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Sleepy Sleeper: 1941 Buick Sedan

41 Buick front 3

I think this 1941 Buick four door sedan qualifies as a sleeper in two ways. It’s been in storage for 25 years, according to the ad where it is offered for sale here on craigslist in Corona de Tucson, Arizona. Underneath that massive hood is a small block Chevy engine of unstated displacement or origin, mated to an automatic transmission.

41 Buick front

Doubtless, having sat for so long, this car will need a ton of work. The seller tells us nothing about its condition other than two words: “very solid,” which the photos of the car do confrim.

41 Buick rear q

There are lots of questions left unanswered though and with a steep asking price of $5,500, this car may continue to be sitting for awhile longer.

41 Buick rear 2

Can one of our readers identify which model Buick this is?

41 Buick int

I think this 41 Buick looks pretty good, and with its engine transplant, this could be a really fun cruiser.

41 Buick engine

I hate to sound cranky, but I just don’t understand sellers who don’t even try to cover the basics of selling a car. Does it run? Do the brakes work? It’s claimed to have been in storage – inside? Have rodents made this old Buick their home? There is so much more that a potential buyer would want to know before making the effort to go see this car. Maybe a Barn Finds reader in the Tucson area will be able to find out whether this car is worth the effort to bring back. It would be great to see this one on the road again.


  1. Avatar photo Mitch

    I agree. I went into as much detail as I could about my 70 Coronet when I sold it on Ebay in 2009. As many pics as I could, & supplied further pics if asked. I didn’t want anyone to think it was the perfect car because it was not, & I’m not dishonest. I think a lot of these sellers are just young, lazy, & because it’s “old” think what they have is worth megabucks.

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    • Avatar photo Joe

      Mitch, I agree with your assessment of many of these sellers as lazy and unrealistic, but I don’t think their incompetent ads are due to youth. In fact, I think the reverse is more likely; these are old guys who’ve finally realized they’re never going to get around to that project so they post it up for sale. They’ve realized they have no income besides social security to tide them through their golden years, so they’re shooting for the moon in terms of price. They don’t have the technology skills to make a good posting. Thus the pictures are a few fuzzy scans of photocopies of polaroids from 1978. The text description is brief and incomplete because hunt-and-peck typing (and writing in general) is a great mental effort. It’s “women’s work” to them so they never learned to do it.

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    • Avatar photo Davnkatz

      My take! I see no obvious signs of rust. The car obviously does NOT display original paint. In fact, looks like the entire auto has recently been painted with light grey primer – even to some chrome and tail lights having overspray.

      All chrome items appear good. Big question about interior! Driver’s window missing and some kind of blanket used to keep out elements. How well has that worked?

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  2. Avatar photo Eric

    Model 71 Trunkback

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  3. Avatar photo Cassidy

    Quite a few sellers, both on eBay and CL act as if there is a word cap. Hopefully, their style of writing up ads will die off as they look around and see all these other cars exchanging hads, yet here they are, a year later wonder why they still have the car. It is fun to bug them and send them an email with all the questions you want answered. I have yet to have one respond beyond “just come and see it”, never even thinking “oh wow, maybe that’s information I should have in my ad!” Born dumb and things aren’t getting any better.

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  4. Avatar photo Tom

    I’d say it’s a model 51 (Super). The side trim with the hood latch would be longer on the 71 (Roadmaster).

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    • Avatar photo JACK

      I think it’s a Model 40A, which is An A bodied Buick in The Special series, the cheapest of the offerings in the Buick line for 1941

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  5. Avatar photo Ray Rittam

    Well you ask my opinion. I have to say this, I just lost over $5,000.00 on a car I bought on line site unseen only through photos,and was not told the Photos were really very old. I bought a supposed 1901 Oldsmobile Curve Dash that was supposed to be a great Show car in top shape. I gave the asking price, and paid $1750.00 for shipping after two other Companies had went to get the car and could not get cooperation from the seller costing me two Dead head deposits. of $275.00 each plus a Towing Bill and a weeks storage because the seller after getting the money pushed it out and had it towed away. Now I don’t know about anyone else, but I am an Old North western Missouri Farm Boy who was raised going to a place called the Rome Inn and get Carried Out every Friday and Saturday night. I am a former 101 St. Airborne Paratrooper Ranger and I do not take to good to people trying to take advantage of me. This Old Boy thinks he was real cute and has sent out real harsh notes on public Facebook. But little does he know, I am a Car Club Event Promoter and I communicate with Clubs all over the world. All I have to say, is never buy a car advertised out of Westminster, South Carolina by a Fritzm1@yahoo.com or a Frederic Andrew. Lacfoff. I guarentee you, If I ever sell you anything, anywhere in the world all you have to do is type my name in several different manners on any Search engine and you will find me, As a boy, I never had anyone who cared for me because I was a poor Farm Boy. So they always put my mane on my back. Well I am so used to everyone knowing me and wanting to kick my hind end that I made myself the easiedt man in the world to find. I am the featured club on Oldride.com, and have over 100 different Web sites and about twenty E Mail address’s. That way If you can’t find me, You sure aren’t ;looking.
    Raymond F. Pittam
    Mt. Shasta Orphan Classics Group I love Old cars and Love helping other’s buy and sell their cars.

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    • Avatar photo grant

      That hurt to read….

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  6. Avatar photo Chris in WNC

    never mind the Buick, I want that WC tractor in the background…….

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    • Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

      I want the little horse/cow/sheep spring-thingy. My youngest Grand Daughter would love it!

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  7. Avatar photo Brad

    “I just don’t understand sellers who don’t even try to cover the basics of selling a car.”

    And if they LITERALLY don’t try to cover the car. Or mow around it. : )

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  8. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    I like the “ride” in front of the Buick. More my speed. whinny

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  9. Avatar photo DENIS

    The gray primer will hide lots of ills but I would take a flyer for about $2000..wish it was closer..I like the old BUs…did a nice black ’41 4 dr in high school…only year that had dual carbs on Buick straight 8.

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