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Running Big Block: 1969 Chevelle SS 396

1969 Chevelle SS 396

I’m not sure what happened to this Chevelle, the seller doesn’t offer much information, but it looks like someone started restoring it years ago and then just lost interest. It’s covered in dust and has more rust than you can shake a stick at. Being an SS 396 car means someone will want to save it, if it were closer to Idaho I know I’d be taking a look at it! If you live near Browns Summit, North Carolina or have been on the hunt for an SS 396 to restore, you can find this one here on eBay with bidding to $7,300 and just a day left to go.

1969 Chevelle SS 396 Body Tag

I have a few concerns about this project, beyond the rust issues of course. The body tag looks a bit odd to me, like it’s been pried off and reinstalled at least once.  It could just be the camera angle or perhaps it was damaged in a accident? The seller provides photos of all the numbers they could find on the car, so I’m sure one of you Chevelle experts can tell the rest of us if it’s the real deal or not!

1969 Chevelle SS 396 Engine

And here is the 396 V8. Even all rusty and dirty, it’s a sight to behold! The seller claims it runs, so hopefully it just needs a tune up.

1969 Chevelle SS

This thing is going to need a lot of work, just take a look at the trunk if you don’t believe me. If this turns out to be a real 396 car, it’s worth taking on the challenge. So would you fix this Chevelle up?


  1. Avatar photo Greg

    More than worth the challenge? 396 cars were mass produced. Not a big deal even if real

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  2. Avatar photo roger

    My first car was an SS396 Chevelle.
    Blue with white stripes.
    It was only 10 years old and cost $1500.00 at used car lot.
    My Dad said I overpaid,which was true.
    At the time you could get chevelles around $800,00.
    But I liked the colors and interior was still great.
    Only a nut would give $7300.00 for that rusty one.
    Way too much even for todays high prices.

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  3. Avatar photo Steven C

    This guy can’t be bothered to break out a garden house for the money this is gonna go for?

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  4. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    There’s a chance that this one is genuine, not one of those ‘numbers matching’ cars that bring mega dollars at the collector car auctions. My favorite Chevelle year is ’69 but my favorite model is a 2-door 300 with a six and three speed manual.

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  5. Avatar photo Prowler

    Just the vin# will not prove it’s a real ss in 69
    And a 3 speed on the floor…it looks like the floor hump is factory and not added…but really …how many ss 396 cars went out the door with with only 3 forward gears in a stick…..maybe the 4 speed was junk and he had a 3 speed sitting on the garage floor
    Either way a long way to go on this one and being a 3 1/4 hp car not exactly rare air

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    • Avatar photo Rocco

      I’ve seen 3 SS396 Chevelle’s with factory 3-speed’s, if that helps. They were all 325HP cars, in the late ’60’s, and early ’70’s. I didn’t believe it until I saw the factory shifters.

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    • Avatar photo starsailing

      One of my friends(Mpls) had bought a brand new 66 Chevelle SS 396 325 hp 3 spd on the floor for his first car. Non posi as well….put on some cheater slicks….and it would leave a longggggggggggggggg one wheel rubber line. 66-67 SS 396 best looking of SS396 Chevelles….the 64 SS small block best looking of all Chevelles. Yes that body tag looks like it was played with…
      Roger’s second car…69 Z28…..

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  6. Avatar photo Jack Homen

    Checked the given number and they are correct. With the reserve met, unless the new owner thinks they can score big money,at auction, it would be a good buy. Hopefully restored and not rat rodded.

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  7. Avatar photo Jr

    3 speeds were std , even on 396 – 325 350 and 375 hp . I’ve seen 2 SS- 375 hp camaros with 3 speeds on the floor.

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