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Real Surf Wagon: 1964 Pontiac Bonneville

Wagons have been loved by surfers for years. An old Woodie was their vehicle of choice because it provided plenty of room to haul their buddies, some food, and a few surfboards on top. We doubt any of them ever argued over which wagon was the real “surf wagon”, but we think we have found the answer to the question they never asked.

Supposedly this 1964 Bonneville has been sitting on this California beach since 1973. There isn’t much left of it, but surprising the turquoise interior looks intact.

It may be half buried in the sand and covered in barnacles, but we can’t think of a more authentic surf wagon or a better way to kick off Wagon Wednesday! So, start hunting and sending them in!

Photo Credit: Mike L. Baird


  1. stigshift

    I’ve seen this before. If you look closely, you can see it has, or had, power windows.

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    • growleyg

      Lots of promise! I saw this a couple weeks ago on hemmings.

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  2. fiat128

    I can’t believe that car still has copper wiring left on it.

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    • Barn Finds

      I think that may be fishing line?

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  3. Mark Mosley

    It ran when parked. That should buff right out!

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  4. George Member

    A little surface rust, has factory air, not working, maybe it just needs a charge?

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  5. skloon

    wow this could be the rare factory convertible model

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  6. graham line

    Looks like it’s been buried and uncovered more than once. Is it numbers-matching?

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  7. Tricky Dickie Member

    I am a certified concours judge. There is no reason this car cannot be brought back to 100 point status with some TLC, Armour-All and a couple of hits of WD-40. Needs wide whitewalls too.

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  8. david

    You guys are all sick…….I love it…..grad week at New Smyrna Beach Fl., 1972, we watched a Gremlin disappear into the surf…….it floated for a while…..

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    • Connor

      Did you ever see the gremlin again lol

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  9. Kev

    I smell a cover-up. I’ll bet there’s a body buried in there somewhere!!

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  10. scottski

    Now, that is “installation art”.
    Still looks like a Pontiac, too.

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  11. scottski

    I want to know the story behind this one.

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  12. jim

    I think Kev is on to something, Jimmy Hoffa’s final resting spot may at last be found!

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  13. Robert J

    Someone please find out where we can source the kryptonite based turquoise vinyl. Durability is a big thing for me.

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  14. Marc Robertson

    I think I see Jimmy Hoffa in there!

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    • brent thayer

      i just found waldo

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  15. paul

    Outstanding! Throw a new battery in & it’ll purr.

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  16. gregory

    GNARLY….my dad’s a plumber , he’s got this awsome set of tools,I can fix it!!!!

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  17. Catfish Phil

    Hmm. Something seems fishy here. Y’all are pullin’ my leg, right? Cuz that Mustang with the tree growin’ through th’ hood seems easier to restore than this ‘un…

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  18. AMCFAN

    This relic is awesome. Shows just how tough those old Pontiacs are. David, Bummer on seeing the Gremlin disappear.

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  19. geomechs geomechs Member

    I find it interesting how the car got there in the first place. Did someone take it for a spin on the sand and get caught in the high tide? Or did it stall out? It seems such a shame to see a car like this deteriorate beyond useful. Like, is there anything that’s worth salvaging? Or is it destined to be another one of those eventually headed for a Chinese foundry (God forbid).

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  20. Horse Radish

    This doesn’t need anymore fossil fuel it’s become a fossil.
    Anyway no more gas for this one. It is moved by the tide.
    A never before used concept in ‘AUTOMOTIVE’ propulsion.
    It’s a brown car: the next level after green.

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  21. Steve

    Looks like Planet of the Apes!

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  22. Chris

    Did anyone look in the glovebox for Jimmie H.? He swims with the fishes had real meaning here.

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  23. Doug M Member

    The “stance” is off just a bit for my taste, but the “patina” is so natural! It really works for me!

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  24. Bob

    Based on the location, Turtle Wax would be appropriate.

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  25. FRED


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  26. William Robinson

    My brother owns a towing company here on the east coast of Canada. A few weeks ago he got a call to pick up a pick up on Prince Edward Island. He was told it was water damaged and it belonged to a fellow from Ontario and had been written off buy the insurance company. As it turned out the driver was taking a scenic cruise on a beach and the sand got up under the drive belt(serpentine belt) and it broke. The owner, being from an inland province didnt know about tides and left the truck on the beach. They came back the next day only to find the truck submerged until only the top of the roof was showing. the company who tried to recover it supposedly broke two twenty thousand pound winches trying to pull it out. The had to get a heavy craine to lift it out three days later. All I could think of was how could sombody(even sombody who is not from the coast) not know about tides.

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    • paul

      Ah , where I live the tide is only about 2 Ft., maybe the guy was from out of town, borrowed the car & didn’t realize that the water was hundreds of yards & by high tide it would come up so far. I recently went on a trip to Alaska & was quite surprised to learn of a 28 ft. tidal difference.

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  27. Eugene

    That big rock in the back ground is a volcanic plug from a large volcano i think it is Morro Rock. Easy to find if you are in Northern California

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    • Tricky Dickie Member

      A Volcanic PLUME and its located in Morro Bay CA, about 20 miles north of San Luis Obispo CA and Pismo Beach, in Central CA

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  28. Wayne Norman Delegate

    I almost lost my brothers Chevy pick up on the beach at Oregon Inlet near Nags Head one night twenty years ago. My baby and I were listening to the radio, or something, and I realized what was about to happen when a wave broke over the left front tire. Almost had a heart attack digging that thing out of the sand……

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  29. Damon

    I thought that was Morro Rock…. One of the 7 sisters. I’ll have to drop by and pay my respects to it. I’m in Pismo so it’s not that far of a trek.

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  30. Joe Dunlap

    The location is on the beach near Los Osos California. That is Morro Rock at Morro Bay you see in the distance. Morro Bay is 13 miles NW of San Luis Obispo on Highway 1, just about halfway between LA and SF. My home town.

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  31. kevin

    i would dig it out and salvage what i could

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  32. Webby

    I’d want to build my survival shelter from that vinyl. It’s amazing.

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  33. Northstar

    Those are Ram Air IV cylinder heads!!!

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  34. Greg Green

    “Tough upholstery!”

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  35. paul

    I thought this sold?.

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  36. Steve

    Awesome..I am surprised that the county hasn’t moved it but ,very cool…Someone needs to find the whole story on this one…

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  37. Steve

    Well maybe the Bonnie wanted to go surfing too and maybe he’s on safari to stay..

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  38. Sponge bob

    Thanks for finding my car!!! Sponge Bob

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  39. Cameron Bater UK

    These must of been big if “it provided plenty of room to haul their buddies, some food, and a few surfboards on top.” it sounds to me like the cabin was for the driver only and all his mates were surfung on the roof.

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  40. justme

    Just wanted to say, that is near morro bay. That is morro rock in the background.

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  41. Peter

    Must have belonged to “The Beach Boys.” Lets go surfin now, come on safari with me….

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  42. I hoard old cars and refuse to sell

    Ain’t fer sale. I’m gon’ fix it one day.

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