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Surfs Up: 1962 Pontiac Bonneville Safari

1962 Pontiac Bonneville Safari

I’m not a huge fan of the custom work that’s been done to this Bonneville Wagon, yet I still want it! I can do without the airbags, yes they are cool and give the car a radical look, but I’d be happy with the stock ride height and smooth ride. The work looks to have been well done, so hopefully it can be undone if the next owner is so inclined. If you think you’d like to be said next owner, you can find it here on eBay in West Palm Beach, California. Special thanks to our friends over at BoldRide for this tip!

1962 Pontiac Safari Wagon

The seller states that this car spent its life in the dry heat of New Mexico until it recently made its way to humid Florida, that could explain that why it’s so solid. It has all the signs of a dry, but sun scorched classic. The paint is thin is lots of places and primer is showing through. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, you know the paint is original at least. I’m a bit curious about the grey primer that’s been sprayed in several spots along the bottom of the car. Are those rust spots? Did it come from New Mexico like that or has the moist Florida air already begun taking its toll?

1962 Pontiac Bonneville Interior

For a New Mexico car, the interior is looking quite nice. Usually cars that have been left out in the sun have dried and cracking interiors. I see a couple tears in the seat covers, but for the most part everything looks really nice. The seller claims the A/C not only works, but is blowing cold. This wagon is really starting to look good to me! The family couldn’t complain about sitting on those vinyl wrapped benches with ice cold A/C keeping them from sweating to death.

1962 Pontiac Bonneville Engine

The seller states that they would feel comfortable driving this wagon from Florida all the way to California. That is reassuring, although I would want to take a closer look before planning on making a cross country trek in it. That being said, I think a road trip in this beast would be a blast! You could even just camp in the back of it to save some money. You wouldn’t really be saving much in the end considering how much fuel the thirsty 389 will guzzle with the A/C on full blast, but it would all work out in the end! So what do you think of this Safari Wagon? Would you leave it bagged or would you put the original suspension back under it?


  1. pontiactivist

    As cool as I know this thing is, couldn’t the seller take a few steps closer when he photographed it. Can’t see enough of the outside for me to believe it is worth 9 grand.

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  2. forzaman

    West Palm Beach…Florida

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  3. Kuzspike

    There is something about this I really, really like. Not 82 hundred dollars worth of like, but cool just the same.

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  4. Mark S

    With the suspension slammed down on bags you can clearly see both front wheels are running negative camber, this car will be a tire eater the way it’s set up.

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Except that bagged cars are not driven when all the way down. That does appear to change a bit when the car rises up.

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  5. Alan (Michigan)

    I wonder what the seller really expects to get for it. Currently 9K, not to reserve.
    Cool car though, and the low ride stance has a certain appeal. But really, the money spent on the air ride is unlikely to be recouped. Most of those interested in the car (I think, anyway) would prefer the standard suspension, perhaps with a minor lowering.

    Funny to me that there are no photos of the custom suspension bits, including the (probably expensive) compressor and installation fabrication required.

    Watching the video listed in the ad, we see how the car can rise to approximately normal. I wonder how it rides at that height?

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    • Tirefriar

      I have a feeling the magic number is $12k. Aside the fact that this is a land barge, I see no ther appeal here that justifies even the current bid. And I’m a Poncho fan

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    Guys, with it bagged it can ride at any height you like there is NO need to swap anything.

    The ride quality will be light years ahead of the original.

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  7. 67 GT fastback

    Bob’s right onto it ! That’s a cool looking car ! You guys OD on grumpy Pills again ?
    Stock this…. standard that …. It’s not a museum … We aren’t painting over a Picasso here .
    Come on these basic old things aren’t harmed by a bit of playful exuberance! Gets some attention. And brings them into a zone that includes a wider range of car lovers .. But hey that’s just how I see it.

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    • Tom

      They’re not grumpy pills, they’re grouch pills!!! Geez!
      Just kidding. I once had a 62 Bonny Safari. Loved it. That red light on the right fender actually was half red half clear with the retractable wire that could be use in a flat tire at night or emergency. I don’t remember if it had a plunger switch under the hood that lit it up when open.

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  8. Tom

    The only thing I wished it had was a 3 or 4 speed floor mounted shifter, or a 400 Hydra. The so called Jet Away 4 speed auto I hated. Low 1st gear briefly, then quick 2nd then a 1-2 second roll into a higher 3rd then smooth shift to 4th. When I bought it used in 1970 the tranny failed 3 times. Even Aamco back then was expensive at $300-$500 to rebuild.
    I still loved it. As a long haired hippy in a rock band most of my friends had nice 60s Nomads or Impala wagons to haul around the band equipment with side curtains and glass pack mufflers. What wonderful memories.

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