Steely Survivor: 1968 Ford Mustang

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With vintage Mustang’s being as common as they are, an example has to be either really nice or really unique to set itself apart from the other dozen or so that will inevitably be for sale at the same time. At first glance, this 1968 Mustang isn’t anything special but upon further inspection it becomes clear that this is a good, clean, honest car–a rarity in many cars with such a cult following. With only three owners since new, this Mustang is rust-free but not quite original. Find it here on Craigslist in Arizona with an asking price of $26,500. 

While the car is cosmetically original, here’s what isn’t: the engine. This Mustang was originally equipped with an inline six cylinder engine, and while that engine is enough pep for a smaller car like this, it is hardly powerful. This Ford 302 V8 might “only” be equipped with a 2-barrel carburetor, but in a car this size it should really pack a punch. According to the ad, in addition to the 302 V8 this car has been outfitted with “2 1/4 ” dual exhaust, 3 speed manual transmission, and now sports the trifecta of AC, Power Steering, Power Front Disc Brakes, 5 lug wheels front and rear.”

The interior is all original and in great condition. For being this old with three owners, the seats have fared quite well. The seller, who has owned this car for 22 years, has determined that this car ha 101,000 miles on it. When was the last time you saw a car this old with that many miles that looked this nice? This car originally came equipped with “standard steering, drum brakes, radio delete and dealer installed AC.” While the A/C remains, the addition of power steering and power disc brakes is almost a necessity for regular use. The addition of a radio is nothing but a personal choice, though the original lack of a radio and steel wheels with dog dish caps are a testament to the original utilitarian purpose of this Mustang.

This Mustang look like it has a really solid original body with nice original paint and a well-preserved interior. Though the original drivetrain has been removed, it can be included for an extra $1,000. This could be the perfect vehicle to jump in and enjoy on a nice day, or take to some informal events. Alternately, it could be reverted to original form for someone who wants an immaculate original survivor.

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  1. RayT

    Not sure a car with so many replacement parts qualifies as a “survivor,” Andrew. With a different engine and so many new ancillary parts, it’s a nice ride but hardly — to me, anyway — worth $26.5K.

    At a more reasonable price, I’d be tempted, and wouldn’t feel any guilt about perking the engine up a bit, installing a four-speed, bolting on a set of period-style American Racing wheels, and, perhaps replacing the vinyl inside, which looks to me as if it is, shall we say, in its “declining” years.

    A hardcore collector would probably put it back in original trim, which almost certainly is the best idea. From what I’ve seen, six-cylinder ‘Stangs are as rare as hens’ teeth these days.

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    • Andrew TannerAuthor

      You won’t see me disagreeing with you! It is only a survivor in that the body and interior are original, but even with the original drivetrain I agree that the asking price is optimistic.

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  2. slickb

    I’m not into mustangs at all… but ill even say this one is pretty nice even if it isn’t an completely original car. I think price is to high for it but some people will pay whatever i guess.

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    • Steve R

      There is a limit to what people will pay, no limit applies to what sellers will ask.

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  3. DJS

    I agree it is nice but not an orig car it had a six now an eight . Still nice driver

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  4. CCFisher

    I’m not sure I’d call a car with so many upgrades a “survivor” or “honest.” Given that it’s spent nearly 50 years and 101K miles in Arizona, I doubt the paint is original.

    Still a very nice car despite the potential misrepresentation. Personally, I would appreciate it more in its original spec – a zero-option car with dealer-installed AC.

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  5. pajones1972

    Nice car. I have a 65 Mustang that started out as an inline 6 with a 3 speed manual. Has been converted to a 302 with 4 barrel carb and an auto transmission. Changed interior from black to tan. Looks great. It too has replacement parts. Wish I could get the price they are asking for here, but know that won’t work.

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  6. Fred W.

    I’m no Mustang expert, but doesn’t a six to V-8 conversion require some strengthening to the unibody in places, rather than just dropping it in?

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    • JW

      Mainly the front springs would have to be changed out to the stiffer V8 springs and maybe a gear change to the reaend.

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  7. Stang1968

    Way too much $ for a converted base model car. IMO, that T code in the 5th place value of the VIN ensures it will never be more than 10-12K car. I wouldn’t do the 26K even if it was a C code (289-2v)… exception being an HCS/GT or CS/GT.

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  8. mark

    “All original except the drive train”. That means it is not original. Nice car but not so nice price in my opinion. The there is the option to purchase the original engine for an extra $1000 bucks? I think it is going to be tough to get close to the price they want.

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  9. Brian R

    Way to high for a non-original engine coupe.

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  10. D

    For $26,500 WHY isn’t the original engine included? What else would the seller do with it?

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  11. Ricky

    I wonder if it is a 4 lug vehicle or if all that was changed?

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    • Vincent Sanford

      I have a 67that I’ve owned for 24yrs.five lugs had to be changed six cylinder came with a four lug setup

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    • Steve R

      Both the ad and write up for this site says it’s been converted to 5 lug.

      Steve R

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  12. ddb

    The current owner obviously has been watching WAAAAAY to many auctions on TV. 10K for this car is a stretch 26K fits into the are you smokin category

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  13. JW

    Nice rust free coupe but he’s asking fastback money for it.

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  14. Todd in Ky

    I agree that this car is way overpriced. I’m thinking 8-10k with the original drivetrain included. At the end of the day it’s still just another mustang. IMO…

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  15. grant

    Interior isn’t original either, that steering wheel is from a much later car.

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  16. Jerryl

    The steering wheel is correct for a 1968. The first year for that steering wheel was 1968.

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  17. Ralph Terhune

    This Mustang is a very nice car, but my sister bought a ’67 C-code coupe about three years ago with automatic, factory air and power steering for $6500.00. An excellent driver with honest miles on it. The seller is dreaming.

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  18. David Miraglia

    Love the mustangs but I do agree that the conversion from an original six to a eight might be a mistake. My brothers 1968 Mustang has an original 302 in it.

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  19. Maestro1

    Andrew, the car is overpriced and may be a survivor but certainly altered. So the survivor aspect is clearly not very significant. And I have no idea why a 3 speed is in the car. Certainly a 4 speed or an automatic like a Tremec conversion would be in order. And it look like dealer or after market installed air, or perhaps that’s what Mustang air conditioning looked like back then. I would pass.

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  20. TouringFordor

    “the addition of power steering and power disc brakes is almost a necessity for regular use.”

    Why? Everyone got along fine for years without either, and on bigger, heavier cars than this. I’m kind of tired of seeing that line…

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  21. David

    I’m curious how this car performs with a 3 speed. Can it be driven comfortably at modern highway speeds of 70-75 mph?

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    • Loco Mikado

      Back in the day we drove more than 70-75 mph. If I could cruise at 85-90 mph in my ’63 Rambler Classic V8 this Mustang should more than able to do the same.

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  22. Will
  23. Troy S

    Pulling out one dog and replacing it with another, hmm. The vast majority of mustangs were never meant for anything more than having a good time while driving to the store or going to work, definitely not hot rodding around looking to challenge souped up goats or 442’s. So if I was to devalue the car and go the V-8 route I think I’d go with at least a warm 351. A 302 2 barrel, come on man! I’ll probably eat it for saying so.

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  24. Rustytech RustytechMember

    Even a 6cyl fastback ( if you could find one ) wouldn’t bring this kind of money. Nice car, but over priced by about $12k.

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  25. Tony

    I have owned over 16 Mustangs in my life. No way is a 6 banger that’s been converted is worth 26K. Dude’s on drugs but some poor soul out there will buy it because they will believe the trash that is written about the car. Like other’s have said above 10K at best. No one wants a 6 banger when they can have other V8 choices.

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  26. American_Badaz

    RE: rustytech
    Oh, you can find them(6cyl FB’s)…… but prices are insane for them as well. This on a couple hours from me:

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  27. Andrew TannerAuthor

    While I don’t disagree with everyone’s estimates on the “actual value” of this car, the last time I commented on the pricing of a car within the write-up I received an absurd amount of backlash. With the modifications, this car is no longer a survivor but if the body, paint, and interior are indeed original then that certainly counts for something!

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