Rightly Priced 1968 Pontiac Catalina Project

There seems to be brightening in the price for product section of the collector car hobby. For only $2,400, you can take home this patina, 1968 Pontiac Catalina (I promise that will be the only time the p-word will come up, yay rhymes). It is located in Great Falls, Montana and the listing is conflicting on if there is a clear, or missing title. Thank you Simon P. for the tip. You can view more here on Craigslist.

While there are plenty of photos of the exterior of the car, no photos are available of the engine. According to the already confusing listing, the engine is said to be the original 400 cubic inch V8. They are not absolutely confident about that and they also state they have not tried to turn the engine over. It does have power steering and air conditioning.

There is one photo of the interior. It shows a complete looking, although cracked, dashboard and ripped bench seat, but it does not look unbearable to ride in once you get the car started. The rest is simply a large amount of cleaning that needs to be done. There is no photo of the back seat, but looking at a few other photos, it looks like the headliner is falling and the rear shelf is cracking, just like the front dash.

In summary, just based off the few photos, this car looks like it fits the asking price. While there is a lot to try to sort through of what is true or not based on the listing, and going to see the car in person to check the floors, pop the hood, and check the underside, it could still fit the price. The listing is honest to say there are rust spots on the car and provides photo evidence. It is nice to see reality in price setting in.

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  1. Chebby Member

    The patina is so severe that this car would look great riding on wide gangster whites.


    Rusted, dented and engine is probably froze up. A complete waste of time.

    • JBP Member

      If you cant fix anything yourself so maybe. I see a realy cool projekt. But i doo it for hobby. One or two cars pr. Year.

  3. Carl Sylvester

    And to think I had a 400 2bbl, TH400 convertible in canary yellow that was running and in slightly better condition, body-wise…for 200$…

  4. Mike

    I’d be more interested in some of the other cars, sitting near this one…

    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      Agreed. There’s a couple in the background that look promising.

  5. Gaspumpchas

    yea man a 63 chevy, 60 chev nose, 57 caddy…would love to get in there and look around!!!


  6. William Decker

    The whole key (for me anyway) is clarification on the title.

  7. Del

    Lets see a car sitting in a wreckers yard that is not running and no one wants parts from it.

    Its a 200 dollar piece of scrap so lets auction it for…….2400 bucks.

    Calling all Space Cadets

  8. John C

    This one is a bit of a teeter toddler. I’m so tempted. The rust is a big issue. How much is surface? How deep does it go?

    Gambling, you ask yourself does engine turn freely, is title clear, as asked earlier? What’s it worth when it’s done? It’s not a GTO but could I make it my daily Driver?

    How much for paint, chrome and upholstery? Can I flip it or at least break even. All the normal questions but this is not the normal asking price. May still seem like too much after inspecting it.

    Wish it was closer, I see potential there.

  9. JBP Member

    Wow a projekt for the right guy ( me)
    Its a cool body style. When he write cleen title, it must have so. Just havent fill these boxes right. Maybe this was one of 20 ad’s he made that day. I would love to bring this back to lide. Paint it green again, out cruising, and make some larm. But max 1500-2000$
    And rust, hmmm. Have fixt much worse so cmoon guys.

  10. Skip

    Really! $500 dollar car at best. Most shops $4500 engine rebuild interior $3500 paint $7000 and that’s you doing removal and installation. Then transmission,brakes,tires,exhaust,dashboard,engine compartment detailing,etc. I can buy a very nice driver for 10-15K.

  11. JBP Member

    I dont know what the parts cost for Pontiac, but here where i live, i could easy sell such a car again, maybe not making so much, on buttom line, but so have fun a sommer or two and get the money back. All come up in how much rust, and how many parts i must import. Love that hobby

  12. JBP Member

    I fix rust, paint, engine- drilling cyl and grinding cam and crank. But if engine is lockt up, ist not my projekt. Seats i cant recower, but if my mother il. Come in gear she doo a good job there. Also elektric, but im no prof. I most use money on parts, not labor. Im a projekt guy. I never buy restored cars.
    I doo it for my own fun, not for saving a rare car, for future museeum. We only live once..

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