Ready To Roll: 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Cleaned up

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It’s amazing what a good cleaning and a set of wheels can do to a car. I’ll be honest though, I’m not a fan of the custom wheels on this Pontiac. Thankfully, the seller still has the original wheels and will be reinstalling them unless the buyer agrees pays extra for them. They included a photo of the car as found in their ad, which you can see below, and I think this Pontiac looks great with the original wheels! Find this GP here on eBay in Norcross, Georgia with a current bid of $6,800 and no reserve.

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix

This really is a good looking design and I think the black steelies look great on it! It appears that at one time the car had optional side trim installed. The trim is gone, but the holes for it remain. I’m sure it looks better without the trim, but it’s too bad that there are holes going the length of the car. Properly patching them will necessitate repainting the car and losing some of the originality. I guess you could install trim back on it to cover the holes? I see a few rust spots that need to be addresses, so you might have to repaint it anyways. In which case, you could fix the trim holes and have it looking its best.

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Engine

While the Grand Prix won’t ever be a rocket ship like the GTO, it still has some impressive power. This one features the 400 V8 with 350 horsepower, and this is the base model engine! Pontiac offered a 428 with between 375 and 390 horsepower. Either of the 428s would be fun, but I think I could live with just 350 horses! The seller has already gone through the engine and has had it fully rebuilt. They installed a new cam during the rebuild and they attached a photo of the cam specs. They also had the A/C system gone through and charged with new R-12. Supposedly, it blows cold even on the hottest of days!

1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Interior

Overall, this Pontiac looks to be in good usable shape. The interior looks original, yet in good condition. The steering wheel looks to be the worst part of the interior and while it could be used as is, you might want to replace it. So would you want to keep the custom rims on this Pontiac or would you prefer it to have the original wheels? I know what I would do with this GP, but I’d love to hear what direction you would go with this one?

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  1. Jim

    That is one pretty car.

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  2. Jason Houston

    If I were buying this otherwise nice car, the seller would remove those trashy wheels or I wouldn’t give him anything.

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  3. Mitch

    I would only take it only with the original wheels. & why do so many have a problem with a repaint? If it’s done right & the original color, I’m all for it.

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  4. ydnar

    I had to click on this to remind me what a ’68 Grand Prix looked like. What a fabulous car! The price “should” go to the moon. I have not seen one of these since I do not know when. I would love to drive it.

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  5. redwagon

    probably the nicest ’68 mid to full size pontiac i’ve seen. generally not a fan of the front end but the gp hidden headlight treatment really does look good. love the color and the interior.

    this is a bare bones gp – yes optioned with at, pb. ps, but other than that not much. i take that back the ‘cordova’ top was also an option. clearly that has been removed. i prefer the look without it and would consider removing the trim to enhance the flowing lines of the car. it wont be original but then i would leave off the side trim too.

    the wheels. the wheels. i like the rims, or at least that style. it is a more modern interpretation of the ss cragars which i also like. but they are too big, oversized for this car. let the owner keep them but i would consider similar in a smaller diameter.

    this would be much fun. a great color combo, simplicity, built for cruising, nice lines, update or keep the same. and a pontiac – a known weak point for me.

    had to add an edit. it comes with the wheel skirts too! o man. should see those in a picture. i’ll be they dont fit with the newer wheel/rim combo.

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    Excellent seller. No guessing on this one as the auction is setting its own value. Awesome car ready to show at the local cruise night!

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  7. boxdin

    Good looking car anyway but the wheels make it pop.

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  8. Barry Thomas

    Not a fan of the custom rims, but they sure as heck look better than those cheapy originals. Can’t believe a GP came with anything but full wheel discs minimum or maybe the 8 lugs option. This seems to be a “bargain basement” GP, since it doesn’t even have power windows (at least from what I can see).
    Barry Thomas’ “Wheel to Wheel” blog

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  9. Luki

    Bench seat option, column shift Keep it.

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  10. HoA Howard AMember

    A car like this just looks naked without “8 lugs”. Matter of fact, I’ve never seen a GP without them. I agree, this is a pretty basic GP, but still a nice car. Look what a difference it makes in this photo.

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  11. MountainMan

    The wheels are ok…little big but still tasteful. I like them just for the fact they pissed Jason off! haha…really though they are easy enough to change and the seller has the stock wheels so not a big deal overall. The car looks great. Will see where the bidding ends up but so far staying reasonable.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      I think Jason is always pissed off LOL.

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  12. Dan

    I like this car. I like the style of the wheels but they should be 15″ not 20″. I just do not understand why people put these huge wheels on old cars. They just don’t look right. He can keep the wheels

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  13. RON

    guessI am just too OLD and Old School. But I agree I don’t know what has brought this generation to thnkng they have to jerk the great wheels and caps that were tastefully designed for the time. If u think 22’s look great maybe they do on a present day caddy but if that is what you seek buy a present day caddy. if you want to Design come up with your own. Its hard to take an already beautiful design and screw it up

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  14. Alan (Michigan)

    Nice looking car.
    I also think that although some aftermarket wheels might look good, these are not the ones which do. And going to the Pontiac 8-lug style would be very expensive, but they just POP!
    More information on the disc brakes conversion would be nice. Overall, I am really liking this car. I’ve always been fond of the big bodies without the B-pillar. Classic roofline!

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  15. Charles

    8 lugs would look great! Considering the expense and required brake drum swap there are some other Pontiac wheel options that would work for this car. Rally II’s with trim rings will also look great on this car.

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  16. Bobsmyuncle

    In order to help support everyone’s car guy street cred, “custom” implies one off, something made for you. These wheels are not custom, but off the shelf.

    You’re welcome.


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    • ydnar

      CustomIZE would be the proper terminology. No applause, just throw money.

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  17. Jubjub

    I’m pretty sure these came with a full wheel cover, one of the myriad of funky concentrically ringed designs of this era of Pontiac. While the eight lug would be first choice, a set of correct Rally IIs and thin white walls would work. I myself really like the poverty caps.

    Seems someone drove one of these in Good Fellas. Some bodies were loaded/unloaded from the trunk.

    I think it was a Tom McCahill road test of the all new ’69 Grand Prix where he said until the hot, new midsize coupe had come out the Grand Prix had become something of a “house slippers and hot cocoa kind of car”.

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  18. Mike

    These wheels in my opinion make the car look like trash, put the stock wheels back on it and sell them wheels to somebody that has no taste. Otherwise it is a nice looking car.

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  19. ydnar

    Sold for over 8K

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  20. Luke Fitzgerald


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  21. Everett LanierMember

    I learned how to drive in one! My uncle Garfield had a gold and black vinyl top and white interior! That was a nice car with 8 lug wheels and 8 track! I would like to have one! Great car!

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