Should I Sell My Blakely Hawk?


As many of you are aware, I have a budding collection of cars. I’ve got my faithful old Fiat project, the survivor Spitfire, and my Seven wannabe Blakely Hawk. Summer is nearly here, so I’ve been busy getting all the cars ready for some warm weather enjoyment. Well at least the Spitfire and the Fiat. I hate to admit it, but I’ve kind of been neglecting the Hawk. It’s a fun little machine, but it doesn’t really need anything to be driven. Yes, it needs some cosmetic work, but it looks so cool as is. It’s been parked undercover at our office for the past couple months, as I’ve been in the process of moving to a new place. This morning a fellow enthusiast spotted it and stopped by for a closer look. He liked it so much he made me a $3,000 cash offer on the spot.

Blakely Hawk Engine

Anytime I have an unloved or unused car parked in my drive, I feel terrible. I hate seeing a great car go to waste, so I’m sorely tempted to let Keith buy it. He wants to fix it up a bit with his 14 year old son and take it to local autocross and other events together, which seems like a fun experience for him and his son. At the same time, I’m torn. I have some great ideas for this car and would love to see them though. These little kit cars are extremely rare, not that that makes it particularly valuable, but when will I ever have a chance to own another? So I bring it before you guys – for your advice and input! Do I hold onto my dream, which might never come true? Or do I give Keith and his son a chance to make some great memories with it?


  1. Greg

    Tell him you want $5.

    But would take $4500

    • Tony - Australia

      If he’s offering 3 that’s what he’s hoping you’ll take and he’ll be laughing, but he will pay more, start high and meet in the middle. At least he intends to get some fun out of it, not like a flipper who will screw you to make money but has no interest in it, you will feel better knowing it will be cherished and enjoyed, not just sold on, he wants it more than most or he wouldn’t have even bothered asking so you can up the anti a little and he’ll probably bite.
      No offence about the ‘flipper’ remark.

  2. van

    You know we really feal you hear.
    That car is cool.
    The spitfire is cheep and fun and can take you and the wife, I’m assuming the fiat is a spider.
    You can put the top down and go anywhere.
    The Hawk doesn’t do well in the rain or cold.
    The Hawk is fast, this is getting tough
    You pay insurance for three toys.
    F- it flip a coin.

  3. Kralik

    Let it go, and consider it an investment in the next generation of enthusiasts.

  4. Chris in Nashville

    I would not sell it, if I were you. You obviously have plans for it and they are rare so finding another could be tricky. There is a big difference between not having time for a project for a while and being done with the project. You don’t sound like you are finished with it to me and letting it go will likely lead to regret.

  5. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Doesn’t it make sense to use the Hawk as a track day car? And I would think it’s worth more than that, Josh!

    • Josh Staff

      It really does make sense Jamie! The question is, if I keep it and build it into a track car, what things do I change on it, what do I leave alone, and where do I race it? We don’t have a track here, but we do have autocross events, the hill climbs, and I guess at 5 hours to Miller Motorsports isn’t terrible. This is a tough decision!

      • Jimmy

        What components were used for the drivetrain , Frame etc? I see the Kent Engine 1.6 Cortina or Fiesta cross flow engine which is bullet proof,?
        I’d like to know more,
        About the actual build,
        If you have no plans to work on or enjoy, them maybe you’ve answered your own Question, I think Autocross and vintage rally would be ok with this as long as it’s built well and safe, JMHO
        Jimmy Osborne Ontario canada

      • Josh Staff

        Oh I have plans for it! I just hate to see it parked, but then again it isn’t really a car you daily drive. It rides on a tube frame built by Blakely. These weren’t cheap VW based kits, but purpose built. It has what appears to be a Ford 9 inch rear end (could be an 8 inch) and is setup very much like a Lotus Seven in the back. The front suspension is taken from a Pinto, but with firmer shocks and shorter springs for more aggressive handling. The Pinto’s rack and pinion steering is present, as is the 4 speed. The Cross flow engine doesn’t have a ton of power, but this thing weighs 1,500lbs or less, so you don’t need much. It currently has a roll bar installed, but I doubt it would meet spec for most racing events, so that will need to be addressed. The seats are plastic shells with 5 point harnesses. The seats meet spec, but I don’t think their mounting configuration would and I’m sure the harnesses need to be replaced as they were last inspected a few years back.

  6. Blindmarc

    I agree with Kralik, share it with someone who is willing to teach the younger generations.

  7. David C

    You know you are going to buy something else if you sell it. So ask yourself “is there something else I want more than the Blakely”? Or is there something else I want more than I want to fix up the Blakely like you envision it. You will always have the issue of dividing your time for one project or another.
    If it was me I wouldn’t consider selling it. It is very special. That thing rocks! I could think of all kinds of things I would want to do with it.

  8. Ian

    No sale. I’m sure the fun factor exceeds that price.

  9. Rob

    I’m with Van i.e. you pay insurance for three toys, ‘n that’s a waste if you don’t drive ’em all the time. You have 2 other toys to play with, top down motoring that can still keep your lil’ lady dry if a thunder shower erupts, as there’s nothin’ worse than a wet lady to make your day. Or make a pro ‘n con list, and be honest about it with yourself, ‘n whichever side adds up higher, that’s it… Just my two cents worth :)

  10. Gary

    Warm weather, 1 drive and we all know the answer!

  11. Bobsmyuncle

    “Do I hold onto my dream, which might never come true?”

    Doesn’t sound to me like you are very motivated.

    These are such simple cars I can’t imagine what you’d want to do that couldn’t be done relatively quickly and affordably.

    If I’m right that should lead directly to your answer.

  12. Ian

    I’m pretty certain that I have an aluminum flywheel for that somewhere in my garage.

    • Josh Staff

      If you’d be interested in letting it go, let me know!

  13. Graham Line

    Nothing more persuasive than a buyer hanging around with cash. Do you actually have track days in your area?

  14. Dave Wright

    That is a weeks income……..why sell unless there is something else you want to replace it with.

    • Josh Staff

      I wish that was a week’s income!!! It’s such a fun car that it makes it so hard to put a realistic price on.

    • George

      A week? That’s a month’s income here.

  15. Scott

    There are so many great cars to have fun with. If I were to sell it and buy a different toy I might miss this one and not regret the new one.

  16. Dairymen

    If he’s willing to fork over $3k right away you know you can get more out of him.

  17. donl

    3 Grand!

    for that you can buy a, ah, well, nothing really…. keep the car and wait till someone offers to trade for something you want more.

  18. Dan h

    I’d buy it for more. Looks like it would be a fun canyon car here in SoCal. Would love to get a thumbs up from Leno as we pass each other on Mulholland!

    • Josh Staff

      It would definitely be a fun canyon car! It handles like a big go kart, with plenty of power to go quick but not so much as to get you into trouble! I actually wonder what Jay would think of it!

  19. Greg

    I’d probably sell it but that’s coming from someone with 5 cars of which only 2 run. However, that Kia in the background looks like a keeper.

  20. jim s

    put it up for sale on this site, having this and the TRV for sale at the same time might help both. unless you have sold the rx8 i count 4 sports car. if you going to keep all the cars that you both have you will need a much bigger barn/garage.

    • Josh Staff

      Interesting idea Jim. That would be an interesting duo to have on the site at the same time!
      I still have the RX8, but once I have new seats for the Fiat, I’m probably going to put it on the market. My new place I just moved into has plenty of space for all the cars, so that takes one stressed off!

      • jim s

        even though the rx8 is newer then most of the vehicles on this site i think selling it thru BF would work. glad you got more room for the fleet.

  21. RoughDiamond

    If you’re torn between keeping it and selling it the, the only person who is going to be happy when the money is paid is the Buyer. Think back to that recent story about the BF member who bought the Corvette from the elderly gentleman. He was finally ready to let it go. You’re not there yet.

  22. Roger

    I have owned more that 350 vehicles since I got my driver’s license 50 years ago. I am of the opinion that cars are for enjoying. I have enjoyed every one of them and sometimes wished I still had some of them around. But had it not been for letting them go and buying another one to build look at all the fun I might not have had. Now that they are gone, I rest easy knowing that someone else will. Josh, pass this one along and let them have some fun and have fun playing with the ones you currently have.

  23. Josh Staff

    That’s very true! I really do like this car and I think it has some incredible potential.

  24. jim s

    if you are driving this on the street does that mean you have the a title to it or just a bill of sale? thanks

  25. Bill

    You can always sell it. You may never be able to replace it.

    • Rob

      Anytime that I’ve got an offer on my vehicles out of nowhere or considered selling, I remember this:

      “If the vehicle is special to you, how could you trade it for something as common as money?”

      That’s why I still have ’em in the garage…👍

  26. joeinthousandoaks

    Bill is right and I think it is worth more than $3000.

  27. yanmarley

    If you aren’t ready to sell why bother – unless you need the cash or the space? I’m with RoughDiamond & Bill & all the others who voted for you to keep it. Just because someone wants it is no reason to sell – however if you really want to sell the Hawk I’d probably bid on it if you put it on BF. After all you are trying to start a flipping business. May as well flip something that seems both rare and desirable.

    • Josh Staff

      Well I’m getting married in a few days, so I always need the money haha. My fiance is actually very supportive of my hobby and she trusts that I won’t run us into debt with my play toys. This one really boils down to whether I need the money more than the memories I’ll make with the car. So far it’s made some great memories, including being the first manual my lady has ever driven! It’s out some big smiles on my face, but is that money going to lead to better memories? I don’t know.

      • Tony - Australia

        Josh, if you’re getting married you won’t need as many toys, the missus will be taking up a hell of a lot more of your time, there’s only 24 hours in a day and she’s going to insist on having you for most of them, also, which will you get more ‘fun’ out of ?
        “Thinks”, bloody good question, I’ll have to dwell on that one myself !
        Answer: Nah, toys don’t answer back so it’s “toys” for sure !

      • jim s


  28. David

    Sell but insist on first right of refusal next time it goes for sale.

    • Josh Staff

      That’s an interesting proposal! I was thinking of making the stipulation that he let me take it for a spin at the autocross!

  29. Big time charlie

    Let go of the Fiat, keep the Seven.

  30. Jesper

    Keep it. You can always sell. But not shure to buy again.
    3000$ id to cheap.

  31. MountainMan

    Tough call. I’ve been through so many cars I lost track of the actual number. There are a few I would love to have back but overall I think the only way I have been able to enjoy so many is by letting them go to another owner and looking for something new to enjoy. Three G’s seems awfully cheap for this but I’m not current on its value so that’s just a thought. There’s no doubt an extra few thousand dollars will come in handy for the honeymoon though. Ask the wife to be and see how she feels.

  32. Cattoo CattooButt Member

    I say sell but add another grand before shaking hands on the deal. They may be rare but the kit cars are out ther and who knows maybe by selling it and ensuring a father son bonding project that will last them a lifetime of time spent together memories and that cannot be bought at any price. Karma may just smile down on you and hook you up with an even better kit car at an even better price than the one you sold for four thousand bucks.

  33. bob

    I think it is worth more than 3K unless these Hawks are poorly built. .

    • Josh Staff

      It’s actually extremely well built. The biggest weakness with this one is stuff that has been done to it over the years. The paint was done by a professional, at least that’s what the previous owner called them. I don’t think they added enough harderner or they didn’t heat cure it, so its very soft. If I keep it, that’s an issue to address. So is the interior, which is currently a mix of Pinto and dune bug parts. It works, but just isn’t very nice. New seats are a must, as is a new roll bar. Outside of the roll bar, most of what it needs are simple bolt on bits.

  34. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    I’ve owned hundreds of interesting vehicles over the last 50 years. [Had 4 Packards before I had a driver’s license!] Regrets after selling include: Imperial Ghia bodied limo, ’54 Packard Caribbean, Rolls-Royce Cloud 1, ’59 Ford Galaxy Skyliner, ’29 Roosevelt Convert, ’66 Lincoln convert, and many more.

    Watched as the Ghia limo drove away & said to myself; Should have kept it! But in each case, I found another more interesting vehicle to add to the collection. In 2001 I sold off about 150 cars, & have no regrets there, had too many cars. Now down to 4 rare cars, & one of them may end up on BF later this year.

  35. JamestownMike

    To answer your question, YES. You can’t keep and drive them all! Sounds like the car needs some love and given it’s current condition, I think $3k is a fair offer. I’d sell it to Keith and his son for a father son project.

  36. RichardL

    My spin on this is you will never get anything this usable for under $5000-$7000. If you have the storage – keep it. Obscure low cost cars like this will always be at risk for someone wanting to put a huge engine in them and then they end up trashed. Keep it and preserve the car.

  37. Jerry long

    If you sell it, list it here and tell the buyer to buy it through BFs. That way you will get the market price and it will go to a non flipper.

    • Josh Staff

      I think for the time being, I’m actually going to keep it! I talked to my fiance and she agrees that I should hold onto it till I’m ready to let it go. I think it’s going to be the first long term BF project car and I’m going to let you guys give me input on how it should be built! When I feel ready to let it go or I find something I like better, it will then get offered here on BF for market price!

  38. David

    What Jerry Long said.

  39. KO

    Ditto Jerry Long. I’m in SLC and would LOVE to have that for racing around Miller Motorsports!

    • Josh Staff

      If we bring it down for a track day, we will be sure to let you know so you can come out and see it!

      • Carey Davis

        Hi Josh, I don’t think you really know what you have here, this is the last version of the Blakely Bantam. There were only 5 maybe 6 of the Hawk model made. They of course are almost identical to the Bantam of which there were only 76 made. I have had two Bantams (still own one) sold the other a few months ago for $9000 and hated to do it as I had owned it for 35 years. This car will do nothing but go up in value and I have never seen one go for as low as $3000. Properly set up they can actually go for $15,000 and up. Do some research and you will find out. You must have stole it for to even consider such a low amount. Check out for a lot more info and also and I think you will decide to keep it. If not let me know and I will probably buy it.

      • Josh Staff

        I’ve read that there were only a few built, so I know it’s quite special. The problem is, with so few there really isn’t a market value to go by, but now I know! For the time being, I’m definitely going to hold onto this one. I’m not keeping it because I think it will be worth a ton down the road, but simply because there aren’t many cars that can make you smile the way this thing does.

  40. DW

    You live in Idaho, eh? Not that far from me in Canada… I think if you’re not that enthused about working on it anymore that you should sell it. To me. For $3250 lol.

    ps. The above offer is subject to approval from “the boss” who has lately made it known that the carpet in the house is over 20 years old and is starting to resemble the ground outdoors and would cost approximately “one old car” to replace.

    Sometimes she wakes up grumpy and sometimes she just lets me sleep.

  41. Paul

    We see TV shows of hoarders and collectors, that just love to look at their ‘stuff’. Then there is American Pickers that try to release some of their burden. Some want to, some don’t. I would say, do what your heart tells you is the right thing to do, for you. It will never ever lie to you, ever…

  42. Bobsmyuncle

    I’ve struggled with this decision many times and have deliberated over one of my vehicles for years LOL.

    The only thing that stands out to me amongst all the great points is that you won’t find another. I disagree with that.

    The world is awfully big and very connected, there is ALWAYS another one out there.

  43. Chris A.

    See how you feel after you and the new wife come back in it from the honeymoon.

  44. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Hillclimbs .not without spending some $$$$$$$.

    You can have a track ready Fiat 124 Spider for about what you can get for this car, and what it will cost you to get to it prepared

    • Josh Staff

      Dave, I actually think I have an idea of how I can get the money to prep the Blakely (it was hillclimbed about 3 years ago so it doesn’t need much to be ready to go again) and finish up my Fiat! Stay tuned for an update!

  45. Barry

    Congratuations on your pending marriage. Keep the car as you already have the ok from your fiancée/wife and you won’t regret it.

    • Josh Staff

      Thanks Barry! As long as she is alright with it, I’m going to keep it! We will see what happens down the road though.

      • Tom

        Hi Josh
        Do you know where the serial numbers is on these cars. I picked up a Hawk and am trying to figure out a build date as well as looking for stock front fenders.

  46. John Spottswood

    I sold my Bernardi to the man I bought it from. He in turn sold it to a mechanic we both used. My selling price was( as agreed by each other when I purchased the car and agreed to give my buddy Bill the 1st right of refusal) was $2500.00, the same as I paid for it. Our mechanic friend drove it for a year or so and sold it to his cousin. Now, his cousin wants to sell it back to me after he has altered the tire and wheels ( they rub in the fender wells) painted all the chrome flat black and did a great job having new carpet and seats put in.
    The kicker to all this is he went to thousands of dollars for interior work, cheap flat black spray paint , a decent stereo system but when it came to the body and main paint he did a 1/2 way job of buffing. My plan was to disassemble the car, about 20 hours of labor removing the front hood, doors, 2 rear fenders,running board front fenders lights and bumpers and painting all parts and main body. However life gets in the way a poor the car was sold, by the way the new owner would like $12,000.00 for it! It does have the 2.3 4 4spd fun, fun car to drive!

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