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Stash Of Classics In Denmark

Denmark Find

When I think of a barn full of American classics, I usually think of the American midwest, a location known for having a plethora of barns and lots of old American iron. However, this old barn and the classics in it aren’t hidden in the heart of America, but were instead discovered in Denmark! Over 26 cars, mostly Ford Model Ts and As were recently pulled out of this barn in Boeslunde, Denmark. The owner started buying cars when they were 17 years old and slowly over the years, they collected more and more. We don’t know the full story behind the owner or why they collected so many Fords, but I’m just happy to see these cars have been protected from the elements and that they are now going to be auctioned off. With any luck, they all will be preserved or restored by their next owners!  Special thanks to Lars H for the tip!

Dusty Classics

The story goes that the gentleman that owned this barn spent many years of his life collecting. He would drive the cars, well at least the ones that ran, into his barn and park them. It seems once they were parked in the barn, that’s where they remained. Most were just regular cars that people used everyday, while a few were rather rare and unusual. Like many collectors before him, the owner had dreams of starting his own museum.

Fords In Denmark

Finally, after 25 years of collecting he drove the final car into the barn, closed the barn doors and no one was allowed inside the barn until just a few weeks ago. For 30 years these cars rested in the barn, but now that the owner has passed away, his family has decided to clear out the barn. Now all the cars have been extracted from the barn and are slated to go to auction on November 3rd in Randers, Denmark.

Opel Kadett

The auction house filmed the process of clearing the barn out, which you can watch here on YouTube, and you can see most of the cars are Fords, although there is a lovely Opel Kadett and a rare ’30s Renault. There was also mention of some Mercedes in the video, but they aren’t shown. If you look at the auction catalogue, there are several late ’40s or early ’50s Mercedes sedans listed with photos. Also listed are several pre and post war Chevrolets plus a Vauxhall.

Opel Kadett Barn Find

While I’m not sure I would want to buy any of these cars, mostly because of their condition and location, I sure would have loved to been there to see this barn before all the cars were extracted. The combination of spider webs, rust and dilapidated structures make for one amazing sight! It’s no wonder people get so excited when they come across big finds like this!

I can only imagine how exhilarating it was to open the barn door to discover all 26 cars! It would have been a rush just spotting this pair of Fords! It’s like they are peeking out of the barn door, in hopes that someone will care for them once again!

Ford 10

The owner of the collection obviously had more cars than he knew what to do with and he had to park a few outside. There were several cars found on the property hiding under trees and tarps, including a Ford 10 and the Renault.

Loading Ford

It looks like digging these cars out of the barn was quite the process and a lot of work. The auction house, Campen Auktioner, has listed all the cars their website with more details. It’s too bad the owner never got to see his dream come true, but at least the cars have been preserved for future generations and will hopefully go to good homes. This should be an interesting auction to watch! Oh and if you can’t make it to the event, you can also bid online.


  1. Mark E

    Kind of sad but a good ending since the cars are being passed on to people who will care for them and restore them. I wonder how popular American cars are in Scandanavian countries?

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    • Olaf E

      You’d be surprised, not only in Scandinavia. Here in Holland it’s popular and still growing. Driving a ’72 Cadillac Sedan de Ville for one of my best friends (he got sick), members of http://www.cadillacclub.nl/ . Before that we used to drive several early Mazda MX5’s (Miata), several Alfa Romeo’s among which some Duetto’s, Lancia’s and other makes. Our favorites however were the ’95 Peugeot 306 Cabrio designed by Pininfarina AND above all our selfbuild, a Cobra (Dax). Color? BRG! Because of his health problems and some hick ups on my side, we decided to sell the Dax Cobra. The Caddy is a keeper, but driving it here ain’t easy!

      Again, American cars are big in (Northern) Europe. Where not? :)
      Regards, Olaf E

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  2. Mark E

    After looking through the auction catalog I have a question. I see two Ford “Populars” for sale. Are these the same as an English Ford Prefect??

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  3. Ian

    Yes-same model etc except the Popular was the basic model…….so basic
    in fact that wheels were almost an optional extra !

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