated to bench seat?

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      • Superdessucke

        I don’t think that hood is original to this S/E. That looks like a hood off a ’71 R/T.

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      • Stinger

        Correct on the hood.

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  3. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    Waiting for the Mopar gang to fill me in on what a U code is, thanks in advance.

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    • J.R.

      U code was for 440 4bbl High Perf (Magnum in Dodge) from 70 to 74. A 70/71 440 4bbl magnum R/T was U code. In 72 the compression ratios were dropped but the 72 440 U code Magnum had electronic ignition,hi flow exhaust manifolds, six pack connecting rods, forged steel crank, hotter cam, stronger valve springs w/dampers, hemi oil pan w/windage tray and half inch oil pickup tube. Not sure now much of that stuff survived in 73 or 74 U codes.

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  4. Jonathan F.

    U code is 440 4 bbl carburetor. An excellent street motor.

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  5. Woody

    The last years of the rare breeds ‘72 and ‘73 this could be the diamond in the rough! Big block and SE this is a classic.

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  6. Joe Machado

    734 SE, 440, auto Chargers made. Example: 620 non SE’s, 440, auto made.
    RT designation gone after 1971.
    21 440, 4-speed SE’s made.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    Possible flood damage?? Caveat Emptor. Ask seems reasonable enough considering what we have been seeing. Good luck!!


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  8. Buick Disease

    Dual shifters? That probably makes it one of one.

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    • Harry

      LoL! Great catch!

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  9. Del

    Its rare.

    But its a rusty bucket

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  10. Gray Wolf

    East Coast=RUST!

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