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Rusty Diamonds In Washington State!

Ford Fairlane 500

We always love to see what kind of diamonds in the rough you guys come across, whether it’s a car that’s for sale or one that’s been abandoned out in a field. Reader William T recently shared some of his finds with us. While none of these cars are for sale, well at least that we know of, it’s always fun to see what kind of cars you guys come across parked in barns, sheds, garages or even fields! Special thanks to William for sharing his photos with us!


From William – Here are some of my favorites of the many I have photographed around the Pacific N.W., mostly in Washington State. There are lots of diamonds in the rough (and the rust!) around here and most aren’t found in a “Barn” but most of the ones I capture with my camera I do because part of the intrigue is that they appear to be savable to me. I wish I could save them all. Don’t get me wrong, I do see the beauty in a rusty relic and photograph plenty of them, and I might share a few of those also if you guys would like to see them.


I know I sure would love to see some more rusty relics William! Thanks for sharing! So which of William’s finds is your favorite?


  1. boxdin

    Well done high quality pics.

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  2. Rick

    Been watching that old Plymouth Fastback and the early Barracuda rotting away in somebody’s yard along the Mt. Baker Hiway east of Bellingham for the past 13 yrs or so, and haven’t even bothered to stop and ask because I know they can’t be bought for anything reasonable. Go another 5 mi past the Plymouths and there’s a rusty red ’67 Camaro 6 cyl powerglide apparently enrolled n the same watch-it-rot-into-the-ground program because nobody wants to pay $10K for a $2-3K car

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  3. Mark S

    Well done William great photos good eye behind the shutter, I enjoyed your posting.

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    • Tensley Walker

      My Thanks to Williams, and all at Barn Finds. It keeps us looking and in hope of that big find in days to come…

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  4. grant

    Thanks William theses are great.

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  5. kenzo

    The Plymouth fast back and the Studebaker are the ones. But what else Is interesting is the big old cabin cruiser in the pole shed behind the big Chrysler.. very interesting. great pic’s. There are a few up here in the southern Vancouver Island area of B.C. Diamonds in the ruff…..

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  6. GOPAR

    It disturbs me to see these fine old cars left out in the weather to rot away. I believe that most of us here on Barn Finds are not just car-flippers, but truly appreciate the design and state-of-the-art-at-the-time engineering that went into these old rides to make them what they were. Not all of them can be saved, but some can be if their owners will turn loose of them. But on the other hand, the photography is great and I look forward to seeing more!

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  7. Keith

    Having lived on the other side of Washington State for about 5 years (5 years too many) the climate there is totally different than on the coast. it’s darn close to desert-like. Lots of old cars sitting out in fields over there, chrome still in very nice shape and very little rust.

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  8. Ed Willaims

    I think William should put together a book of barn and field finds and get it published!
    The quality is that good!

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  9. Raygan cogburn

    So you see what appears to be an abandoned barn and super curious to see inside. Is it legal to hop the fence and go check it out?
    I’m not sure I understand it sounds awesome but I don’t want to break the law.

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