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Roadside Sighting: Could It Be A Porsche 911?

Recently, reader Matt L decided to get out of the house and go for a walk to explore his neighborhood. While he was stretching his legs, he spotted something hiding in a neighbor’s backyard! While the mossy car cover hides it well, it appears that this could be a Porsche 911. If you don’t pay much attention to the sports car market, air-cooled Porsches are all the craze right now, with values absolutely skyrocketing! Given the current situation, he decided to not knock on the owner’s door, but he did send them a letter to see if they could tell him more about it. I for one am excited to see if he hears back! Hopefully, they contact him and he gets to see it with the cover off.

Just because we are all social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still get out and look for interesting classic cars! So, if you come across an interesting find, for sale or not, please take photos and send them in so we can all enjoy it. Please send your sightings to mail@barnfinds.com!


  1. sisuman Member

    Two things.
    First, it has the rear bumper with large rubber overrides. That makes it a 1975 or later.
    Second, it looks like it has SC or Turbo rear fender flares.

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    • kevin Member

      Great eye but having a number of these cars, if its been under a tarp that long for moss to grow on it, it will be completely rusted from the inside out. No air flow is the worst thing you can do when you store a car outside. If it HAD a leather interior, its now a mold trap. Yes air cooled 911 have had a huge bump in pricing in the past but so have restoration costs.

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      • CJinSD

        OTOH, the 911SC is from the early days of full galvanization, and is one of the most rust-resistant steel cars ever produced. There is hope. For decades, Porsche had a 1976 galvanized and unpainted 911 body sitting outside Weissach, just waiting to see if it ever rusted. I haven’t seen it in the ads in a while, so it either eventually did or they stopped fully-galvanizing(clue!) their bodies.

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  2. Weasel

    A little different storage method than that Mazda Miata.

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  3. H5mind

    Even if it hasn’t run since Reagan was in office, that’s probably still a $30k lawn ornament.

    I’m in London going stir crazy, so I’ll do a brief walkabout tomorrow and send you some photos of automotive coolness on this side of the Pond. Stay well, “Barnfriends”

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    • Philip Lepel

      Just got back from London it was all I could do to not be drooling over all the Aston Martins I’d see in the drives.

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      • glen

        Stay in for 14 days!

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  4. Weasel

    Mossy Oak was a very rare color for the Porsche cars of this era. It adds bucks for sure. Very desirable.

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    • Moparito

      That pic has been floating around IG for a while.

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  5. Rodney - GSM

    Large size “Chia Pet”.

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  6. Jermey

    Roof line and fenders not quite right for a Porsche. Looks more like a Triumph GT6.

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  7. JohnfromSC

    I thought Moss Motors only carried British car parts til now…

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  8. R Soul

    Ran when parked!

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  9. Horse Radish

    How about a Jaguar XJS ?

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  10. Mark

    I’m thinking it might be a Saab.

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  11. Rick

    I am surprised that it does not say nice patina.

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  12. SteVen

    I just assumed this find was an April Fool’s joke. “Craze” is right.

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  13. John S.

    climb that fence!!! tear off that cover!!!! we have to know!!!!!

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  14. Larry Renner

    not worth a hill of beans,saw one in fla. years ago rust bucket

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  15. Robert Thomas

    Years ago when I was working under contract up in Vermont, I used to mountain bike a rail trail and there was a backyard I used to pedal by where there was a derelict 911 hidden under brush. Not as badly as this, though.

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  16. Rrex Rice

    Get it running and drive it slowly to maintain the look. It would be ‘One of a Kind.’

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  17. Jack Quantrill

    Looks like Kudzu growth got to it. Covers everything!

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  18. Fuzzy Car

    Let’s see another photo of it come spring, it would be blooming amazing!

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  19. Doug

    I don’t know, but something about the roofline says 914 to me.

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  20. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Almost looks like my Triumph Spitfire I had when was 13, put a small block Chevy in it and tore up the fields. It was very slapped together and rigged up,but man what fun😁

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  21. Marc

    Rare factory special order folks. Moss green.
    There….I said it!!!

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  22. Bryan

    Opel GT?? Rear window vents, gas cap?

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  23. glen

    The green tarp of death!

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