Solid Convertible: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL

Every once in a while a good car comes along at a respectable price. That seems to be the case for this red on white 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 XL. The asking price is $8,500 and it has a clean title. It is located in Smithville, Missouri. Thank you, Ikey H., for the tip. You can take a closer look here on Craigslist.

Very little information is listed about the engine, other than it is a 390 V8 automatic. The seller also mentions that it needs to be cleaned, which based on the photos that is fairly obvious. According to the listing, it does start and runs, however, they do not say that it drives. In that condition, it sounds promising that you could move it under its own power, although you might want to inspect the brakes first.

Inside, a nice white interior is well put together and surprisingly clean for its age and color. Although, I’m sure once you get started, the cleaning will really show just how dirty it is. The front two seats are buckets seats and a center console separates them. A few pictures show how nice the interior carpets are. Another benefit to this car is a new convertible top comes with it. This car seems to live up to the look and price.

The seller wishes to be contacted by phone only. Based on these photos and the brief description, if you are interested in a classic red convertible, you should certainly give this seller a call. It would not take much time at all to have this washed, waxed, oil checked and changed, brakes inspected and tended to, and interior cleaned. Once all of that is complete, you would have a spiffy ride for cruise nights and shows.


  1. Big_Fun Member

    I see paint overspray on the 390 badge. Closer inspection will no doubt show what this car has for quality of paint and paint prep. Still, this may be a great price for a true XL convertible with a great color combo and powertrain.

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    • Mark

      True XL is key also, I don’t see any of the original XL badging.
      Even so would make a fun car.

  2. Kurt Member

    Looks too good to be true. I would want to bring a handkerchief and a magnet to check for excessive filler. If none was found this is a great buy.

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    • Drake

      I understand the magnet, but what’s the handkerchief for?

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      • Kurt Member

        To keep from scratching the paint.😬

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    • Drake

      Thanks Kurt!

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      • Kurt Member


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  3. Paul Z

    It has an XL interior but does not have the factory XL exterior badging. There should be an XL star on the rear quarter trim and an XL badge on the rear tail pan trim. My guess is someone took a 500 and there an XL interior from another car in it.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Thanks for the info, Paul Z. I don’t know 1964 Ford’s well. Could you get the buckets and console without the XL? Or was it like the same year Impala, only with the SS?

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      • Paul Z

        More than likely someone snagged them out of an XL and redid the interior. You couldn’t get it from Ford like that. Would love to know the VIN to see if it came from the factory as a 390.

    • Frank

      That’s exactly what I was thinking too Paul, as there was extensive XL badging on the exterior of the 64 model, none of which exists on this car.

  4. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Overall it’s a pretty good looking car. A visual inspection is definitely warranted but if it checks out, likely a decent deal.

  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Again not an XL. It’s a Galaxie 500 as per exterior and glovebox badges. I agree the interior has been replaced at some point with XL seats and console. Yet it is a decent convertible, but be prepared for plenty of naysaying about that interior. Now if a person wants to have the XL interior in a regular 500 that’s fine, just don’t say it’s an XL when it’s obviously not.
    God bless America

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    • Rube Goldberg Member

      From the inside,it sure looks like a XL. Steering wheel, brake pedal, console, I think it even has the “XL” badge above the glove box, just nothing on the outside. I think it would be a lot to put a XL interior in a plain Galaxie. It’s sure more an XL than the last one.

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  6. Butch

    I like it X L or not though. I had a 1962 XL two door hardtop with this same interior setup. Those buckets were unbelievably comfortable!

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  7. TimM

    A nice looking big block car!! However it is a northern car!! Might be a bondo mobile!! It would warrant a further inspection!!!

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    Absolutely worthy of a stylish restomod.

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  9. Lance Nord

    Paint spray… no XL badges? Sounds like the vehicle got painted and the badges didn’t get reinstalled. That’s a far likelier scenario than someone installing an XL interior in a base model car.

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    • Frank

      In 64 the XL badges were integrated with the Galaxie 500 bandage and the rear trim. Why would you basically replace the XL trim with plain 500 trim? Lots of questions with this car.

  10. WaltL

    Well, somebody liked it. It’s gone now!

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  11. PhilB

    I didn’t get to see the pix on CL, as the ad had already been removed. I went to see a 63 1/2 Ford Galaxie in MI a few years back, and it had a 64 XL interior in it, though not installed very well. I didn’t buy it.

  12. John Oliveri

    8500.00, it’s a nice car, and supposedly it’s sold

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