Reader Find: 1968 Pontiac Firebird


You never know when you might stumble upon a barn find. Paul C. just made this unexpected discovery in Southern Ohio. “My buddy and I were at his girlfriend’s house feeding her horses. He told me her dad had an old car in a barn and I quickly went to see it! This car is a factory 4-speed and looks to have the original 400. It has been setting since 1975. I’m trying to see if the car could be bought right now. WISH ME LUCK!”


Good luck Paul! Please keep us updated. Keep your eyes open guys because you never know where you might find something. Also, be sure to send in your find stories because the best one submitted this year is going to make into Tom Cotter’s next In the Barn book!



  1. Geoge

    …reads title…

    “Hmmm…. interesting… it would look real good next to my 68 Camaro…”

    Looks at picture…

    “DEAR LORD! What have they done to you?!?!?!”

    Looks like a nice base but wear a mask while cleaning all that bird dung. That stuff can make you permanently sick!

  2. Steve

    Do you see the hood and the bird on the fender,that is a trams am good luck,I’m rooting for u

    • Horse Radish

      I thought you were kidding “what bird on the fender” ?,
      THEY are gone and left behind a mess, is what I was thinking.
      But then again, you are probably talking about the little emblem on the front side of the fender, which means it is a Trans Am (??)…

      • Zoo Barthelme

        ….the emblem that you refer to is Pontiac’s generic Firebird emblem, it appears on 67-68 Birds, can’t be a T/A they didn’t show up till 1969. All three years mentioned are first-Gen Firebirds…

    • scott

      Except that the TA Firebird didn’t exist until the 1969 year. It’s a Firebird 400. I had a friend in HS that had one and his was a convertible, also.

    • Alex

      It’s not a Trans Am, they didn’t come out until 1969. The hood scoops probably means it’s a Formula 400.

      • Brian

        The Trans Am debuted in 1969. The Firebird Formula didn’t come out until 1970. 67-69 Birds with the 400 engine were simply called the Firebird 400

    • les apt

      Wrong, genius.

      Nice spelling, too.

    • BRIAN

      The Trans Am didn’t debut to the 1969 model year.. The nose and hood are different on the Trans Am also..

    • Mike

      Since it’s a ’68, can’t be a Trans AM, being that option wasn’t available ’til ’69

  3. Richard

    It couldn’t possibly be a Trans Am. This car is clearly either a ’67 or ’68 (check out both the front and rear fenders), and Pontiac didn’t start making Trans Ams until 1969. Even then they were all solid white with blue graphics. Also, notice the lack of reverse side scoops on the front fenders. The bird on the fender is just the original Firebird logo before they went to the screaming chicken style for ’70.

    • Jacque

      It’s a 68. Look at the back fender and you can see the Pontiac emblem.

      • Mike

        Also the lack of wing windows

  4. JW

    Geoge (or is it George?)

    You’re correct. That bird dung is dangerous. It took years off my mom’s life from cleaning the chicken coups when she was a kid. The bacteria gets into your lungs and finds a nice warm moist place to grow- and you can’t get it out!

    Use lots of water to wash it off so the dust doesn’t kick up. And by all means, wear a serious mask… more like a respirator!!!

    • Cameron

      I agree Ideally what yo need is to go to your local spray shop and hire thair resporators for spraying scianide based paint or is that too much? Still better to be safe…

  5. Joe

    If the hood is original to the car it’s ’68 (no vent window in door glass) 400 4spd car.

  6. CamaroScotty

    It will wash off – I bet the owner used Nu-Finish.

    • Cameron

      It may wash off but I don’t think its going to take minutes for that showroom shine mate, sorry to burst your bubble :L

  7. geomechs geomechs

    Definitely a worthwhile project to take home. Good luck and don’t forget the pressure washer for both inside and out.

  8. fixmaster

    that car has a muncy m22 rockcrusher from the factory

    • Foxxy

      How do you know it’s a rock crusher??????

    • Mike

      No ’68 Firebirds had M22s from the factory. Wide ratio M20 only. Some may have slipped through with the close ratio M21

  9. John Allison

    Is that a dead animal on the floorboard???

    • Cameron

      I think its just some old cloths that are shredding themselves with age

  10. gary

    Wow makes me sick to see a firebird sitn like that

    • Cameron

      Personally I prefer the air ram ones in white and blue :)

  11. paul

    sickening! But good luck on your find.

  12. Kev66

    The quickest way to clean this Bird up, is to simply park it in MY garage.

  13. Paul

    Actually the car on the inside is still really good! No mice chews just molded a little car had 84k miles. It’s unbelievable that there is still stuff like this in old barns not that I could see any rotting real dry barn on a hill saved it all them years. Hope you enjoy the pics and hope this car can be bought!

    • Cameron

      actually there might be some if the floor pan has rusted (we haven’t seen any photos f that) and the mice have got in from underneath

  14. Terry

    I had a 68 1/2 bird it came with the 400 4 speed with factory headers. Also had the tach on the hood like the GTO. Would love to have this 68 bird

  15. Bill

    Looks like Fire bird doo, ugh!

  16. Jeff

    The hood scoop 400 emblem must be covered by “bird dung”.

    • Cameron


  17. Cameron

    I would suggest that you should wear a mask when taking that thing ou, it looks like bird Guano which can make you seriously ill so it may not be worth risking it, does it still run?

  18. krash

    what a mess….

    when you go to clean this baby…make sure you wear a hazmat suit….or your worst pair of dung-arees….

    …send us a tweet when you’re done

  19. Robert J

    Awesome barn find. Be sure to post follow up pictures (when) you succeed with your quest!

  20. Sunbeamdon

    Please note: chickens “set”; cars “sit”. Somewhere under that pile of s–t is a pony, probably worth saving

    • scot

      ~ (somewhere under…) – an egg to incubate —-

      (¿to sit upon or to set upon?)

  21. erikj

    That cant be a transam. this bird doo looks to be a 68 probly a 400 as far as the bird emblem, that dosnt make it a transam. Did anyone notice the discoleration of the fender looks like its a differnt color. Any way good luck hope he gets it. I would love to have it.

    • Mike

      The fact that it’s a ’68 is what really makes it not a Trans Am.

  22. FRED


  23. Barzini

    Great find. I love these cars and never understood why they seem to fetch less than Camaros.

  24. Steve

    Mike,let me know when u vin the car,the front does not even match the rest of the car color,now I must return to work

  25. Zach Straits

    Our 67 SS/RS Camaro was chosen as the 2012 Barn Find of the year. I vote for this car and story. I’m also from Southern Ohio. I’m interested were this Firebird was found.

  26. Paul

    I found it in Jackson Ohio.

  27. jim

    it is a 68 dird 400 4-speed the console and shifter look to be correct, standard interior the hood tach was an option it may be covered in doo, but at least its inside and is restoreable. yes 67`s had vent wings in the doors 69 was the first year for the t-a .

  28. NCWBob

    My step mom had a light blue 1968 firebird, 400 engine, turbo 400, I think, not sure on that, and with the same hood as this car plus the on hood tach. I was 15 when she sold it. I got to drive it one time. My dad was working the night shift and my step mom threw me the keys and said, go get us some ice cream and leave me some tread on my rear tires, she was cool. I think my dad made my step mom get rid of it before I got my drivers license. Been wanting one like it ever since, but I’m mainly a mustang guy. if I had the $$ and one of these came up I’d grab it just for the old times it would bring back. Of course, it would have to have the 400 engine just like the old days. 4 speed or auto would be fine with me.

  29. DAN

    did you get the car?
    I know over 3 years,but these other posts pop up under new post of same cars
    so I read them and mostly no updates…..:(

  30. Paul

    So I have been still trying to get this car guys. My buddies girlfriends parents. Are the owners still have not got any info on the car. I ask about it twice a year usually. But a few weeks ago he did say. His girlfriends father is losing his job they are shutting it down. And I’m waiting to get word about going to buy it. So that is where I am at. Sometimes it takes time to rescue these old cars. I just pulled a 67 nova out of a barn. And fixed it sold it after setting for 20 years. I like to get them back on the road this old firebird. Is gonna make it on the road one day.

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