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Still A Market For Tri-5s? 1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon

Nomads and two door hardtops get all the attention, but how about an original, 1957 Bel Air Wagon? Only the tires are keeping this rust free, Texas Chevrolet from being all original. And they should have sprung for whitewalls! How about that 1957 title? Try and duplicate this family truckster! Find it here on craigslist in San Antonio.

Any misaligned panels or trim is more than likely a factory feature. Since the beginning of American vehicle mass production, speed has been number one. Get those cars to the masses! But this wagon looks extremely straight and tidy. I’d rather have a California bumper, but how can you mess with correctness? Everything needs a good polishing and buffing. The cargo area is just yearning for some vintage luggage! The 283 V8 is said to have been unfrozen years ago and runs and shifts great.

There has to be some Tri-Five experts out there to weigh in on those seats. The real deal? I’m so use to the more deluxe seats of a fuelie convertible restored to the Nth degree than that of a more pedestrian wagon. A ticking clock and spotless spare tire well easily make up for missing wiper arms and a intermittent radio.

Yeah, the paint has lost its luster, but an actual red wagon? You could display it at your next local car show with a vintage little red wagon! My question is this: has everyone moved on from 1955-57 Chevrolets? Or are these still on the radar? Is $19,999 too high or too low?


  1. Mike mo

    Wonder if he kept the original tires to go with the sale

  2. Fred W.

    This wagon looks extremely original to me, but 19K is a bit optimistic.

  3. Mountainwoodie

    Back in college….a longggg time ago…….my roommate had the very same wagon only in primer grey. Lacking an ignition switch and key, when I wanted a quick ride somewhere, I jumped the wires , started the wagon and drove off………..

    Many a night my pal couldn’t find his car. Given the times often he didn’t remember whether he misplaced it or it had been “borrowed”

    Even with the 4 doors I’d have this baby…but at a considerably lower price. Front and back seats look different…………hmmm

  4. Sanity Factor

    Belair w 210 seats maybe….still love it…but not 20k love it

  5. Mark C

    I was living in Pensacola, FL in 1968, when my 58 MGA spun a bearing as I coasted into a gas station. The owner had a copper and white Bel Air wagon with a 4bbl 265 three speed, plus a tow hitch for sale for the repair bill, which could not have been more than $100.. I bought it on a five minute test drive, then used it to tow the MG 20 miles back to the house, and drove it for nearly a year. Made some great road trips in it to Key West, New Orleans and Memphis before trading it in on a Cobra Jet Cougar.

  6. Craig

    That’s a hell of a car, not sure about 20K but I’d consider 12 or 13K for it.

  7. Jay E.

    Seems like the right price. Can’t recall another one on BF, two doors go for quite a bit more. It is another car that on my wish list, this car hits every button. I can 100% see myself driving this to the hardware store or market for years to come.

  8. mike1955

    My Chevy dealer parts book shows back seat as original, but no layout for front seat. Site won’t post my pics.

  9. Maestro1 Member

    Price is too high. I’m not a fan of Red cars and 57 is not my year. But if the price was realistic, this would be a good way to get into the Hobby and have a great hauler to drive around in without a lot of upfront time and investment. And yes, whitewalls are the way to go.

  10. Roger

    Is that daylight I see in the back floorboard? And a little opening in the spare tire well? Little tough to swallow at almost $20K. Maybe at $10-12K????

  11. Mitchell Boyd

    Of course it’s a beautiful car ,it’s a Chevy and whatever the price is ,it’s the end result that counts

  12. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Yep….it’s been surfing on CL for a while….like most said….little high still.

  13. chad

    5 doors + 1955?

    • Amature

      Tri-5 refers to 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevy cars.

  14. T Mel

    “Two door hardtop” has a name given to it by Chevrolet; it’s called a Sport Coupe. No, I don’t think this car will find a buyer anytime soon for $19,999; $10,000-$15,000 maybe.

  15. Bill

    Front seat is clearly not original any longer.. look at the pattern..doesn’t match the originals in the back, at least on the seat bottom .. which is why they don’t show a clear picture.

  16. David Miraglia

    Nice solid 1950’s hauler.


    Price too high? It’s worth what someone will pay for it…Yesterday I sold my one owner 25 year old pu truck that I advertised on line. It was one of a kind clean and I took a lot of criticism from tire kickers who never saw the truck in person BUT the first guy that came out bought it.

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