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Alright, so Reader Tim D’s Mercury has some issues, but this Montego GT runs and drives as is. It’s a 351 V8 car and he claims it runs strong. The interior is all there but needs some work to be really nice. It could be used as is though, so you could drive it while you fix it. With an asking price of $3,775, it might just be worth fixing the rust issues! If you are up for the challenge, you can have a closer link via the link below.

What Makes It Special? This essentially original 1973 Mercury Montego GT with low miles. This is the sister car to the popular Ford Gran Torino and is a muscle car project on a budget! This car rides and drives as is! Has 87,000 miles and pretty much original everything. Still wearing its original Ford chrome “rally” wheels, side “vent” trim, and all of the chrome is in exceptional condition.

Body Condition: This car does not have a vinyl top, therefore, there are no holes where the vinyl top separator moldings would normally be. Most of the paint is original or worn away to a brown patina which is consistent with a 46-year-old original vehicle! Back seat and dashboard are in original condition. The majority of serious rust is limited to the right rear quarter panel.

Mechanical Condition: It’s equipped with the optional 351 Cleveland V8 which runs strong. The 302 was the standard V8 and a bit small for a heavy car such as this. This car drives, shifts, steers and stops great! Originally equipped with factory AC, but the compressor has been removed however the bracketing and dash controls are intact.

The rust is a concern, I probably wouldn’t drive it very far as it sits. It’s nice knowing that it does run and drive though. Being a Ford product means you can find replacement metal fairly easily and affordably. Looking this Mercury over, I can’t help but think that this would be a great project for a young person that wants to learn about metal and bodywork. It would be a lot of work, but in the end, you’d have a really cool classic that you don’t see on the road much anymore. Plus, you’d have something that you could be proud of!

Seller’s Listing: Here on craigslist

  • Asking Price: $3,775
  • Location: Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Mileage: 87,000
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 3H16H529290

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Jett

    Young people typically won’t want a 45+ year old car to learn with. They’ll buy a late 90’s honda or other japanese crap and make it into the car they want. Which is to say, they’ll make it look like every other honda driven by every other young person (two foot “spoiler”, fart can exhaust, wheels and tires worth more than the car, etc…).

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    • Jay

      Mercury metal is different

      Harder to find

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    • rustylink

      perhaps it’s better if they stick with those Japanese crap cars. 45+year old cars are a far different driving experience for the younger set – these cars are heavy – take longer to stop with no ABS and drum brakes- have a bit of float in the steering. I would dare say that it might be a tad dangerous to slide behind the wheel of one of these old beauties and think you can sling it around the highway like a Civic or a Sonata without getting themselves or someone else hurt.

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    • triumph1954

      Darn young kids nowadays! Almost sounds like the 70s. When every young kid that had a domestic car put on a fake hood scoop , hood pins and spoiler and jacked up in the rearend with a cherry bomb or thrush muffler etc. thought they had a musclecar!

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      • Jett

        You’re forgetting one important thing—those cars were way cooler to begin with.

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  2. Matt Trummer

    Can someone please tell me why I see locally and here as well every time a 351 is mentioned its a Cleveland? 9/10 cars made were Windsor and I never see mention of the W. All that I encounter most likely would out do the max built then.

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    • Geebee

      Yep, everyone claims it’s a Cleveland, even though a relative few actually are.

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      • CATHOUSE

        There are a lot of Clevelands out there. Probably 75% of all the 1970-1973 Mercury Cougars built received a 351C. A lot of Mustangs too. All 4V 351 engines for 1970-1973 were Clevelands.

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      • Bill Hall

        Eons ago I had a 73 Ranchero that was a 351C . If I recall the main way to see what you have is the fuel pump. If it bolts on top to bottom it is a C and side by side W. The one I had we did a Mickey Mouse rebuild on and it still went like a bat out of hell.

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    • PVDave

      Well, in this case it’s because this Montego has a Cleveland. The Cleveland has a number of unique parts, including the squared off valve cover and vertical radiator hose connection you see in the engine picture.

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  3. Jett

    As I understand it, the Cleveland was a more performance oriented engine—something to do with better breathing heads, and was a higher revving engine, while the Windsor was the mom and pop sedan engine. Maybe they’re trying to “upsell” the engine ?

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    • Dave

      Cleveland, and the later M engines, have staggered valves where the Windsor didn’t. At least my 77 F150 with the M did.

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  4. Kirk

    I had this car in the 80’s…… it wasnt the GT and had a windsor. Couldnt kill it (and we tried)….strong motors…..just not on the same planet as the Cleveland in power. There is definately no comparison in the two engines. This makes this car more valuable in the fun dept. If it is really is the cleveland. The Grand Torino had the cleveland and it was fast!……so maybe this GT does as well.

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  5. Shawn Fox Firth

    I Love It .. .How about one of the new Ford 7.3 Godzilla Gas engine for a swap ?

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    • Dave

      Funny how Ford decided that close to 440 cubes was the “perfect” displacement. Are they planning to release it as a crate motor?

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  6. KSwheatfarmer

    Here is my GT trying to round up parts for a 4-speed conversion. Looks like it will need aftermarket hydraulic components. I’ve had no luck so far finding clutch pedal or linkage.

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    • Jett

      Why not just buy a trashed mustang and swap the tranny out? I’m pretty sure a T5 will fit in just about anything.

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    • Chuck hills

      Look around in the junk yard for a 72 or 73 Ranchero that had a 4 speed parts should work for conversion

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  7. Matt steele

    Is it just me or did all the big 3 auto makers get together and decide that 1973 would be the year of the ugly car? And then try to out do themselves again in 78

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    • Dave

      The buzz for 1973 was the government-mandated 5 mph bumpers. 1972 saw the reduction of compression ratios, the change in horsepower measurements to SAE net, and the introduction of low-lead gas in preparation for the introduction of unleaded gas in 1975. Performance and styling took a back seat.

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  8. 70kingswood

    back in the day my friend had a 73 Montego GT equipped with the 351 cobra jet that was also in the 71-72 boss Mustang had factory dual point distributor and four bolt mains, it was backed up by a surely rare four speed and a host of factory gauges. Wrecked it and sold for scrap. a shame…

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    • Jett

      Uh, I’m not sure what you were smoking back then, but the ‘71 Boss 351 was NOT a Cobra Jet, and the entire Boss line ceased to exist after 1971. There was a 351 CJ available for the Mustang and Cougar, but it was a completely different engine.

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      • triumph1954

        Jett! I think you are correct! And didn’t the 1971 Boss 351 have a two barrel carb?

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      • z28th1s

        No, the ’71 Boss 351 did not have a 2 barrel carb!!

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      • 70kingswood

        well I helped take the engine apart and it DID have a fomoco dual point and four bolt mains plus the aircleaner had a factory sticker that said Cobra Jet, I could be mistaken but doubt it. now maybe it was not the same as the boss351 motor I am not sure?

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  9. George

    Two different pictures, one on the trailer has the GT hood and grill badge, one pictured doesn’t. It is impossible to find a GT hood.

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  10. Troy S

    If there is one thing about Ford that bugs me it would the numerous 351 cubic inch engines they designed and used. Not to forget the 352 and the 360 FE engines either. Then there’s the big debate that always comes up about the 400. Was it an M or was it not? I maybe milking it a bit here, but those Chevy and Dodge guys had it as easy as apple pie.
    The confusion here seems regular whenever discussions about the 351 come up.

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  11. stillrunners

    cool survivor……and KS Wheat as well…….

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  12. Женя

    !!! Help Help help !!! My dad and I have Mercury Montego Montego 1974, we live in Ukraine, help someone with about the same year Mercury cars help with body parts, we will buy them from you !!!

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