Reader Find: 1970 Volvo P1800


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Here’s another discovery made by BF reader Doug M. which could be considered more of a forest find than a barn find. The heavy vegetation and moisture may not provide the best environment to store a car, but it makes for some interesting scenery. Anyone Saintly enough out there to save it?


Here’s the story: This is a 70 Volvo P1800, fuel injected. Parked in the trees near Colton, Oregon (close to Portland). As far as I know it is still for sale. All the removed trim parts are inside. There is a complete extra motor in a nearby shed that is dry.


The car parts were removed for “safekeeping” prior to doing a restoration, but have suffered quite a bit from the shade and moisture… pitting and powdery problems that chrome and aluminum suffer from. Price when I visited was about $700.

More barn finds to follow…


Looks like the Volvo was not alone out there! We are all looking forward to your future submissions Doug and thanks for sharing!

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  1. scot

    ~ please don’t ever let me allow this to happen to my vehicles, give me strength, o car gods.

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  2. seth

    I live on Long Island and often see the one of these with one million miles. Shame to let it sit in the woods. At least it is a hardtop unlike the car next to it. the metal from a distance is a tribute to thick Swedish steel

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  3. DolphinMember

    As much as I care what happens to vehicles left out like this that go downhill over long periods of time, I also get concerned about the human side of the story. Maybe the owner is too busy to do better with these cars because he’s working, fixing up the house, and spending time with his family.

    OTOH, maybe it’s a case of hoarding, as was mentioned RE the previous M-B guy, or laziness, or….
    Nope, I think that about covers it.

    I hope it’s because of the top set of circumstances.

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  4. Smokeycretin9

    Back to the Earth, from which ye came!

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  5. Don

    Looks to be a ’71 1800E by the wheels.

    Here’s what one looks like in motion:

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  6. Larry

    Let’s see, put the spare engine in the shed, leave the car outside. WHY !!!!!

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  7. Jon Johnson

    I actually live about 15 minutes from there. Does anyone know how to get the contract info?

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  8. BMan


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  9. rancho bella

    I have always liked the look of the 1800’s without bumpers……it just looks right

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    • Don Andreina

      I concur

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  10. paul

    Well Jesse I think that top picture of the 1800 is the cover of your next calender.

    Another Alfa in the woods….oh the humanity!

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    • Jesse Mortensen JesseAuthor

      That reminds me, we need to start collecting photos for next years calendar!

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  11. Doug MMember

    @ Dolphin: Yes, I appreciate your values… The family time definitely comes first!I have my own issues with cars waiting to be fixed. This guy is ok, his family is fine… he is just an older guy with a lot going on. I think it’s just how things happen some time. Time sneaks up on you! Car may be there still, or may not?? @Jon Johnson: If you are local, I can give semi-accurate directions: contact -Doug

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  12. Kman

    I don’t CARE how busy you are. There’s no excuse for destroying decent cars when there are so many people who would love to take care of it. The fact that this guy could take the time to remove all the trim and stick it inside the car tells you it wasn’t about time. Procrastination and an unwillingness to admit that you aren’t going to do it are a creeping sickness. I’m sure the people who suffer from it don’t enjoy what they do unless they’re just plain stubborn. Anyway, in my day everyone called these sheep in wolves clothing. A nice V6 could make a real difference.

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  13. Daniel

    I’m sure it’s sold by now, but like Jon, I live in the Portland area and I’m curious about it.

    Doug M, do you know if it’s still there? (Yes, I know this is almost a year and a half later)


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  14. Vanman34

    Volvos with bodies made by Jensen are labeled with the P prefix as P1800.
    Volvos with bodies after Jensen, (after 1963) are called 1800s.

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  15. Peter

    A Saint could bring this back to life with only a few applications of Aqua Vitae.
    I think the body may be alright under the biological dross.I would have expected the alloy in the wheels to degrade first.

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