Salty Dog: 1966 Land Speed Racer

By David Wilk

Thanks to reader Dave F. for sending us the link to this really cool find, a 1966 salt flat racer for sale on here on craigslist in Morgan Hill, California. The ad makes some claims that may or may not be true, that this was a land speed record holder at some point.

But regardless of its story, which is a bit murky, this is an amazing vehicle to come up for sale and hopefully it will be restored by someone with the right skills and expertise. No matter its story, this is a beautiful looking vehicle.

At one time, this racer may have been powered by twin Triumph motorcycle engines, but now it has a Fiat engine in it.

I did some searching online and was not able to find anything about this car or George Conboy, but there is a Land Racing forum online, and this car was noticed there and discussed a bit. Conboy definitely was a racer, but there is some doubt about whether he set any records in this particular vehicle. I am sure with a bit more research, it would be possible to learn more about this car and its builder. If you’re interested, you can read more here.

Who knows what this thing is actually worth in its present condition? It will be a major project to restore. I guess the market will ultimately decide. I think $5,800 for something like this is a bit rich, but then again, how often does something like this come up for sale? It is definitely of historical value, and even if it is not a record holder, it is worthy of being fully restored to preserve and present the history of Bonneville salt flat speed racing. What do you all think of this piece of Americana? Will someone here step up to save it?

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  1. Owen

    Documentation = cash. Show me the the docs!

  2. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    won’t be us…. the recently listed brown Turner 803 ( such as it is) HAS ARRIVED ….

  3. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    looks like the car has changed from two wheels to four ….. hope it hasn’t been hacked too much in doing that.

  4. williamcleary

    Operative word seems to be ‘dog’ in this case!

  5. Wm Lawrence

    It’s a motorcycle. Burt Munro where are you?

  6. Jack in NW PA

    Perhaps this is a clue…Con….boy.

  7. gardener

    It looks like a con it doesn’t look to be the same at all nose,tail,sides,and went from4 wheels to 2(had 2 little ones in middle) Looks like a totally different car to me.If it is the same one they need to prove it.

    • grant

      I’ve got doubts that it’s the same car. Looks more like a partially-derierred replica to me.

  8. A.J.

    It is the same body but who knows how much of the underneath is still there or got hacked to pieces. Too bad cause it would be great garage art in non running shape if it hadn’t been cut up.

  9. Gear Head Engineer

    I’m more interested in the double cab sitting next to it.

    LSR cars are interesting, but of no practical value to me.

    – John


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