Skaug Bed Equipped: 1970 Ford F250 Camper Special

Finding vehicles that had options added right when they were rolling off the dealer lot with those features still attached is a treat, as this 1970 Ford F-250 Camper Special shows. Ordered by the original owner to have an Skaug utility bed and Gem Top camper shell installed following delivery, this Ford pickup just oozes vintage cool even with its plumber-friendly body. It’s done just over 133,000 miles and is listed here on eBay with a $12K Buy-It-Now.

The Camper Special package didn’t necessarily mean you had to affix a camper; in fact, some might say it was a smart way to get some additional upgrades at a better price than ordering options like heavy-duty cooling and a larger alternator individually. The bed on this F-250 remans in nicely weathered condition, certainly showing signs of use but not abuse, nor any prolonged exposure to weather. The Skaug utility bed afforded the first owner lots of clever storage options that look quite practical even today.

The storage areas within the bed abound, and the seller’s description of how it was used makes the original owner sound quite practical (or very prepared). A few other trick features were added, including an auxiliary 65 gallon fuel tank, a fuel on/off valve behind the driver’s seat, an auxiliary overdrive transmission and shortened drive shaft, and even a full set (five volumes) Ford service manuals stowed inside one of the storage compartments in the utility bed. The previous owners were certainly ready for anything.

The interior remains quite tidy, and from behind that wheel you’ll have the reliable power of a numbers-matching 390 V8 that was rebuilt at 100,000 miles. Overall, this truck presents quite well with an honesty that’s refreshing among old-school F-Series trucks. No rat-rod or over-application of patina; this is as straight and true as it gets with the added appeal of period accessorizing that makes this Camper Special useful as a light-duty truck or a do-anything camping rig. How would you use it?


  1. Mark S.

    I don’t think it gets any better than this. Pre 1973, when when they still built trucks. I don’t care what badge it might be wearing, no one has built a decent truck after that time.
    Still a lot of life left in this one, a real workhorse. I’m not a Ford guy but, this would fit the bill for me.

    • KKW

      Well you’re partially right. Actually, Ford built real trucks through 1979. 1980 is when things started going the other way. I have opinions of the other brands as well, but I’ll leave that alone for now lol

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I like this truck for the simplicity. A 390/auto is a good combination. Couple that with a 3.73 axle ratio and you sure don’t need an overdrive. If it came my way the O/D would be the first thing to go.

    • Mark Bergthold

      I put a GearVendor overdrive in my 70 F250 CS 390/C6 and am glad I did. I set it on auto and get better mpg, less engine wear, and less noise @ hwy speeds.

  3. Paulbz3

    I can’t fit it in the garage, I don’t really need it but man do I want this truck. How cool would it be to have a handyman service business and use this as your calling card. “Old Truck Handyman Services”. Picture of the truck on your business cards. Would stand out from the crowd nicely…

  4. Frank

    Damn I want this truck!

  5. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    I really like this truck! Hard to find a utility truck that hasn’t been worked to death. Perhaps it has limited appeal to some but my first thought was this rig would be the perfect vintage race car hauler. Imagine pulling into the pits with this Ford and your race car behind it. Price seems fair for what it is, the rebuilt 390 a plus.

  6. Guy

    Me I’d wanna find a nice short bed or flareside bed to put on it? Or actual Camper to the back. But that me and my opion and we all have them???

  7. JW

    This would suit me fine to run a side business detailing cars, the side boxes for my supplies and the truck bed to sleep in because the wife was POed I bought it without her knowledge.

    Like 1
  8. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’m not sure I could justify the price in my geriatric mind, but it would be a nice addition to my collection.

    I’d be more than happy to keep the Hone-O-Drive in place for those long road trips.

  9. GearHead Engineering

    This thing is in amazing condition for a work truck! Obviously the owner and/or company kept it well maintained.

    I have no use for a utility body, but the great condition somehow makes this one attractive.

    Cool find!

    – John

  10. CanuckCarGuy

    Beautiful truck, I’d leave it as is and make it my regular drive to work…and I’m a suit.

  11. Ken Carney

    Hot damn I want this truck! I’d have room for a whole lot of hand tools too.
    Who needs a bed mounted tool box when you can have all this! You certainly won’t find one any nicer than this one because the rest of them
    were worked to death. Great daily driver…..two thumbs up!

  12. Rube Goldberg Member

    Nice truck, even comes with spare classic parts. ( try and find round seal beams today) And what’s with the 2 gas pedals? Heavy foot?

    • Pete

      Good Eye Rube. I had to go back to look at what you were saying. Maybe their foot tended to slip off the narrow gas peddle often and this was the fix.

      As a Handy man this thing appeals to me a lot. However I had a truck much like this one for a week. It had way to many electrical issues so I took it back to where I got it from and got something else. I would be happier if this was a Chevy or Dodge though in that condition.

      • KKW

        They all build a “bad” one once in a while, and maybe you got one. These trucks were unsurpassed by anything the competition had to offer back in the day.

  13. Big Mike

    Skaug Bed where the toughest built utility bed ever built. Dad had a contract for a few years repairing the local Ma Bell Telephone trucks, and if damage had been done to the bed, we would have to remove it install a new one, and wait for repair sections from Shaug to make repairs to the damaged one. They were unbelievable how they were built We could cut out a damaged section weld in a replacement seal it up paint it and you would never know it had been damaged. I had an old bed box from different piece welded together on an old 3/4 ton GMC that I used out at the old race track, and it was good enough for that. Then the phone stopped using them and went to reading beds and they would rust up after about 5 year, they would send them over to us and we would install a new bed paint it logo it and send it back.
    The funny thing about that all those years they would never empty the trucks, so we always had phones and phone parts.

  14. kelly g

    dang she’s a beaut…what great fishing trip buggy this would make. Gotta find a,similar bed anx drop on a 4wd to roam the NC Outer Banks on.

  15. Joe

    65 gallon fuel tank…? What the heck? Where did they put that thing?

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