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Steve McQueen’s Harley

In between our blasts around the backroads of the Oregon coast, we had the chance to meet lots of nice people at the NW Classic Rally. Josh and I have carried on plenty about how great that event was, but we forgot to mention a certain video that two guys there introduced us to. They were excited about it because they were the ones who actually created it. Well, that and the fact that it features a 1912 Harley Davidson X8E that was once owned by a certain celebrity! The story presented here is fictional, but we think you will enjoy it. Also, the bike is set to cross the auction block tomorrow afternoon in Monterey with no reserve. You can watch what it ultimately sells for on NBCSN. Thanks for sharing this with us Josh!


  1. Avatar photo Don Sicu

    About the only thing that I would want of Steve McQueen’s is Ali McGraw……………

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    • Avatar photo Ron Bajorek

      he had a nice Stanless Daytona Rolex, I’d also like that

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  2. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    About the only thing I would want of Steve’s is his Ferrari 275 GTB/4, which is also to be auctioned off at Pebble this month. I knew a guy who had one years ago and got to drive it. The biggest problem was all the people who followed far too close for far too long just to get a look, or worse—pictures of the car without necessarily keeping eyes on the road.

    That and his Ferrari 250 GT Lusso, and his 275 GTS/4 NART Spyder, and his Jag SS. His GMC Styleside truck is pretty cool, too. And one of the ’68 Mustang 390 fastbacks that he drove in Bullitt would be nice. And a few others, but you get the idea. And this doesn’t even get to all the bikes he owned and worked on in his living room. I don’t think Ali was too thrilled about that, tho.

    That reminds me, Ali McGraw too.

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  3. Avatar photo Scot Carr

    ~ And the yellow ’51 Chevrolet convertible driven in his final movie, The Hunter.

    I am using the image of the finished Harley-Davidson as my screen saver.

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    • Avatar photo Clay Bryant

      “Tricky Rick” from Pawn Stars bought the 51 yellow convertible and I think they sold it on a Florida auction last year. Off the beaten path but watched a French movie the other night from the 60s and they had a 52 convert in Paris that they used to bump a Mercedes Gullwing from the back.The 52 had a power top that the kid that stole it put up in the movie.Bet that little bump would drive the current owner nuts as he couldn’t say it had never been in an accident.High end buyers nowadays would use that filmed piece to try to get a 1,000 c-notes knocked off.

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  4. Avatar photo Rob Stevens

    Kinda sorta reminds me a little ’bout one I once owned when I lived in SoCal, as I bought my 1921 Opposed-Twin Harley Sport Model from the guy who originally bought it new, ‘n raced it in the ‘Three Flags Race’ in the same yr, then stored it in his basement in 1931. But it didn’t cost me a truck, I bought it for just one buck, to make it Legal back in 1959. Fast forward to 1972, I needed the $$ to settle up with the IRS, so I put it in ‘Hemmings’, and Mr McQueen was the 1st to call.. I sold it to him for 5K, with a ‘hand-shake’ understanding that if he ever decided to get rid of it, I could buy it back for the same amount; ‘course when he passed, ‘n I called ’bout it, I knew that hand-shake didn’t have any more meaning than a pile of salt in a windstorm, ‘n sadly I was right. Over the years since, all I’ve left is a couple of pictures of the bike, but the one with Steve ‘n I giving that handshake over the bike, *sigh* got lost.

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  5. Avatar photo ConservativesDefeated

    Jeez.a little over the top………like just about everything having to do with auctons these days. Forget the sizzle…cook the steak!

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  6. Avatar photo BBro

    The Former Steve McQueen 1912 Harley only fetched $85,000 and it’s approximate worth was between $225,000 – $275,000. I’ll never go no reserve after seeing that…

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