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Ready to Race: 1969 Camaro SS/RS


When Chevrolet gave the Camaro all-new sheet metal in ’69, they produced what would quickly become one of the most sought after Pony cars, especially among the drag racing crowd. For many drag racers, the Camaro SS/RS with the 396 V8 was the setup of choice. As a result, there are few original and unmodified examples left. This 1969 Camaro SS/RS 396 is claimed to be unrestored, but has had the drivetrain rebuilt. Take a look at it here on eBay.


The 396 was the largest engine option a typical customer could order, not to say that there weren’t a few that figured out how to get around GM’s 400 cui engine limit, but that’s another story. The 396 was capable of putting out over 375 hp, but this one came with the 325 hp Quadrajet. It is paired to many drag racers’ preferred transmission, the Turbo 400 three speed automatic. The drivetrain has already been rebuilt, but attention was given to keeping things original.


The seller claims it is mostly original inside and out, but required a heavy detailing to look this good. It looks fantastic and should make for a great show or drag car, or a little of both! I just want to know where this 84k mile survivor was discovered and if there were more cars stashed there. If it were your Camaro would you race it, show it, or do a little of both? Let’s just hope that whatever the next owner decides to do with it, they will keep it as original as possible.


  1. paul

    I have never believed in garage queens, If you can’t drive it what’s the point, that said, I wouldn’t stress 44 year old sheet metal too much either, with dumping the clutch, hole shots, but you still can get on it on the highway. Safely of course.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    If it were mine, I’d drive it. Like Paul says, they’re no good sitting in the garage. I like to think that I own the car; it doesn’t own me. As far as driving it hard goes, well, there’s the chance that even at age 60, I still tend to get a little frisky with the clutch and accelerator so there would still be a good chance that you’d see some smoke coming out from the rear fenders. I saw a video of Carrol Shelby spinning donuts with an ’02 Cobra. I think he was in his 80s then. You’re never too old to have some fun.

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  3. Dolphin Member

    Nice. I’d like one myself. But from the description and the few photos I would not go along with the claim that this is a ‘heavily detailed survivor’.

    The seller says: “…did not require a complete restoration, and only a heavy detailing and mechanical freshening was needed…”, so….there has been *some* restoration. The question about value for someone who wants a true unrestored survivor is: How much restoration went into this car to bring it to this point?

    There has clearly been significant paintwork. You can see the overspray on the tag. There has clearly been significant parts replacement and restoration in the engine bay. No car this old with 84,000 miles looks that good under the hood without lots of parts being replaced and resto work. The seats look recovered, the bit of dash that you can see looks original.

    We don’t have enough pictures (underside, trunk, rear seat area) to know much more than that.

    It’s a great car for someone to drive and enjoy, but for top price for a claimed ‘survivor’, for me this Camaro has too much parts replacement and restoration.

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  4. Erik

    I see it has a/c, I’d take on a long road trip with a/c on but hammer that 396 too! The 396 would just fine!

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  5. Vicki

    I want it

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  6. Jeff

    Looks nice as a “Driver”. If it was the 375hp engine then were talking “trailer queen”, auction tour etc.

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  7. Foxxy

    the trim tag has orange overspray on it. must have been a serious detail.

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  8. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

    Bidding ended at $35,600.01, but did not meet reserve – no sale.

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  9. Jim

    Would drive it early on Sunday mornings before all the crazys got on the road. Two hour drive on the highway cruising at 75.

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