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Rusty Pony: 1969 Camaro Z/28


The First generation Z/28 Camaro was by no means the fastest pony car, but it was one of the quickest around a road track and it did it in style. While it could go in a straight line, it was built to hug the corners, which would explain its success in Trans Am. This 1969 Camaro Z/28 has some questionable history, but the seller claims it’s a true Z/28 and was recently pulled from a barn. Have a look here on eBay. Special thanks goes to Alex K. for sharing this one with us!


As we started looking this Camaro over, we quickly noticed that it wasn’t original. The cowl tag indicates that it was originally painted Le Mans Blue and came with an ivory and black interior. The interior has many custom components, but the seller doesn’t provide any details about what all has been changed or added. This interior could be used as is, but we would probably trash the button tuck and return it to factory trim.


Given all the modifications made to this Camaro, we question whether it is a true Z/28, but it does have a correct DZ302 and Muncie 4-speed transmission. The 302 cui V8 wasn’t the most powerful engine one could get in a Camaro, but this small block was light and while rated at 290 horsepower put out closer to 350. Given the modifications made to the motor, we would want to check the block number carefully.


The history of this Camaro is an interesting one, the seller claims the original owner left it at a dealer’s service center after finding out they couldn’t afford the repairs already performed. It then made its way into the private collection of the owner of the dealership, where it stayed until 2008. It was then moved to a barn and left until the current owner bought it. We aren’t sure if this story is true or not, but one thing is for sure and that’s how rough this car is. It is going to need considerable amounts of metal work to repair all that rust. We would want to be sure it really is a real Z/28 before investing any money. Would you tackle this rusty pony or would you leave it in the barn?


  1. Connor

    If this is a true Z/28 then I would restore this beauty to original showroom condition.
    If not then it still could be a good project car providing that you have the time and money.

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  2. Wayne

    As any cowboy knows, there is a time you have to put the horse down…this is one of those times!

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  3. paul

    I wouldn’t tackle this but I think it should be saved the nice thing about these is you can buy everything you need to save this car & thank goodness you can, what an awful interior.

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  4. Josh

    I would save it , all the more rewarding

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  5. carl sheppard

    nice project

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  6. DwayneH

    I definitely would, that’s not even a question. My 71 Malibu made this one look like a new car and I jumped into it head first and never looked back.

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  7. mike thomas

    I would say yes its worth saving !!!!

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  8. Ca

    Have Seen Worse!! Remember You Can Buy Every Body panel!!

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  9. jim

    this is going to take a ton of work/money/time. if the PI show it to be a real z28 and you have to have a z28 maybe. the same money would get you a late model camaro that you could drive while you did upgrades.

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    • jim

      sorry left out part of my comment. still a great find and somebody likes it as the high bid is at $15100 already

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  10. William Robinson

    Wasnt the dz302 a rev happy engine?? Thats what I hqve read and heard as I was not around when it was new. So why no tach? And why is the limiter needle set so low at 4000 rpm? I know its easily adjusted but it dosnt look like the dust is disturbed.

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  11. rancho bella

    Although I perfer a ’67-’68 Z/28, if this is genuine it will cost a bundle to restore but are quick and fairly agile for American iron.

    A DZ 302 is a delight and coupled with a Muncie……..more better. Finding correct parts is not cheap but they are out there. So, with wallet in hand, the buyer better be ready.
    Two years ago I bought a ’70 Boss 302 distributor……….$1500.00, as an example.

    Yes, those engines are rev happy…………

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  12. Steve H.

    Just make it drive able and enjoy it. Could cost a arm and a leg otherwise. I know because I have a 68 and a 69 Camaro. I have 36,000 in the 68 and doing the work myself and it isn’t even finished yet, and I still have a ways to go yet on the 69 super Pro-street.

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  13. Jeff

    If genuine this car deserves a rescue/restoration. This car, especially the 69′ is an American Icon with its counter-part Ford’s BOSS 302 developed because of NASCAR rules. Chiltons fudged on the hp ratings because of insurance reasons, some auto enthusiast writers claim closer to 400hp output, with 11-1 compression and solid lifters & 2.02 heads yes, this car revved. Just maybe the lady (previous owner) was not a race type lol

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    • Jeff

      I also forgot to mention that in 69′ Pontiac came out with a 303 engine to put in their Trans-am, very few were produced.

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  14. JWH

    My 69 Z28 had a tach in the dash from the factory. I hope the buyer looks VERY carefully at all of the numbers.

    (one of my most brilliant automotive decisions was to get rid of the Z28 when gas became scarce in the the early 70s — thought I should sell it while I had the chance)

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  15. Jeff Hamilton

    I’m sorry but private listing bidders automatically arouse my suspicions, why the secrecy ? This vehicle needs everything, every single solitary thing, all $25,000 buys you is a VIN….pass. IMHO this seller is suffering from extreme Barret-Jackson overpricing syndrome.


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  16. Grizz

    A 302 and vin plate with a roof section is all the reason you need to build this car. Sometimes its about number of hits on the crank and not earth altering torque that wins the day

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  17. twwokc

    @ $15,100 somebody thinks its real. Best of luck to all involved!

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  18. erikj

    As a former owner of 4 68 z-28s i am very knoldgeable of the 69s also. someone posted the fact that no factory tach and consolel guages That was a option ,not standard. Same as the console. All but one of mine had no console.

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  19. zdraginman

    Was the dash grab bar or handle above the glove box a option for 69 Z 2/8 or not. I know the base Camaro didn’t have them? Just wondering……

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  20. Jim Mosley

    Just buy it and have someone enter you in one of Chip Foos’ Overhaulin contests and let the”A”team return it in like new condition and i won’t cost you a dime. What a dream!!

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  21. Steve H.

    Ha, good luck on that! I had emailed them once that if they would come and meet me in
    person I would give them a 56 Chevrolet 210 wagon to fix up to give to someone that loves older cars and can’t afford to get one for themselves they could have it for nothing. No reply back such as thanks for the offer or what. Explain a reason for that to me……..

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  22. Tim

    I sold this car on ebay months ago for right at $25K to a collector out of New York that is having a High End Restoration shop in ND.perform a every nut & bolt complete restoration on the car. It is a ALL numbers matching car making worthy of the effort and expense it will take to bring it back to its former glory or more likely even nicer then it was new…!!

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  23. marilyn

    Wrong taillights to be a z

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    • bob

      there is nothing wrong with those tail lights. that is what all 69 camaros had unless it was a RS option car. please explain yourself marilyn.

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  24. John

    I was often surprised that the “up-market” pieces were left off of many Z-28s. I always presumed that it was to reduce weight and maximize performance. In my old age I’ve come to wonder if it just maximized profit. But my 69 Z-28 had those same three element slightly slanted tail lights. The white/orange-striped cars in the show-room had much fancier trim than my Z.

    It’s hard to believe today, but when I bought my Z-28, the dealership where I bought it had several in their inventory to choose from.

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  25. erikj

    Yes Marilyn explain what the 69 z-28 should look like. There where only 2 One with a reverse

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  26. erikj

    The RS option gave you a different front and rear light package. Other then that the rest of any Camaro was the regular standard taillight set up. Didn’t mater if it was a z-28,ss or standard. One of my 69 z-28s was so bare a lot of people thought it was not a real z. But it was all # matching including the DZ 302. It did not have the console/guage package which gave you a tach in the dash. ect.. standard int.with buckets,heck it was a radio deleate aswell and a flat hood All that fancy stuff was check the box if you want it.

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  27. bob

    The grill is not correct color. Should be silver in color. Only RS option Z28’s in 69 had black grills. The Z28 emblem is way off placement as well. Take note, I am talking about 1969 Z28 cars only. Not SS cars.

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  28. John

    Actually, if the front end had been damaged, the replacement grill shell was all black including the grill surround (as this one is). Often body shops would replace the grill and not paint the surround to match. The silver painted grill was more expensive as a part so few shops used it. That might also explain the front Z/28 emblem being in the wrong place. But somehow, this car just does not ring true as a Z/28. I wish we could see its rear axle. I’d bet there is a mono-leaf rear spring under there.

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    • bob

      or to see the side “frame” rail next to the rear tires. Should be a welded on plate there for all factory dual exhaust cars.

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  29. 69rsZ28

    I owned a loaded convertible 69rsz28 with the dz block 302, that engine came stock with 11
    .1 compression, 4 bolt mains, solid lifters, camelback 2.02 heads, factory headers, which were thin resulting in a lumpy pinging idle, was a beautiful car, black on black with white stripes with the same raised cowl as the car above, sad the interior is pleated, as the seats in my car we’re tight and clean, rs badging on the door panels, above glove box, center of the steering wheel, I have a grainy picture of it, hopefully I can upload it

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    • bob

      no 69 camaro Z left factory with headers. They would of have to been purchased at dealer parts counter or from a high performance shop.

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