Snow Runner: 1995 Isuzu Track Truck

This is a seriously cool piece of kit: a 1995 Isuzu “track truck,” which evidently is built to go where the road ends and keep going when the snow gets thick, thanks to the skis that can be mounted on the front end. It’s like a grown up John Deere Gator that wants to blast right past summer and head into the depths of winter, with a 73 horsepower Isuzu diesel engine pushing it through snow drifts. It’s a totally unnecessary purchase for 90 percent of us, but if I had lots of acreage and a tendency to get bored in the winter months, you can bet I’d be taking a chance on this possibly overpriced snow machine. Find the Isuzu here on Facebook Marketplace for $15,500.

The Track Truck strikes me as something a forestry service or municipal agency would use, as it just seems too heavy duty to find at your local ATV store. The faded logo on the door also suggests that this did duty for a town or private enterprise at one time before becoming the seller’s personal plaything. The body is fairly simple and built like a ginned-up golf cart; there’s really not much here to judge the Isuzu on from a cosmetics perspective. The truck appears to have a small bed with useful bars for attaching a roof nest or larger cargo basket, and equally handy for drying your laundry when you reach base camp. The rear also appears to house a small bed for storage.

The interior is surprisingly “plush” for something that’s built to live on the edge of civilization. The cabin features a full assortment of gauges, two bucket seats, an automatic transmission with a full console, first aid kit, and hell, even door panels and seat belts. No word whether there’s any creature comforts like heat to speak of, but I guess if you’re prepared to drive this into the depths of the forest, you might own a pair of long johns and a Carhart jacket or two. The interior is surprisingly clean, especially if it was used by a small town to get around as municipally-owned vehicles don’t always fare well in the cosmetics department.

Impressively, the seller reports that the Isuzu has a 1,000 pound load capacity and the fuel tank will hold 18 gallons of sweet, sweet diesel fuel. The bed looks to have some custom touches installed, although I’m not exactly sure what those wood boards are used for. The Isuzu is a curious thing, and definitely useful for someone who lives off the land and visits remote locations with some frequency. A lot of these types of vehicles are often super utilitarian, but this Isuzu seems to strike a nice balance between respectable accommodations and unstoppable off-road abilities. Would you pay $15K for one like this?


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  1. alphasud Member

    Do a search for ASV on this site. Looks like the same rig as a ASV. Makes me wonder who made who. Regardless of who made it I think they were ahead of their time. Tracks are pretty common now for ATV and UTV vehicles.

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  2. Howard A Member

    It’s a neat vehicle, but horribly underpowered. I’ve had Isuzu diesels in skid steers that barely could lift a full bucket. This thing probably weighs a ton and the track drive sucks a lot of power. For going through dry brush or forests and streams, as equipped with front wheels, be fine, but going through snow, especially heavy snow, the skis may not be enough to keep it above the snow, and getting this thing stuck would be a hassle. I’ve seen trail groomers stuck, and it’s not pretty. I don’t know, $15g’s seems like a lot for something that rarely gets used.

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  3. Howie Mueler

    Yes very cool, but pricey, listed 14 weeks ago.

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  4. t-bone BOB

    Located in Philadelphia, PA

  5. Kenn

    Price doesn’t seem so far out of line if you’ve priced snowmobiles lately. This could be nice for an older owner to wander snowmobile trails in comfort. And, getting it stuck “wouldn’t be a hassle”. Getting it un-stuck might be….!

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  6. Dana hennessy

    I have eight of these asv track trucks. Very hard to get parts for now. Good for snowmobile trail grooming. Yes it is pricey. Not sure how many hours are on it. But can usually be bought for around $8 k. This one in particular was sold six months ago on another site considerably less

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  7. Bill

    It’s an ASV track truck, it’s on the literature and even the hood!
    Engine is an Isuzu….

    Overpriced, seen these things sell recently for half of what he is asking.

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  8. Guggie 13

    My snowmachine club had one of these for trail grooming , it was OK and they have a heater , but not as good as the Tucker that replaced it . this one is pricey , buyer beware !!

  9. chrsful

    too purpose built for that price, more utility & easy conversion – may B. Nother typea Flipper than our sea buddy from the ’60s~

  10. Miminite

    Dammit, I need to move to the UP just so I can buy this thing! Sadly, no snow in Florida. Oh wait, that’s why I moved here!

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