Ron’s Ronco: 1965 Chevrolet C20 Camper

Vintage campers and other unique recreational vehicles have been increasing in popularity lately, and this 1965 C20 Ronco Camper is sure to find a home with someone looking to travel with that fun extra touch! Despite needing a good cleaning, underneath the dirt appears to be a fairly solid old camper. Whether you’re looking to tour the country in style, or tow your race car to the track with class, this could be the camper for you! We have no affiliation with the seller, but his name is Ron and he’s selling a Ronco camper..coincidence? Probably! Find it here on eBay in Minnesota with an asking price of $2,800. Thanks to Darrun for sending this one in. 

The interior of this camper doesn’t appear to have been updated, and that’s fine by me! The area pictured closely resembles houses of the era, and reminds me greatly of my grandparents’ home. While to some this appears outdated, to me it looks like excellent retro styling. I love wood paneling and colored appliances. Like with any old camper, some cleaning and modernizing will likely be in order, but it would be really cool to leave it looking as original as possible. To quote the ad, “this was a fancy machine in its day and would still be when fixed up.” A friend of mine is restoring a vintage camper trailer, and it has been really interesting to see the classic interior come together looking like new.

This truck is equipped with a Chevrolet 327 V8 that the seller claims runs well, which is coupled to an automatic transmission. There are many uses for a cool old vintage camper like this, and its up to the new owner to decide what to do with this one! Would you keep it as original as possible, or give it a full modern upgrade inside and out?


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  1. Steve65

    I’ve been watching the market in small motorhomes for months now, and I’m utterly baffled by how little information most sellers supply about the house.

    This ad is a perfect example. One crappy interior photo completly lacking in context, and plenty of talking but no information to speak of in the text. I couldn’t care less about how cool the seller thinks it is. I want to know if the fridge works, where the lavatory is, and if it’s a true class C with passthrough to the cab, or a separate box on the back of a chassis cab truck. You know: enough information to know if it’s worth following up.

    • Dusty Stalz

      Sure doesn’t look like a class C. My dad had an RV repair business for years when I was growing up and I’ve seen many like this. One thing I can tell you from the interior shot is that the ceilings been ripped out. That could be fixed in little time tho if you know what you’re doing.

      • Steve65

        Yeah, I noticed the missing ceiling too.

        Any idea when Class C became prevalent over this style? I’d guess early 70s, but I haven’t been taking notes.

      • Dusty Stalz

        Early to mid 70s was when they started using the van noses. Those are what I call class Cs. Of course I’m Canadian so it could be different elsewhere.

      • Steve65

        Yesterday I saw an ad for a ’71 class C on a van cab cutaway. I’m going to start paying attention.

        I’m also curious when pickup cab cutaways joined the mix.

  2. Madmatt

    Not enough pics or information..for me,but
    it sure looks cool,and in good shape.This would be
    pretty reliable with the 327,and would have enough power
    to go up some hills.I have been thinking that older motorhomes,
    and trailers have been getting more popular last couple years?
    Getting off the “grid” is almost becoming mandatory,If one
    wants any economic freedom,or personal choices in this country anymore.
    I think that “homes” like these will continue to get more popular.
    Would love to see it all re-done….super cool!

  3. Classic Steel

    It needed multiple interior pics to see bed area above cab and the back side.
    I bet it is separate from front of cab with cab window acces only .
    Does it have a shower or toilet ?
    The engine runs but is it a junkyard truck with no title?

    It could be a fun weekender with about five grand. I see the camper headliner or panels are missing and betting a gutting is needed on insides !

    Lack of info is not helpful as stated always !

  4. Steve R

    Hopefully it’s priced high enough that it escapes spending the rest of its days parked at the local homeless encampment.

    Steve R

  5. jw454

    Why would it need an add-on turn signal switch? This truck had them from the factory. If the factory assembly failed, installing the add-on unit would have been much harder than repairing the factory system.
    Given the lack of information in the advertisement, they may as well have said “Hey, I want to sell this, you want it”? It would have been about the same thing.

    • Miguel

      I see that on a lot of these types of vehicles.

      They buy the add on instead of the replacement parts.

      I click off the ad when I see this. I wonder what other electrical nightmares the vehicle has.

  6. Francisco

    Did they use a bass drum for a table?

    • Dusty Stalz

      lol sure looks like it.

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I also noticed this, and opted not to comment on it!

  7. Rube Goldberg Member

    This is a complete about face from the “Ultimate Behemoth” ( IH motorhome) from the other day. Much more user friendly. I’d like to see dual wheels on the back, but you could take this many more places than the IH. More of a local weekender or short jaunt. Be advised, while the IH is meant for the open road, if you drove this cross country, you’d probably want to punch someone by the time you got there. Like the IH, you’d be the center of attention no matter where you went.

  8. Pist-n-Broke Racing

    I definitely know what I would do with this beast…Upgrade the motor, swap out the automatic trans and slam er’ to the ground. The ultimate camper, something I could take out with the family and/or take it and spend a weekend at the drags.

  9. Brakeservo

    What’s with all the complaints about lack of description or photos? If you’re a serious buyer – call the guy! If you’re just “curious,” well it isn’t the sellers interest to satisfy your mere curiosity. When I go to sell a car, I don’t want to waste my time with people who are merely curious and don’t have a serious likelihood of actually buying no matter how many photos or words I use. From a seller’s standpoint, the purpose of a photo is to get a prospect to at least look at the ad and if they’re serious, an intelligent buyer will inquire further. Anyone who buys merely on a few online photos, maybe an email or two or text message deserves what they get – and that’s usually – they get taken!

    • Steve65

      If they’re serious, an intelligent buyer won’t waste time with a seller who can’t manage to include basic information about the vehicle. If I have to followup to find out if it’s worth following up, I’ve got better things to do. Shopping for a vehicle is already tedious enough without time-wasters who seem to think theirs is the only ad out there, and that buyers get off on asking the same basic questions over and over.

      • Brakeservo

        Ah, but a truly sharp buyer recognizes that perhaps a great deal can be found if the seller really doesn’t know all that much about what he’s offering, and therefore it’s worth the smart buyer’s time to put some effort into determing what is really offered. Over my lifetime I’ve “flipped” over 200 Bentley and Rolls-Royce automobiles and one of the reasons I was so successful was that I did my best not to appear too knowledgeable or sharp and at the same time I never ever misrepresented or exaggerated what I had. I always wanted the potential buyer to be surprised the first time they saw the car that it was better than they expected. I’d stand in my driveway and overhear these guys calling their wives, saying “Wow honey, this is really great and I don’t think he knows what he’s got.” I sold my cars full asking price every time.

      • Steve65

        You misspelled “dealer”. Completely different set of priorities when you’re shopping to flip rather than shopping to own.

    • Rube Goldberg Member

      Hey Brakeservo, aw, we’re all just a bunch of “tire kickers” anyway. I always wonder if anybody here, (aside from Scotty G.) has actually bought anything?

  10. colin schofield

    This piece of junk would be well suited for one of those figure 8 demo derbys

  11. carl french

    There’s a lot of valid complaints about the dearth of info on the ebay site but, he left his phone number. Ask him for the info and pictures…..

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