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See Something You Like? Estate Sale in California


Thanks to Bentley Guy for sending us the link to this pretty cool craigslist ad showing a bunch of interesting old cars for sale in La Honda, California. I can’t tell from the ad if this is an “estate sale” or if this is the seller’s “estate”, but there are a lot of cars and parts pictured, some of them will surely be of interest to collectors and builders.


According to the seller, much of what is pictured has already been sold, so you have to call to find out what is still available. It sounds like the Riley pictured here is still available but at what seems to me the lofty price of $2500 – kind of high for what looks like a parts car. There are also three Ford Anglias, four “scrap” Packards, and hopefully at least some of the others that are shown in the many pictures in the ad.


Maybe whomever buys that nice Citation we saw on eBay the other day will want this junker for parts.


Not sure what this is, but the trucks in the background look interesting, though very rough.


Cute row of Ford Anglias. They are all in rough shape, but perhaps between the three you could build one complete one.

Scrap Packard

Is this one of those scrap Packards? I think someone might try to restore it, well at least we hope someone does.


While the seller notes there is security on premises, he invites potential buyers to come and look around. It sure seems like it would be a fun way to spend an afternoon.


Is this a Crosley? Maybe this is waiting to be made into a rat rod. It looks like it needs a frame and drivetrain.


This one is just sad. There are treasures to be found here for sure (and lots of junk too). I’d love to know why this “collection” of cars and parts and why it’s being sold now. It sure seems like there would be an interesting story here.


  1. Avatar photo Ceezy

    Its a lot of rough cars and trucks there and that’s one was looking Packard.

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  2. Avatar photo Fred

    I’ll bet “security” has four legs and is chained to a stump until nightfall.

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  3. Avatar photo Danger Dan

    you guys are late to this party

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  4. Avatar photo James

    Well it takes the death of the hoarder to finally set the cars free. It’s a shame it took so long that the cars are so trashed.

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  5. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Looks like a bunch of junk to me

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  6. Avatar photo Wayne

    #16 is a Lloyd Alexander

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  7. Avatar photo Matt Tritt

    He clearly loved his cars to death (and ruin)!

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  8. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    One of those Packards would be worth buying just for the conversation piece they are. i’d like the Lincoln too.

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  9. Avatar photo JW

    With it’s tough regulations I’m surprised to even see a place such as this in the Social Republic Of California. No offense to it’s residents just it’s governing body. I agree there’s not much left there to brag about.

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    • Avatar photo AlphaRoaming

      JW, I guess you’ve never been to La Honda, but Ken Kesey and his bus “Further” have! Lotsa interesting landowners in those hills!

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      • Avatar photo JW

        Alpharoaming, it’s just what I’ve read and heard from people who have lived in California how ridiculous their regulations are that it surprised me that anyone could have a private collection of junk cars on their own property. Even here in my town in Missouri you can’t have a vehicle sitting in your driveway for more than a month without registered plates or you will be notified to get it registered or fined, so most will put it in their garage or behind their house. Now out in the county it’s a different story which now I suppose this group of cars is located.

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    • Avatar photo Rspcharger

      Take a stroll around the neighborhood on Google street view and you will quickly learn that some neighbors followed suit with cars of their won in their yards.

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  10. Avatar photo Dairymen

    The good stuff is gone, these are the left overs. It was advertised in early January and it had like a 1930 packard phaeton is very restorable condition and a bunch more but all that is gone.

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  11. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Looks like the flood waters receded and this is what’s left. None of it is restorable, and I’m not sure why security is needed. Some selected parts may be usable, like the Crosley ( not Lloyd, sorry Wayne) or the Packard metal, but no gold mine here, for sure.

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  12. Avatar photo Wayne

    Howard A. I stand corrected. Ta.

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  13. Avatar photo Toopack

    This collection has pretty much been picked clean at this point…how do I know? In the photo of the Packard sedan with the grass growing on the running board, there is another Packard in the background, a 28 convertible coupe…that is currently in my own yard not looking any better than it did in this image. The owner passed away and had a truly AMAZING pile of cars…unfortunately the majority left out to rot. I came late to the party and not much was left…I am sure now, a good month or so later…there is even less.

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  14. Avatar photo geomechs

    It does look like a lot of good stuff has already been hauled away. The only vehicles that would remotely interest me are the Chevy trucks. They would only qualify as parts vehicles from what I see….

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  15. Avatar photo rangeroger

    At least the Riley doesn’t have bungee cords holding the fenders and what else on. It does look like it’s been shot at and missed, but shit at and hit. As for me, I want that fire truck in the back ground in one of the shots.

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  16. Avatar photo AlphaRoaming

    JW, I completely understand. It’s true in many places. True story: a Studebaker guy in semi-rural California had several parts cars in his back yard. Neighbors complained. He got one of the wrecks running and registered, then parked it on the street in front of the neighbor’s house! Nothing they could do about a properly registered car with too much “patina!”

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  17. Avatar photo John Schiessl

    Can anyone ID the Riley?

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    • Avatar photo Classic Car

      Riley is an early RMB – 2 1/2 litre

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  18. Avatar photo Charles

    Not much left to look at. All appear to be parts cars as most are beyond a rebuild. Lots of rust………

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