Reader Find: 1969 Impala 327

Blake's 1969 Impala

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Reader Blake ML just bought this awesome Impala and he thought he would check and see what you guys think of his find! From Blake: Hey, I’d like your opinions on this ’69 Impala I just bought. Running 327, dual exhaust, brand new Michelin tires, original rally rims, paint and body work already done. I paid $1,700 for it – now in my mind at least, I got a ridiculously good deal, but what do you think?

Blake's 1969 Impala - 8

The guy I bought it from, bought it off of the original owner. He even has all the original paperwork from the dealership.

Blake's 1969 Impala - 6


I asked Blake what his plans are for it and here is what he told me: Well I’m going to basically keep it as is and just get it running and back on the road. I considered flipping it because it’s worth much more than I paid, so I’d probably make a decent profit of it. Regardless, it would make a great cruiser for awhile.

Blake's 1969 Impala - 2

The paint needs some touching up but overall it’s pretty clean. Apparently when this guy bought it, it had a trailer hitch on the back! Needless to say it was the first thing he removed.

I think Blake got a steal of a deal on this Impala and I hope he enjoys it for a while! I know it’s tempting to flip it quick and make a buck, but a car like this was built to be enjoyed. He’s part way through a different project, so flipping this one would help with the other. What’s his other project you might ask? Well it’s a 1967 Impala 283 Sedan. He sent me a few photos of it too for you guys to look over!

Blake's 1967 Impala - 3

This car has only had one owner and is completely unmolested, all original, bone stock (no power anything). It’s rough right now, but I just stripped down the interior and she goes for body and paint in about a week. I’m going with high-gloss tuxedo black. Had to get it shipped 30 hours to my house, worth it though! Plus now that I own a ’67 and a ’69 – I have to buy a ’68 and have a set

So if you were in his shoes would you keep it for awhile or flip it quick while there is still some money to be made? Of course if he keeps both, he could find a ’68 and complete the set!

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  1. Robert


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  2. mark

    I think he can double his money on that any time he wants. Drive it for a while and flip it for a profit later.

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  3. Ed P

    The nice body and a 327 does it for me. The 327 seems like a better choice than a 283 in a car of this size.

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  4. Royal King

    69 Impala: Ridiculously excellent deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for you. Enjoy it

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  5. Chris in Nashville

    Need a 68 wagon to complete the set… Or maybe a soft top….

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  6. RandyS

    The 327 was the base V8 in the 69 impala. It had 235 hp. There were two 350’s available as well, a 255 hp and a 300 hp. Had a friend in HS that had the 300hp 350. Moved out pretty well.

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  7. Mitch

    I don’t want to be be one of those that always start out “I knew a guy that had” or “I had one like that but it was” But we had a guy in our town that ordered brand new a ’69 Bel Air 2 dr sedan with the 427 & 4 speed. Utility grey. He kept it pristine & drove it occ. until he passed about 12-13 years ago. From what I understand it went sky high in bidding when his estate was auctioned off. It’s out there somewhere.

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  8. Ctideis1

    2 doors always bring more than a Four door, has been my expierence

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  9. Robert Ullmann

    Keep 69 and sell 67!

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  10. Moxman

    I’d fix the interior and put some nice wheels and tires on it; and drive it around. What a fun car to have.

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  11. Frankie

    I think some redline tires would be appropriate for this car, subtle.

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  12. KevinMember

    I have a 64 SS with a 409 I will be selling in a few months, you can show the end of the X frame era and how they end out the 60’s. The 69 is gorgeous! Finish the interior and flip the other one. I agree with the redlines to. They would make the car very unique and much cooler if that’s possible. Either way? Good luck and have fun.

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  13. Mike D

    pretty much leave as is.. a glistening black paint job is a must.. ( buff out the current paint?? ) HD shocks, I’d upgrade the brakes to disc .Most Impala’s of this era came with the 327 , if the engine works well, leave it ..maybe sometime down the road put a 350 in it ( not modified) Mice find!

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  14. lawrence rush jr.


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  15. Len

    Had a convertible one of these as my first car when I was 16. I am currently looking to acquire one again. Miss that car. He got a heck of a deal and wish I could find one at that price as well. keep it and enjoy it.

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  16. DRV

    The 69 seems more rare of a find and the looks here are much better.
    They also seemed to be much more susceptible to rust because of the build quality during the auto strikes in ’69.
    Be sure it has good motor mounts. They were one of the first mass recalls because the mounts broke. Their answer was to chain the motor to the frame on either side of the rubber.

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  17. DRV

    The chain was GMs answer for the recall , I meant to say..

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  18. TN RED

    Hate to be the one to take the other end of the comments but if you’re thinking of flipping at any point in the future, you shouldn’t drive it too much. The more you drive it, the higher the odds are of having an accident/damage to the car–may not even be your fault. If you simply drive it to the store for a quick outing, you can end up getting hit in the parking lot while inside. If you’re willing to risk it, then drive it. But if you’re wanting to maximize profits the future, you should weigh the enjoyment of driving it and the correlating risk versus the loss in revenue if some dummy caves the side in while it’s parked somewhere. Sorry to be a downer. Cool car and a steal of a deal.

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  19. David Galyean

    I currently own a ’69 Impala convertible with factory originial 327, powerglide for 22 years now and has no intention of selling- Ever!

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