Running And Driving 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air 210

This car reminds me of the good old days of car collecting. When it was common to get a good car at a good price. Granted, at $7,503 with many days to go and no reserve, this could become expensive. But, this 1954 Chevrolet 210 is a running, driving car that is located in Sacremento, California with a clear title. It has had some work done to get it running and driving. You can view the listing on eBay.


Powering this Chevrolet is a 235 cubic inch inline six that is connected to a 3 on the tree manual transmission. Where things get interesting is the suspension. It has been lowered two inches in the front and three inches in the rear. The original front springs will be included. There are also new front shocks. The car has a solid factory frame and the 12-volt wiring system was redone in the past. Other mechanical work has been done to the brakes and exhaust as well.

Not much is listed about the interior. The listing points out it has a bench seat but does not elaborate beyond that. From the pictures, it seems as though there are some rust spots along the door edges and headliner. That is something to expect from a car this age and that normal attribute tends to be a highly desirable look in the current market of trends. No need to spend money on making a car look a particular way when you can buy one that way.

A shop in the Sacramento area is selling this piece of rolling art. It appears that they are the ones who also did the lowering and other work to this car to get it running and driving. A quick Google search shows the shop has good ratings, even if they have very few reviews. The listing is clear that communication is important in the purchase of the car, so don’t hesitate to do so.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. canadainmarkseh

    I’m always torn between the look of these 54’s and the look of the 55’s. This car ended an era in styling and the next year saw the start of another. It’s nice to see that it has the 235 CID in it and not that Babette pounder 216 with its oil slinger system. Good luck to the buyer I think he/she will be getting a fair deal on this one.

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    We had a 4-door 210 like this back in ’63.
    Mom traded a ’53 Nash Statesman and
    $25 to get it. Ours was black with big
    whitewall tires and those Olds Fiesta
    flipper hubcaps. Like this car, it had a
    235 6-cylinder and a 3-on-the-tree. I
    think it had a gray interior too. It had
    194K miles on it when we got it, and
    Mom drove it for at least another 100K
    more before she and Dad traded it in
    for a ’57 DeSoto 2-door HT. These were
    great old cars that weren’t very fast, but
    they got you where you wanted to go in
    safety and style. Sure wish I had the
    cash to get this one, I’d drive it to Illinois
    and take my Mom for a nice long ride in

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  3. glen

    On it’s own, it looks great, but beside a ’55, I’ll take the ’55.

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  4. Roger E. Carlton

    I had fun building a ’54 2door 150 sedan into an incredible restorod. I put in a mustang II front end, 9 inch ford rear end, 350 CI and 350 TH. My ex- loved driving it and doing burnouts at stop signs. It was a grand grocery gitter and a real sleeper. Besides, everybody has a ’55, ’56 or ’57 and they are so proud of them too.

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  5. local_sheriff

    Last of the bombs,completely different stylewise than Tri-fives and overlooked – still very desirable on its own. This one seems honest enough and fairly unmolested original layout .Despite wrong engine I’m glad no PO was tempted to do the all too common V8 swap.
    IMO this gen Chevy looks best cruising low and slow, it’s tempting to believe GM wanted it to be a timeless lowrider from the start…?
    Very cool car with nice period colors, sweet classic I wouldn’t mind to drive!

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  6. HoA Howard AMember

    This car got Cuba written all over it.

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  7. Beatnik Bedouin

    Split the exhaust with some shorty glasspacks, add a two-carb intake set up, play some Doo-Wop music and it’s all ready to cruise Whittier Blvd or San Fernando Mall – charp!

    I hope someone buys this cool Chebbie and takes it out cruising on a regular basis…

    I admit to (1) having a half-century-plus love of ‘bombs’ and (2) lacking sufficient space in the garage for another car.

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  8. Kenneth Carney

    You’re right Howard. I’ve watched many
    a YouTube video about classic cars in
    Cuba and you see these in just about
    every video out there. These things are
    everywhere. Most are powered by Toyota
    or Hyundai diesels as diesel fuel is much
    cheaper than regular gas. I’ve been hearing and reading rumors that several
    of these Cuban cars have been acquired
    by American auto buffs and will be sold
    off at future Barret-Jackson auctions and
    that prices could go as high as $250K. I
    wouldn’t pay that much for a real one
    when you can build one from a basket
    case for a fraction of the cost. You
    really have to hand it to those Cuban
    mechanics, they’ve managed to keep their cars going despite the fact that spare parts are non-existant. Dunno if
    I could find a suitable Toyota diesel here in Florida, but we do have a lot of used-up old cars here that could be turned into
    Cuban taxi clones–look at your local buy
    here-pay here car lot.

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  9. Marty Parker

    There is no such thing as a “Bel Air 210”. Has to be one or the other. Probably a 210 Del Ray.

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    • t-bone Bob

      That’s what i was thinking

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