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Stick Shift 9 Seater: 1957 Chevrolet 210 Wagon

Getting the right combination when it comes to a classic car can be the difference between a cheap car and a gold mine. The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air is a highly coveted and iconic car in the classic car world, but what about an old 210 wagon? In my eyes this 210 wagon is as cool as any Bel Air model as it has had two owners in its lifetime and it is a V8 stick shift car. Parked since the 1970’s this 210 wagon is in need of some love. Appearing quite complete and a grand beginning to a project, this 9 passenger wagon is offered for $4,950. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Longview, Texas.

Crusty and untouched for nearly 40 years or more, this 283 V8 is not currently in running shape, but is equipped with power steering and a 3 speed manual transmission! Although crusty, the sheet metal under the hood appears to be solid with no rot to be found. The carburetor is heavily corroded, and I am curious if the engine is locked up?

Taking a look inside, the dash and steering wheel are in nice shape, but the upholstery is dry, brittle, and dirty. You can easily spot the modern curved shifter with its Hurst “T” handle. The seller has described the floors as having “typical rust” but rust isn’t always typical, and photos certainly paint a better image of what we may be looking at.

One thing I admire is how complete this wagon is, even in this condition. As you can see the upholstery is there, but it is dry, dirty, and in a few places quite damaged.

The cargo area is rough, and the third row seat is NOT included with the car for the asking price. The seller is selling the third seat separately but it is available with the car.

The paint color is lovely, and is thought to be original to this wagon .This wagon looks reasonably solid, but there are a few rusty areas in the rockers. Surface rust can be seen from just about every angle, but rot is not so apparent from the exterior. The rear passenger door is rough and the seller has a replacement door for it. Looking to the front, the driver fender has some battle scars, but looks like it could be straightened out and reused. Most, if not all, of the exterior trim is in place and in nice shape. Certainly an ambitious project for someone, this wagon would be fantastic restored and on the road once again. Would you take on this 9 passenger project?


  1. 86 Vette Convertible

    Interesting car. Most like Nomad’s but when you have kids or others to take along a 4 door works just fine. There’s a lot of work involved here but it could become a cool cruiser. That 55 wagon in the background as does what appears to be a 56 sedan.

    Hope someone gets this back on the road. Not for the faint of heart but it has potential.

  2. Dave Mc

    The old 210 Beauville is a nice lower production model too. Probably doesn’t matter.

  3. ruxvette

    What a bozo…”Rare Third row seat is available for this wagon (not included in listed price).” Might just as well take the 2nd seat out, also, as they go together.
    Is he sure it’s a 283 and not a 265?

    • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

      ruxvette. How much more cash does this clown expect to get for the third seat? It’s either a 9 seater or it’s not.

    • Vince H


      I would be willing to bet it is a 265.

    • Mike

      I think the 265 became a 283 in 1957 if motor is original. My 56 came with a 265, but my 57 came with a 283.

    • Peter

      What is that split seat arrangement for the rear seat for ?

      • Charlie Gilg

        The 265 went by the wayside for 1957, when it was bored out to 283. My dad had a 57 4 door sedan, same colors, but power glide trans not manual.

      • Charlie Gilg

        The split 2nd row seat is for easy access to the 3rd row, while 2 people can remain seated on the left and center of the 2nd row. The seat back tilts forward and the seat cushion moves forward at the same time. That makes room for people to step in to floor level and into the back row.

  4. Rock On Member

    Seller is really going to get rich selling that third seat separately.

  5. Big Mike

    Hey If somebody buys this car let me know I have a complete interior for it including the third seat and I will more than likely give it you. It will need to have the seats redone, but the frames and springs and backing are in great shape. I bought it in a 57 Nomad that had been rolled some 25 years ago, and they are sitting up on a shelf in my shop.

    • Gray Wolf

      Big Mike, you are a true HotRodder! Helping other people is what this sport used to be all about! THANK YOU MIKE!!!

      • Big Mike

        Gray Wolf, not a problem, I also try to help young kids get into this work, not many of us old time car restorer left. I picked up the habit from the master, my Dad. He owned a auto body shop for 57 years when he finally sold it to my best friend, with my and my brothers blessing. I am the only one that stayed in the Auto business, by owning a couple of auto parts supply companies. My Dad would hired friends of ours and teach them the job, some stayed some left, but he offered them a good job with a good pay check. My Dad was always helping other Body Shops and in turn they would help him. I learned a good lesson taught by the Masters!!!

    • Jesus f Gonzalez

      Do you still have the interior and seats vailable?

  6. TriPowerVette

    Wish he’d sell the rust separately.

  7. edh

    Who cares if it has 4 doors? Beautiful car.

  8. Brad

    Cars might typically be more attractive with two doors ~ but I think wagons look way better with four. It’s supposed to be more utilitarian, so let it do its job!

  9. Classic Steel

    Trusty rusty extra 😅

    I am curious on back seat holdout 😏

    I would patch the floors with real metal and weld in and then find a wrecked late model Chevrolet to put a V6 fuel injection under the hood. The new sixes are pushing more than the old 283s.

    I would blend in the primer on the rear quarters to match the chocolate paint and paint roof back white and then scuff it to look worn without rust and drive it without the back seat evidently since it’s golden

    Anyone have an old surf board laying
    around to hang off the roof or vacant third row seat area?

    • Connor M

      Just to pick a nit, this color combination is “Sierra Gold” with an “Adobe Beige” top. Not chocolate and white, though pictures can be deceiving!

      This color combination is part of why I bought mine when I was 15 in 2005! Still have it today (though it’s feeling a bit neglected as of late). Also, it has a 283 and gold trim. As noted by others, the gold trim symbolizes “V8” while the silver trim symbolizes “I6”.

      They are such wonderful cars!

  10. Jack Quantrill

    I was a fool and sold a ” 57 Nomad for $750.00 in 1968! Yellow, with white top, and factory air!

    • David Barros

      Jack, we were all fools back then. I sold my 55 327 Muncie four speed for $650. Friend sold his 55 NoMad $650. Another friend sold his 57 with a brand new 427 and new Muncie four speed for $1250. Maybe we should all get together somewhere and just have a therapy session. At least we got to have those great cars for a while. Kids today have Honda’s with coffee can mufflers on them. They’ll never know what we enjoyed. So Jack don’t feel bad. For sure there are thousands just like us. 😂😂

  11. Fred w.

    I coveted a Nomad in the late 70’s but couldn’t stomach the typical price, which by then was in the $1200 neighborhood. Did pick up a nice BelAir 4 door HT with 265 / 4barrel / Powerglide for $150 though, and turned my cul de sac into a quarter mile dragstrip. Looking back, can’t believe my parents let me and the neighbors didn’t complain..

  12. DB

    Why not just ask a bit more and throw in the 3rd seat? Strange.

  13. Maestro1 Member

    Classic Steel has it right. Put the v-6 in it, fix it, and you have one for utility and enjoyment.

  14. jcs

    In ’57, the silver V on the hood and trunk/tailgate indicated a 265 and the gold V indicated a 283. On this car, however, since someone converted the 3 speed column shift to a floor shift, they may have also substituted a 283 for the original 265 without changing the V’s.

  15. Mike

    A four door, cool what ever makes your world turn. I however, became spoiled with a two door 210 non-panel wagon one of 113 made with 99 going public the remaining to G.M. executives. I’m working toward my fourth 57, all prior were unique apart from each other. My point…I really appreciate you guys out there I had no idea of a third seat. This old dog is still learning, thanks.

  16. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’m guessing that the car is 265-powered and that the seller doesn’t know that the smaller engine was offered in ’57.

    Looks like this example’s got the $29.95 Hurst ‘Mystery Shifter’ conversion that was very popular back in the 1960s. Hope someone buys it (with the third seat!) and gets it back into showroom condition, either stock or updated.

  17. Rustytech Member

    The SBC was increased to 283ci. for 1957 so it’s more likely it’s a 283. Big Mike, where did you find a 57 Nomad ( 2 door wagon ) with a third row seat?

  18. Gray Wolf

    This could be a beautiful car with some work. Pretty much all parts are avaliable, except 3rd seat. I have a ’66 Impala s/w and one of the first questions asked is about the 3rd seat, which I wish I had. Lots of childhood memories in that seat!!

  19. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    $3500…..and it’s been for sale before….and before….and

  20. Wayne

    Gold V is for Bel air V8. Silver V for lesser series

  21. Peter

    Make a great ‘Shooting Brake’ ( :

  22. mark

    265 was in 55 and 56. 283 came out in the 57’s. It annoys me when I see sellers try not and include something in their listed price that was/is part of the car. 3rd row seat not included in the listed price but is “available” for an extra charge. Come on. The 3rd row seat is part of the car.

    • Vince H


      Yes the 283 came out in 57 but 1000s of the 57 cars had a 265.

  23. Peter

    maybe he means; it is not in the car as presented here?

    • Peter

      I think I can see why they would biff that rear seat anyway .

  24. ACZ

    I’d take a wagon over a 4 door sedan or hardtop any day of the week

  25. Kenny

    Looking for a fuel tank out of a 210. I was advised that they are different then a nomads

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