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Running Goat Project: 1969 Pontiac GTO

1969 Pontiac GTO

If you like your Pontiacs a bit older than the 1980 Trans AM from earlier today, this GTO might be more up your alley! It has been repainted at least once, but quite some time ago. The seller has documents all the way back to when the car was sold new at McDonald Pontiac in  Morristown, New Jersey, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to trace all of its history. The seller claims it is otherwise original, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t fully restored when it was repainted. A closer inspection and some detective work should reveal more of the story. In the mean time, take a closer look at it here on eBay in Plano, Texas with a current bid of $17,769.

1969 Pontiac GTO Project

If you ask me, ’69 was a good year for the GTO. I really like the styling, especially in the bright Carousel red of the Judge! I don’t mind the current blue, it’s a little less flashy and shows the lines well. The seller claims this car runs and drives well, but at this price I would want to take a closer look at it. So do you think this GTO will be worth the work or is the rust in the trunk and floors a deal breaker?


  1. Kincer Dave Member

    Link please

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    • Josh Staff

      Thanks Jack! I updated the post so it’s in there. Sorry about that guys!

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  2. Stephen

    Auction belongs to Discovery’s Mis-Fit Garage aka Fired Up Garage, After seeing the show I don’t think I’d touch it.

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  3. Barzini

    Assuming this car makes to the Misfits Garage TV show, it will be interesting to see how much he paid for it. I am always amazed at how these flippers will offer half (or less) than the seller’s asking price. I don’t have the nerve to do that.

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    Love that show Thomas is a stitch

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  5. Bruce

    Let me be like Tom for a second. ” I’ll give you $8,500 for this GTO!! You know that is all its worth. I’m going to have to redo this an that. You gotta leave me a little meat on the bone. Come on son, you wanna sell the car and I wanna buy it. Tell you what I’ll give you $9,500 but that is my final offer”


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  6. Paul R

    I bet it will sell for around 25K or more. It won’t be a hard car to restore and its a 4 speed with little rust.
    This is a car an average Joe can make a nice driver out of in a regular garage at home without doing a frame off rotisserie resto and drive and enjoy.
    All bolt on parts.. Drive it a few years and sell it to someone that want’s to. and has the money to do a frame off.

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  7. JW

    Misfit garage, enough said … pass !!!

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  8. Roger

    I know what yall are saying but I’d bet that it’s either scripted / edited to make everyone look like goofs just for the entertainment value. If they are truly the ones doing all the work to these cars, some of them come out WAY TOO NICE to be done by the goofs portrayed on the show.

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  9. Bob S

    Like the car. It must fy on the highway with that gearing. I’d rebuild the suspension first. No AC must be tough in Texas.

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  10. The Chucker

    Misfit/Gas Monkey/Graveyard: reality TV is rarely anything but.

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  11. JW

    I’ve pretty much quit watching these so called reality car shows as they are anything but reality, IMHO they along with Barrett Jackson are ruining the hobby with unattainable results by the common hobbyist.

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  12. alabee

    Watch the ‘Republic of Doyle’ series if you can find it [Netflix]. Jake drives his same color GTO like it was meant to be driven. I just wonder how they came up with so many GTO’s since they get trashed rather often.

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      I watch that show here on the mynet over the air channel. Jake does use up the tires on that GTO.

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  13. Car Guy

    1969 Hide A Way headlight cars came with plastic grill inserts in the lower valance that matched the grill and hid parts of the headlight mechanism. Non Hide A Way cars had only the chrome trim abound the opening like this car has. The front valance must have been replaced with a non Hide A Way piece.

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