Reader Finds: March 27, 2014

Reader Finds 3-27-2014

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After posting yesterday’s Pacer Wagon, we received a number of wagon submissions. We haven’t done a Reader Finds feature for a while and we thought with all these great finds, we better do one! Besides the wagons, there are some other very interesting submissions, including a McLaren tuned Mustang 5.0, a lot of three MG Midgets, a collection of Mopar projects, and a lot of eight Nash Metropolitans. We aren’t sure why so many collections have recently come to market, but we are glad to see them getting saved. Even if most of these cars turn out to be good for nothing more than parts, at least they are helping to keep other cars on the road. We see more than a couple here that we wouldn’t mind having and a few of the submitters suggested their finds as the next project car. We still haven’t decided on what our next project should be, but we are open to suggestions! So are there any finds here that you would like to see us tackle? Let us know and if there isn’t anything here that jumps out at you, feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments section below. Thanks to everyone that shared their finds!

1977 Ford LTD Squire Wagon

1977 Ford LTD Squire Woodie Wagon here on eBay (Connor B)

1971 Chevelle Wagon

1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours Wagon here on eBay (Josh M)

1956 Plymouth Suburban

1956 Plymouth Suburban here on eBay (Connor B)

1949 Ford Woodie

1949 Ford Woodie Wagon here on eBay (Connor B)

MG Midgets

Three MG Midgets here on eBay (Jim S)

Nash Metropolitans

Eight Nash Metropolitans here on eBay (Jim S)

Mopar Projects

Mopars and Mustangs here on craigslist (Mike K)

1985 Mustang McLaren

1985 ASC Mclaren Capri here on eBay (Jim S)

1966 Chevelle SS 396

1966 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 here on eBay (Ken Z)

1973 Citroen SM

1973 Citroen SM here on craigslist (Lionel G)

1966 MG 1100

1966 MG 1100 here on eBay (Jim S)

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. RollerD

    Looks like Kowalski made it to New Orleans.

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    • GOOSE

      Colorado OA5599

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  2. Don Andreina

    49 woody for me.

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  3. GearHead Engineer

    I like Metropolitans – first car I restored/refurbished was a ’56 Met convertible. But I don’t understand this seller. Reserve seems a bit high for eight parts cars. These things look really rough to me – and I’ve been known to revive some pretty sad looking hulks. He threatens to sell for scrap, but his reserve is apparently higher than scrap value. Remember these are small cars – total weight when new was about 1,850 pounds if I remember right.

    To each his own I guess.

    I like that MG 1100.

    – John

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  4. Brian

    I like them all, but an MG Sedan for $50.00 can’t be beat!

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  5. jim s

    i like them all also, but i would like to have the 77 wagon. everyone in the family could use it. it would make great daily driver. put a hitch on the back and drag all the MGs home.

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  6. paul

    I had a chrome bumper Midget years ago & I can tell you that today I would never fit behind that very close steering wheel, fun car, that I got lucky in more then once.

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  7. KE100

    Who has 4 little red express trucks just sitting around?!

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  8. Robert Janca

    You guys didn’t post the ’59 Vauxhall wagon I sent this mornning. Seems like a natural for the theme, so I’m guessing it was overlooked.

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    • JoshAuthor

      Hi Robert, sorry I missed your email when I was putting this together. Thanks for adding the link in your comment though! It definitely fits in well with this group! If i get a chance I’ll add it to the post! Thanks again and sorry I missed it.

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  9. Jim-Bob

    The car that speaks to me the most is the “Vanishing Point white” 1970 Challenger. Sadly though, it looks like it is beyond economically sensible restoration. The rust looks extensive, and with the driver’s window down, who knows how much of the floor and supports for it are left?

    If it were restorable though, I would not put it back stock. A big block would be tempting, but I would likely go for an aluminum headed 360 crate engine coupled to a five or six speed manual transmission (better weight distribution). I’d also go for the twin scoop R/T hood and the front and rear spoilers for a T/A Challenger. It’s not correct, but I think it would look cool. Besides, it’s not an R/T or T/A anyhow, so nothing sacred is being desecrated. As for color, I would be tempted to paint it Limelight Green (Sublime green), but it is already my favorite automotive color-white- so that is likely what it would stay. I’d do the interior in blue (another personal preference) and add a reproduction of the factory gauge package as well as a modern radio that looks stock. Oh, and A/C and dark window tint. I’m in Florida, so going without it likely violates the Geneva Convention in some way. After that, an aftermarket handling suspension, 4 wheel disc brakes and a set of stock-looking wheels in 16×8 size would round it out.

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  10. dj

    I’ll take one of the Lil Red Express Trucks. May have to buy two of one year just to make one though

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  11. Scott Allison

    Come on Lottery!
    Daddy needs a Woody!

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  12. sunbeamdon

    I’m reminded of an old pop song: “dream, dream, dream”

    I couldn’t bring myself to do so on the Woodie – fun but tough DYI resto!


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  13. geomechs geomechsMember

    The ’49 Ford woodie would be my choice. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for an early Ford station wagon. Too bad my better half doesn’t.

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    • Jeff

      I’d bet if you actually finished it in her favorite color and w/ creature comforts she’d use, she’d change her mind. ; )

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      • geomechs geomechsMember

        That would be tempting fate, but it might be fun to try it. Actually my better half is really good with my addiction and supports me completely. She simply doesn’t like station wagons (although I showed her a real nice ’34 Ford woodie and she liked it). But she LOVES a sedan delivery. We were at a swap meet last year and there was a badly battered ’53 Ford SD there. The first thing she asked me was: ‘is that coming home with us?’ I wish but we’ve got enough projects right now.

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  14. geomechs geomechsMember

    Why is it that nearly all Chevelles are SS396s? One of the announcers at B-J’s in Scottsdale a couple of years ago mentioned that there are more ‘numbers matching’ SS396s out there than were ever made…

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  15. sunbeamdon

    Hey geomechs:

    Could we hide the Woodie from our wives? What the heck, it’s only money (property separation that is).

    Now let’s see, who has an accessible garage I can hide it at and not get any suspicion of having a new mistress when I spend so much time with her (not that I ever had a mistress!)

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Hi sunbeamdon. Hiding it would be a good idea except that I’m not very good at devious things. It seems that my better half has the uncanny ability to know when I’m about to put my hand in the cookie jar; I had a very difficult time planning a surprise party for her 50th birthday a few years back. I have to say that she supports me on almost all my car projects, and doesn’t complain too much at the car and truck magazines oozing out of every corner or even the instrument cluster on the kitchen table. Actually she would get used to a station wagon too although it would have to take a back seat to that ’57 Pontiac Star Chief (sedan) she saw in an ad recently. Happy hiding!

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  16. sunbeamdon

    Geomechs – it is uncanny how similar in life-style we are – I, austensibly, arrived late for my wife’s 50th and dinner with our youngest daughter and boyfriend – however, the sheer joy of her stepping out of our house to see a 30′ limo in the driveway was magic. That coupled with 12 other family and friends, a case of champagne, 49 red roses and one white on a nice evening drive to the Space Needle made for quite a night! She forgave my indiscretion of buying a ZR1 Corvette as my commuter (90 mi round trip!).

    Better go for the Pontiac – particularly the ’58s which competed with the Impala

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      Don’t let my wife read this post; she’d feel left out. LOL! Sounds like you and your family still do fun things together; that’s great. My wife probably wouldn’t turn down a ’58 but she wants a ’57 because that’s her debut year.

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  17. sunbeamdon

    As to her favorite colour – she likes the colour on a Canadian Hundred; I prefer the color on the good-old US hunnerd. Neither translates well onto a Woody!

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  18. Jeff

    Bummer! Well… dreams we’ll never see. That’s life!

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  19. sunbeamdon

    Oh well – the debate with ‘self has ended – the Woody sold for $5,500.00; that’s a small amount for what’s in store. Nonetheless, I’m envious! Best of luck to the buyer!

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    • geomechs geomechsMember

      No doubt there will be another 0 on that figure before he’s done. And yes, I wish the buyer well.

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  20. sunbeamdon

    Guys and gals, I always end with a smile on my face after reading/following a post on Barn Finds – I think a great deal of it is the sense of community.

    Keep it up – I need my daily fix!

    Now I’m lusting after a 2009 Bullitt Mustang!

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  21. Allyson

    Challengers, ‘Cudas & Chargers for me. MOPAR TO YOU!!

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