Six Cylinder Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet Nova

While you could option the compact Chevy Nova with a high powered V8 to make it a muscle car, most were optioned with the thrifty inline six. Of course, as factory built muscle cars started going up in value it didn’t take long for budget minded speed seekers to start dropping 350 V8s into the cheap base model Novas that use to be so prevalent. As a result of their efforts to go fast, it’s hard to find an original Nova that still has it’s original inline engine. The example you see here is said to be all original and is still packing the inline six it left the factory with. Sadly, it has some rust issues, but a little work it could be a really cool driver! Take a closer look at it here on eBay in Prosper, Texas with a current bid of $12k.

There were a number of engine options for the Nova in ’67, starting with a 153 cui inline four and going up to a 350 horsepower 327 V8. This car is equipped with the optional 230 cui six. The standard six was a 194 cui engine producing 120 horsepower, up from there was this 230 which was rated at 140 horse and then there was the top level 250 cui which was churning out 155 horsepower. While a V8 is fun to have in a Nova, these inline sixes are smooth, produce considerable torque and are simple to work on. And there are a surprising amount of performance parts out there for those that would like to keep the six and go faster!

Besides having a lot of “patina” that needs to be addressed, this Nova is going to need some attention given to its interior. The seller states that it “runs and drives great”, but to be a nice driver it really is going to need some interior work. The front and rear bench seats have some split seams, water stains and the typical wear you’d expect to find in an 86k mile Nova. I’m a bit concerned about the water stains as they could be an indication that this car has been wet inside on more than one occasion. As long as the floors are solid, it shouldn’t be a huge issue, but it would be nice to see some photos of the floors. New seat upholstery is readily available, as are new door cards, so you could easily make the interior look like new.

Personally, I like the way this car currently looks. If you happen to live in a wet climate and plan on driving it daily, you might want to consider giving it a proper paint job though. Out here in the dry deserts of Idaho, you could leave it as is without much fear of the rust progressing rapidly, but even then it will eventually need some type of treatment to stop the tin worm. So would you leave this Nova alone and just make it a nice driver or would it need some performance and cosmetic upgrades to be your daily driver?


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  1. Paul

    12.1K and reserve not met…who would have thought!

    • L.M.K. Member

      Exactly….I used to pass these up for less than $1000.00 regularly…

      • Andrew Randall

        Maybe in the 80s.

    • Steve R

      The high bid was $15,100, reserve was not met.

      Steve R

    • Jim

      I was the 3rd owner of a 1963 Impala produced at the Los Angeles Assembly plant. It was beautiful. It only needed some interior work and paint. I sold it for $4,500 in 2007. the prices went through the roof just a few years later.
      The guy I sold it to sold it for big money to a millionaire in Sweden.
      The bastard air ride suspensioned it, put a crate motor in it. Completely eliminated the stock dual exhaust. It just makes me ill to think about it.

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  2. Gbauer

    12k? I just sold a 68 Camaro with a 250 that was show quality for 15k.

    Over priced by 7k in my opinion.

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  3. Joe Haska

    It is the right year and body style and very original, but the 12 K seems like a real stretch, with the work and money it would take to be a nice driver car. The key being is it just surface rust on sheet metal or are the floor pans gone.

    • Rocco

      How did the bid go from 7.2K to 10.K? Is someone jacking the bids up?

  4. ruxvette

    Did the 6 cylinder cars in ’67 have 4 bolt wheels or did they all come 5bolt with the new body style? Not sure why I’m even asking… :-]

    • jw454

      I had a 1966 just like this one. 6 cylinder 3 speed on the column two door hard top. Mine was 5 lug.

    • Frank T

      1963 was the last year for the 4 lug. 64 and up had 5 lug. 66 & 67 L79 (327/350hp) came with a 12 bolt rear.

    • Ron

      5 bolt 14″ wheels standard on 67 novas

    • Jim

      5 lug was the standard by then ( 1967 )

  5. Dt 1

    Totally worthless

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    • glen

      I wouldn’t go that far. It may not be a $12,000 car, but it is nice.

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    That 230 motor is no slouch. I had one in my Chevelle and I could light the tires with it. Of course they were only 7.75×14 but they still impressed a lot of people who thought six cylinders were for crotchety old men. And, yes, I’m now a crotchety old man so I need to get myself another six cylinder.

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  7. Angrymike

    I’d buy it (at around 6,000) drop a 327 with aluminum heads, a four gear, maybe 5 gear, a 12 bolt, and drive the hell out of it.
    It’s a low cost 6 cylinder car, what would you be ruining ? I love this body style, but WAY overpriced !

  8. 68 custom

    I think it is a little over priced but it would make a sweet cruiser with and LS/4 speed auto combo with a freshened up interior and exterior!

  9. Superdessucke

    These have been pricy forever. I’m putting over/under at 15k.

    • Steve R

      Last time the seller had it up for auction it’s high bid was $11,850. It may have a hard time going much higher.

      Steve R

      • Superdessucke

        $15.1k. Guess I’ve just been around too long.

  10. jdjonesdr

    Hmm… Texas, huh? You guys sure it ain’t Monkey Garage selling this thing?

    I’d clean it up and nothing else.

    • jackthemailman

      Can’t be Ass Monkey Garage: no airbag suspension.

  11. Carl

    You can find a nice Camaro for the same price or less in better condition, or possibly a little bit more, and be money ahead along with a lot of other reasons 12,000? Not happening

  12. OJM

    The hardest part is leaving these alone.
    I see several at every show with over blown engines and ridiculous paint jobs/interiors and it bores me to tears. I like seeing them they way they were born….kinda like real vs. silicone.
    This is what real America drove…. keep your filthy stinkin’ hands off of it.

  13. JagManBill

    uh…guys…its not our opinion of over priced because some one thinks that the current bid of $12,100 is a good deal….

    • glen

      It would be nice to see what the buyer does with it, because your right, someone thinks it’s worth more than anyone here does.

  14. Barnfind

    Looks like a good driver clean start… some people need to keep up with the trends… this car with Ls swap will bring. 30k

  15. Motrbob

    I am sick of the term “Patina”….Now it is a model “Here we are offering a 1967 Chevrolet Nova Patina survivor”. What the h-ll is a “perfect patina”? How does one know it is a “Perfect Patina”? Is there a “Patina” instruction manual that comes with the car? The only thing this survived is the bone yard. “Patina” is the lazy flippers term for I am too cheap to paint it!

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    • Barnfind

      Patina is the word for a car that has killer old faded paint that gets more attention then any painted car…. people are driving and enjoying their cars vs sitting at car shows with all the other great white trophy hunters

      • philthyphil

        patina craze , along with flat paint….etc is just people to damn cheap and lazy to do the work to…. FINISH THE DAMN JOB….no pride in workmanship..

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I’ve posted this before but I’ll post it again:
      Patina: Old Indian word for ‘Lazy Bodyman.’

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  16. XMA0891

    ’67 Chevy II with the 194 and power-glide was my first car. Reliable little rig – Albeit a car that does NOT for a great yarn. Gave it away – Litterally – And it was in way better shape than this one.

  17. gaspumpchas.

    It’s only worth what someone will pay for it. I do know that a healthy 230 with 3 on the tree could chirp the tires in second. Would be fun with a 6 or a 283 with a stick. Good luck to the new owner!!!

  18. Tyler

    I’ve always loved these cars. When I was a junior in high school, I picked one up off a used car lot a couple miles from home. It was blue on blue, had a 283 & 4 speed, & although it was not a SS, it had bucket seats & console. Gave $750 for it, all it needed was a windshield. I had it almost 10 years, then life got in the way, got married, had children. I sold it for $1750, & thought I made a killing!

    I would love to have this car, but I have too many projects as is. I have seen restored V8 cars sell for 50k, & V8 cars in this condition bring 25-30k, so in my opinion, the current price is reasonable.

    Sure, you can buy a nice 1st gen Camaro for the price of this. But it seems that there are more Camaros on the road now than were originally built. 66-67 Chevy II Nova’s on the other hand, you don’t see everyday.

  19. Jeffro

    I’d build up the 6 or maybe get nuts and small diesel. Just to be incredibly different!

    • Steve

      4BT Cummins!

  20. Shawn Fox Firth

    by the look of the water stain on the seat and the rippled door panel have to wonder if this ol girl as been for dip recently . ..

  21. dyno dan

    there seems to be a growing number of the population that
    has subscribed to the “more money than brains” clubs.Most of these
    “finds” that have been sitting for the past 40 years aren’t worth their weight
    in “patina” to run at a demo derby. some are interesting and unusual and
    have unique histories. how does a ’94 corvette qualify as a classic? Or an
    ’82 lynx? Granted this is the land of opportunity and a seller can ask what they want. what’s sad is most of these find’s are priced so far out of the average
    joe’s price range he can’t afford to build and enjoy some of these the way I have an ’02 Aztec,low miles great patina,and sitting since ’02! 15k trailers it away!

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    • Angrymike

      Wow, a man with sense, I’ve gotten into arguments over the “more money than brains” argument !
      I just don’t see putting 20 thou in something that you like, when someone else says it’s worth half of what you’ve put into it.
      Thanks for being the voice of reason. ;)

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      • Ron

        True be Dat. I’ve built around 50 of these cars. Can be real deep money pitt now, if u do it yourself and aren’t aware of the real cost of parts and if you can’t “tig weld 1/4’s yourself. Can buy one done for less money! Too bad takes fun out of it! Gotta be careful and take someone who knows restoration, or custom work well.
        Buyer beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. charlie

    And if it has a standard transmission, the linkage gets worn and binds, and you have to open the hood, for the 3 on the tree, or reach underneath for the floor shift, and slide two fittings past each other to get it out of neutral, usually in traffic, or, while taking your boss to lunch. Nova or Camaro with the 6. We had one of each in the family and got used to doing it. It was the beginning of the end for both, tin worm finally got them.

  23. Troy S.

    A favorite with drag racers and car crafters, the nova is a sharp looking ride that never seems to go out of style.

  24. Howard A Member

    Sounds as if someone is trying to gather some cash for lack of flood insurance. I mean no disrespect to the owner, as they do chime in from time to time, they can ask whatever they want, but I’m sorry, I just can’t see $12,000 dollars here. Notice to sellers, we’re not all millionaires living in Texas ( or California). However, someone from Texas ( or California) will probably pay this, and if it stays original, I’ll eat sushi.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. I couldn’t justify $12k either but that doesn’t say that there are some who could. I guess if someone is prepared to pay it, more power to them. You DON’T like sushi?

  25. Shane Friederich

    Sad to think of all the cars I fixed up and sold when I could have waited and made more on them looking like crap.

  26. JagManBill

    know the feeling Shane – My Dad and I sold a restored 64 E Type OTS about 15 years ago…took almost 6 months of marketing the car, finally sold it for $8,500

  27. mike D

    I like the car! I have to echo what the others are saying, would keep the body as is for a while, but would eventually paint it .. not crazy about the color, would changing the color ” devalue” it when selling it? ( no, not to flip it ) a 327 4v would be plenty for it ,, crate 350 tops keep the bench excel sleeper!

  28. chad

    clean it up, keep same (5 sp & disc only?).
    I like the era, ‘lines’ & size (falcon too, dart?) but would jump only if local & wagons…
    Thanks for the listing!

  29. Jay E.

    As soon as these old beaters reach the price of a clean couple year old Mustang, Camaro or Challenger I loose interest. Its a crappy overpriced old car.

  30. Steve

    If planning for an engine swap for more power, be sure to allocate your money in the budget for a modern front suspension conversion with rack and pinion steering disc brakes and regular A-arm suspension.

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  31. Puhnto

    I sure don’t like the look of that rusty gear lever stalk!

  32. Mike watson

    I like cars…so I built a nice “patina’d” 72 Pontiac Ventura 2 with a “floor speed” and sbc…it’s a blast, rust, dents and homemade cherry bomb exhaust. My youngest boy painted most of the black interior components and engine compartment. It has runs, overspray and a skull shifter…he was 7-9 years old and LOVES that car. We put skull stencils on the doors…I wouldn’t sell it for the world. It’s my toy.

    I’m building a 1972 Duster, with 360 and 727, power all and A/C…8.25 rear with 2.73 gears…it’s gonna look like it rolled off the showroom.

    The kids are teens and couldn’t care less at this point…but the point I’m trying to make is it’s art, man. It’s just art. It makes us happy, it builds memories, it brings families together and teaches youngsters simple mechanics and creativity…someday they will thank us as I eventually thanked my dad for the hours he put into teaching me workmanship, technical skills, and pride in product and the eye to make my project my own.

    Let’s stop judging the value of someone’s pride and just enjoy the art…and thanks Dave Watson…you taught me how to build cars and it made me who I’m am today.

  33. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Bidding has ended on this item.
    Current bid:US $15,100.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 29 bids ]
    You were pretty close Superdessucke, I am surprised the seller did not take the cabbage.

  34. Burzel

    My first car was a ’67 Chevy II in this colour with a six… four door though.

    I’d love to have had a two-door and it would definitely get a V8 swap. Love the shape of this car but not the rust (especially on the gear lever?!?!)

  35. Jim

    I had a 1963 Impala that originated from the Los Angeles assembly plant. I was the 3rd owner of the car. I bought it in 1995 off of a co worker for $1,500. It was SOLID. I took the 2 bbl manifold & carb off & put a Chevy factory 1965 Corvette 4 bbl manifold and 4GC factory 4 bbl carburetor on it. I took the “teenager” rotting headers off of it and installed factory exhaust manifolds with dual exhaust. It only needed to be painted and have the seats re – covered. I brought it out of the garage one spring ( June 2007 ) and washed it in the driveway when a guy and his son saw it while driving by. They stopped and the guy offered me $4,500 dollars for it right then and there ! I needed a roof on my small 3 bdrm Ranch so I sold it. Man… do I REGRET that to this day. I figured I’d find another old Chevy for 2 or 3 thousand dollars and that would be that. Hah… HAH ! The joke was on me ! I’ve been looking for nearly a decade now and the ROTTED and RUSTING JUNK that people are selling out there for TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars makes me CRAZY. The one car was a 1967 Chevelle with no motor, no transmission, no interior RUSTED TO HELL sitting in tall grass with grass growing up through the rusted away floor boards. the selling price: $10,000 I almost had a stroke. To think these cars sold brand new for $2,500 to $3,000 dollars. I no longer want an old Chevy. I want a TIME MACHINE !

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  36. Robert Montgomery

    I currently have a 4 door 66 ALL original . 0 rust just needs recover on seats and some TLC. Stole it for 3500 . So yes there still around you just have to have that good ole Irish luck to find them . After 30 plus years i have one again.

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